Milada (#37026961)
Level 25 Nocturne
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Garden Watcher
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Energy: 44/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Nocturne
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4.62 m
7.06 m
521.9 kg


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Oct 31, 2017
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Nocturne
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  • none


The Returned

The little nocturne was barely out of the egg when she died. She was never even given a name. She was born during an attack on her clan from a group of rogue dragons. The rogues were codeless, and would do anything to take over the clan. Her mother fought fiercely to protect her and her siblings, but was overcome. Just as she fell, the hatchling was born, and her first sight was her bleeding mother. The hatchling was a pure, shining white, with beautiful sparkling markings. The rogues snatched her up and immediately ripped her wings to shreds. Then, they slit down her throat and belly, exposing her innards. Leaving her to die, the were heading for the next egg when her father burst in and drove the invaders out.

Lying on the ground dying, the hatchling fought to reach her mother before she died. Her mother managed to crawl to her daughter and embraced her. The hatchling's last sight was her mother's loving gaze...

And then she was gone. She floated through the afterlife pointlessly. Having never experienced life at all, she had no knowledge of feelings other than pain, love, and loss. Most of her time was spent staring blankly into space, going over the five or so minutes she had been alive. Then, one day, she was suddenly in the world of the living again, albeit as a spirit. She had no clue it was All Hallow's Eve, but she knew she could find her mother again. She searched constantly for hours, finally finding the one dragon she had loved. Her mother was scarred and weakened, but rushed to embrace her lost daughter. The hatchling curled up in her arms, crying and feeling content for the first time. Her mother couldn't speak much, but she managed to whisper one word to her daughter: Milada, or my love. That would be her name, the hatchling decided. She made the most of the night, knowing that in the condition her mother was in, this would be the last time Milada would be able to visit her. It was unlikely they would find each other in the afterlife.

At the end of the night, she reluctantly left her mother, expecting to return directly to the spirit realm. Instead, she was brought in front of the deities along with many other young spirits. They were offered a second chance of life through eggs ready to hatch that were now vacant. Many immediately declined and left, leaving only fifteen or twenty. While Milada mourned the children who had experienced even less life than her, she eagerly accepted the opportunity. Her only request was that she remembered her mother, and that was granted. She was sent to a plague nest and hatched, along with all the others, before the night's end.

When her eyes opened, she remembered her mother's tender gaze before she died, although the pain that she had experienced was mercifully erased from her mind. She still had a vague idea of her murderer, but she would worry about that later. She didn't remember her time in the afterlife other than she had done basically nothing. In contrast, she clearly remembered every moment of her visit to her mother. Looking around, she took in her appearance. Gone was the shining white skin of her old life. Instead, her wings and belly were stained the crimson of the blood that had flowed from them and mixed with her glittering markings. Even her body was not a pristine white anymore, more of an antique shade.

She soon set out from her new parents, knowing they weren't her true parents. Her mother was gone by now, and she had no connection to her father, so she wandered until she settled in a small clan in the Starwood Strand. She isn't sure if she will stay, and simply uses it as a loose base. She struggles to fit in, not knowing who she is/should be, and emotion is still pretty foreign to her. However, she is most experienced in platonic and parent-child love, so she is usually okay to be around, even though inside she is much less collected.

Many who had died as she had would have developed a fear of fighting and violence, while others would have become as bad as their killers. Instead, Milada decided to be better than those who killed her. She trains often, and her skill both with and without weapons is growing quickly. However, she will not stoop down to the rogues' level. She prides herself on her morality, and will not attack mothers protecting their hatchlings or innocents. Many believe this means she is an 'honorable fighter' in the way society had twisted the phrase, but that is untrue. She is not above using stealth and trickery to get the upper hand, and will kill if she deems necessary.

The familiarity in pattern is offset by the outer circles. A Frayed rug, possibly tying into the threads of fate. Loose fortune/oracle/fortunetelling reference. Shapes are small, overlapping, modified shields. The shapes are messy, but still give an appearance of order. Crecent eye shapes, possibly judgmental, uncomfortable feeling of being watched. Also alludes to her power activating when looking others in the eyes.
Elemental Magic

Milada wields strong plague rune magic, but her normal plague magic is not all too strong. She can use simple light magic with ease, and it can get more or less powerful depending on her emotions
Hidden Magic

Milada has visions unlike any Seer she has ever met. They only occur when she looks dragons in the eyes. The only exception to this is if they are visions of her past life, which can be triggered by multiple things. Looking straight into the eyes of another dragon for the first time can lead to her seeing flashes of their past from either the viewpoint of someone close to them or a random bystander. It can also simply show her their current emotions, and sometimes nothing happens. This only works consistently when just meeting a dragon, but occurs randomly to those she knows.
By FelixEgadrik
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