OLori (#37525133)
Level 1 Nocturne
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Buff Laced Cockatrice
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Female Nocturne
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1.48 m
1.68 m
1.14 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Nov 22, 2017
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Nocturne
EXP: 0 / 245


O'Lori Scrawlfrill
Sorienth Enterprise Lieutenant • Master Navigator
trait • trait • trait


Aesthetic: Morbi sapien nulla, dapibus et blandit finibus, semper quis augue, morbi ornare facilisis luctus.
Likes: Quisque, neque, turpis, gravida, vel, est at, tincidunt, elementum odio.
Dislikes: Duis, eu ligula, elementum, nisl tempor, tincidunt.
Vivamus volutpat, elit a placerat ornare, velit lacus vehicula lorem, vel tincidunt lacus risus sed sapien. Proin maximus dignissim dolor vitae consequat. Pellentesque efficitur tellus diam, vitae pretium sapien faucibus at. Sed gravida quam id orci efficitur, a convallis diam scelerisque. Vivamus porta dapibus est at tempus. Nullam posuere enim et magna pellentesque interdum. Donec sit amet nisi ac erat feugiat dictum. Nunc commodo facilisis ex. Sed malesuada porttitor elementum. Vestibulum quis lacus eu orci varius posuere id lacinia dui. Nunc ultricies pretium sapien, id sagittis nulla dignissim id. Vestibulum leo metus, molestie eu iaculis sed, sollicitudin et nibh. Cras ut fermentum nibh.

Sed neque purus, condimentum eget faucibus nec, bibendum eu nisi. Curabitur rutrum ipsum lectus, a mattis justo dictum sit amet. Duis placerat mi diam, a mollis leo varius ac. Proin facilisis, nisi vehicula vestibulum iaculis, sapien orci gravida felis, id blandit neque ex eu orci. Nam aliquam vel metus eget eleifend. Vestibulum semper volutpat purus, vitae consectetur lectus tincidunt sed. Sed ut ante eleifend mi scelerisque placerat. Curabitur venenatis tincidunt dictum. Sed efficitur finibus magna, ac pellentesque lacus pellentesque eget. Aenean malesuada metus sed cursus semper. Sed mollis enim arcu, vitae vehicula nibh elementum quis. Sed porta pretium iaculis. Sed quis sem sit amet mauris vehicula pellentesque. Vivamus metus nibh, sodales egestas laoreet in, fermentum sit amet enim.[/url].

Nunc dapibus lorem sit amet nisi iaculis eleifend. Vivamus nec felis ac nulla pretium venenatis. Ut nec orci erat. Vestibulum in posuere ligula, tristique bibendum elit. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Morbi quis pretium lacus. Vestibulum placerat magna in ex molestie, sit amet mattis risus euismod.

Phasellus dapibus tincidunt urna, vitae mollis purus rhoncus ut. Aenean facilisis justo vel semper maximus. Nulla eget sodales risus. Nullam ut augue fermentum, interdum mauris id, bibendum dolor. Maecenas convallis justo a sapien cursus interdum. Suspendisse ultrices arcu ac erat blandit, vel pellentesque diam aliquet. Nullam aliquet varius elit at semper.

Proin vehicula faucibus metus sed sollicitudin. Nullam pretium consequat nisl nec sagittis. Sed consequat ac turpis a pulvinar. Quisque vehicula, turpis a fringilla euismod, est risus dignissim diam, tempus elementum diam augue quis quam. Nulla condimentum nec metus a condimentum. Suspendisse ullamcorper mattis arcu, non commodo turpis vestibulum ut. In ac rhoncus justo, a efficitur velit. Donec massa ipsum, commodo at ornare id, dictum in ipsum.
profile code by saturne #101073

"gooeybear" wrote on "2018-07-18:
OLori, how did you get that map on your wings? did you put it there, or were you born like that? Or did it develop over time?
37525133p.png?mtime=Wkq_YQAAN1g.png OLori sat up, her arms held close to her chest per usual for the nocturne. She glanced to her wings, shifting them comfortably.
"Tis' only an illusion!" She grinned looking to the humming metal bracers at the base of her wings, quickly remembering something.
"Ah but not magic of course! As you must already be aware, magic is scarce in this day and age. I am no exception of course. It's shadowtech, specifically a special kind of hologram made to 'mimic the image of the user's desire'! Anything I picture well enough in my head can be displayed on my wings, or any other part of my body for that matter. However it is just an image and the complexity of the image is limited to the user's imagination or capacity to recall an image. Thankfully I have a photographic memory, and use the hologram as a map that I can edit on the fly! Thing is, I've traveled so much, it's only a shame I don't have bigger wings." She gave a solemn shrug, but obviously wasn't too bothered by it.

O'Lori: Hey Copper, do you ever want to talk about your emotions?

Copper: No.

Cinen: I do!

O'Lori: I know Cinen.

Cinen: I'm sad.

O'Lori: I know.

Current Status -- Re-gene~100% Complete

-Nocturne Breed Change (1/1/2018)
-Tapir (1/1/2018)
-Remove Tertiary Gene
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