Maria (#35921629)
I don't know how to form emotional bonds with others
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Perching Java Sparrow
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Female Pearlcatcher
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5.47 m
4.77 m
404.63 kg


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Sep 15, 2017
(3 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 0 / 245




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My Assassin OC RP character from a long while ago lel. Seriously, she was around long before Falco was as polished as he was, and Skydust was still a cat? I think? Heck, Synestra wasn't even a concept!

Anyways, a long time ago I was into the Assassin's Creed games and had read the Ezio Oliver Bowden books (which weren't too bad actually, I liked the Renaissance Era at the time and the characters were funny even if the info wasn't accurate).

I didn't want to make her hopeless, but I also didn't want to make her flawless or in any way shape or form directly related to any canon character. She's just...there lol, but I like to think that in an RP situation she'd help out with the plot pretty good. She has a lot of personal things she needs to work through as well though.

I saw the recent movie and while it was ok, it didn't really do the first game with Altair any justice. The movie missed the complexity of characters and situations (or the fact that you have to sneak rather than all out attack, like Hitman). It did have wonderful visuals though, but I can tell it put people off the games.

This being said, I got out of the games once AC 3 came out. I didn't see the point in continuing past Ezio and Altair (Revelations was already kinda pushing it as is) but now its lost its focus and franchised too much. I enjoyed the games I did play of it though!

Art drawn by the lovely Sofia


Oh look, Tumblr tags

A Hardworking Young Assassin

NAME:- Maria Graziano

NICKNAME:- “Sparrow”

ALLEGENCIES:- Assassin, Rank 6: Mercenary/ Disciple. Working towards Rank 7.

AGE:- 22

STAR SIGN:- Capricorn (January 14, 1497)

ORIGIN:- Perugia/Perusia (Capital City of the Province of Perugia in the Umbria region of Central Italy)

RELATIVES:- Marco (twin, deceased); Gregoire (elder brother by 5 years, alive); Parents unknown (presumed alive)

BUILD:- Athletic

EYES:- Blue

HAIR :- Black; Wavy; Shoulder-length and kept in a plait or loose in her hood.

- Light freckles
- Raised scar above left eyebrow

Maria likes to have an action plan and is very goal-orientated and driven. She is very proficient in her work, preferring a quick kill to an overly messy fight. Her size and overall strength puts her at a disadvantage, so she relies more on speed and agility to evade capture. She also utilises her eagle-vision ability to identify targets, enemies and friends rather efficiently.

Her absolute goal acts like a pair of blinkers- in order to become strong enough to face her brother again, she focuses solely on training herself to become both mentally and physically stronger. Maria throws herself into her duties as an assassin, forgoing suggestions of leisure activities and social get-togethers. This makes her more conservative when it comes to any sort of relationship- if the mission calls for it she will act flirty, but otherwise she has little to no interest in pursuing anything permanent. She prefers to be alone, both on missions and in general, so distractions can be minimised and she can increase her productivity.

She believes in being efficient and pragmatic in her missions, and holds a professional attitude towards her peers and superiors. This makes her less likely to respond to any sort of ‘jokey’ behaviour and limits her capacity to 'take a joke'. However, some things do bring her a little joy: she enjoys free running across the roofs of the compound and watching the birds nest in nooks and crannies. She also likes to read sometimes, and she finds that after a trying day a little light training clears her head and helps her sleep better. Regardless of the prey she slaughters, each corpse is given the proper ritual of closing the eyes and muttering a rite. Maria does this out of respect, which she has learned during her time in the Creed, even though she may feel little for her victim.

In terms of loyalty, the Creed and its requirements always take precedent. She is ready to die for it if need be, and much of this steadfast loyalty stems from her rejection of her past life. She knows that she has a marginally better life in the Creed, and it is teaching her skills she can put to good use when she finally meets her brother again. In a small way, she finds solace in knowing her peers by name, even if it is only that, because it makes her feel like she belongs. While it annoys her that some of the other Assassins occasionally join her on missions, she keeps quiet about it. After all, if that's what the higher ups said then there is little point in arguing, and if she's honest with herself sometimes company isn't too bad. She also understands the need for increased numbers in some conflicts with the Templars.

Maria also does not get on well with small children and animals; she is left feeling uneasy and awkward around them. She feels like she cannot trust animals, not even the birds she watches sometimes. They aren’t people, they don’t have any critical thinking processes, they act spontaneously with no warning, and she can’t predict their behaviour. She is especially terrified of horses- when she was younger her twin tried to teach her to ride, but the horse threw her and then started to chew on her hair. This freaked her out, although no real harm was done.

Maria thinks of small children as naive and unable to look after themselves, something she used to not be able to do. The problem is, she can’t quite realise that. She doesn’t understand how much she hates herself for once being powerless like them. That lack in understanding self hatred will, under the guise of professionalism and dutiful behaviour, lead her to protect others if she is required. However, it doesn't allow her to form any sympathy or create a meaningful bond. It's just business to her. She also doesn’t like to speak much about her past in case people accuse her of being a Templar spy and kicking her out of the only ‘safe-ish’ environment she’s found herself in.

She is also quite self-critical, not really forgiving herself for her past actions, and wishing to remedy them by ensuring she is better prepared in the future. She also makes sure to check her words carefully in case she reveal anything about her actual origins. She enjoys being able to protect herself, making her assassin lifestyle appealing to her because it plays into her need for absolute self-control. Maria has lost autonomy in her life, and is now starting to cling to whatever power she has in order to make herself feel strong. She enjoys evening runs along the rooftops because they clear her head and make her feel a little happier than what she allows herself to seem during the day.

- Bracers
- Sword
- Throwing Knives
- Smoke Bombs
- Hidden Blade (right arm)

Brownish ankle-length peasant dress; No shoes; Heart shaped face with a nick on her right ear; Eyes are roundish/almond with medium-thick eyebrows; Nose is normal/verging on roman nose; Ears have no flappy lobes. About 5'5 in height (1.65m), and on the thinner side of the weight spectrum until she trains up.

* White undershirt (baggy) with red cuffs
* Dark brown outer bodice
*16th Century style boots (light brown with laces) and trousers (dark brown, baggy)
*Satchel with compartments (slung over a shoulder, milk chocolate brown)
*Beaked cowl- Reddish-brown with two black bands, much like the face of the Male Italian Sparrow.

Her nickname comes from being referred to as “passerotto” (little sparrow) during her training days. Initially, she thought it meant that she was plain and boring, like the brown and tawny plumage of a sparrow. Gradually, she learnt that it was given to her because she was shorter than most of the other recruits. This was something that annoyed her, yet it was, in a small sense, endearing. It made her feel like she belonged, even if she barely socialised further, since bird imagery was and is rife within the Brotherhood. So, she allows them to continue to call her it to this day.
Template base by Snapdragon

OLD SCRY: Bogsneak = Skink, Shimmer, Glimmer
Completed: 17th September 2017 (Tiger Gene and Familiar acquired)

"putri" wrote on "2018-03-05:
@Skydust I GOT IT DONE!!! okay yes this is going real great, im on a high and im ready to push through, let's go!

all those bright reds really stand out on maria! the colors are so nice and work well together, even with her more "bland" (i mean this in the best way!) colors.
The terracotta glimmer is somewhere in between the red and brown and really help tie all the shades of brown and red in her outfit together, and can i talk a little bit about how i love that the claws really fit to her lore? again you use another of my more unliked sets- the rogue apparel which is REALLY not something that i personally work with a lot, but you used different pieces for different sets that really make this outfit. ugh! its so good

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