Majesty (#34069685)
Level 25 Coatl
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Superb Gryphlet
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Male Coatl
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7.91 m
10.94 m
757.44 kg


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Jun 29, 2017
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Coatl
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Work in progress aka spell check and rewrite

"Not worthy enough to be a father but selfish enough to be a brother"
Majesty arrived at the clan door with nothing more than a Skydancer Fledgling at his side and a newborn Imperial Hatchling in his mouth. By the Coatl's taxed appearance one can already tell that the journey was a long one. Lucky they had Violet Sky as their guide they were let in and ingratiated into clan life pretty easily. That was of course after the clan's elders held a meeting to have a vote to decided that they allowed staying. He told them his long-winded tale of how his whole life was a lie with living in a vicious blood shedding cult clan which he now chose to flee from. On his way out he was able to save these two little ones as well. After that it was history. He meets Violet Sky while she was in the forest and she invited him back with her. Why he claims he has no clue and Sky gives no one explanation when asked as to why she was there at that moment. He would forever be in the elder's debt.

Majesty was and still is not the best in the friendliness department. He always seems to have a permanent glare or smirk on his face. Has a tendency to flick his tongue out with every annoyance. Unless he is with those that he has a good enough relationship with. He will almost always have a smile when he's with the two dragons he claims are his brothers Giver and Pearl. He seems to have a very healthy relationship with both of them. He has been raising Giver a little while after he could walk and Pearl from the moment that he hatched out of his egg.

So, of course, the thought of him leaving them in someone else care was completely out of the question. So he would do his best while having the two with him. If he needed to do something and could not have Pearl with him then he would leave him with Giver real quick and do what he had to do. This obviously was not a good or healthy situation when it backfired but at least the aftermath did grace him something nice. He ended up with a stroller for Pearl and Violet Sky volunteering to be a babysitter but that was all after his doctor visit.

After a bit of time has passed and the two youngest have adapted to clan life pretty well. With Giver in school which is where,e he actually managed to make friends with some of his classmates such an overly enthusiastic tundra by the name of Tyr. He's now able to let Pearl out of his proverbial vision for more than a couple of minutes plus he has even extended that caretaker role to Blizzard Wing, Violet Sky and Doctor Moon. Now with those two handled it was time for the council to call in their debt. They needed someone to help with some unsavory activities. Just because something looks sweet and innocence on the inside does not mean that there is not venom inside. So they make him their little enforcer which almost all of his missions end up with someone dead. What they have him doing is nothing new. At least this time he is able to protect the ones he loves. They won't have to follow in his claw steps and that's good enough for him. Sure its another gallon to add to the river but at this time does it really matter. He is already drowning in the all lies that he has told. Like the truth behind Pearl's parentage, how he came to receive Giver, the reason they left, where Violet Sky actually found them and so much more. A river can't overflow twice if it still overflowed from the first time.

lightv1.png Information
Name // Prevoiusly Merlot-Now Majesty
-- Origin of name // Insert origin of name here.

Age // Mid 30's
-- Birthday // Insert birthday here.

Occupation // Merchant/Mage

Role // Assassin

Personality // He has a grumpy disposition but is actually pretty nice once he lets you get to know him. He confident in his skills but is known to harshly criticize himself once a deed is done. Very judgemental and will not hesitate to tell you what he thinks if you ask him. Has a very caring side when it comes to the young ones that he is raising. Is not one to take foolish challenges unless there is no harm to come from accepting one. Is extremely good at masking his emotions which only got better with time. Does not care for other opinions about him but don't talk down about his family.
-- Likes // Fish, His brothers, Romance Novels, His Necklace and bad jokes
-- Dislikes // Ivory, Isolda, Mind Tricks and Bland Food
--Strengths // Quick Witted, Loyal, Practical, Well Organized and Very Adaptable
--Weakness //Stubbornness, Trust Issues, Impatient with others excluding the ones he loves, Over Observant and Pessimist

Familiar // Caesar- Ashmane Chimera
-- Role of familiar // He is supposed to be trained to be a combat familiar but now he just a lazy house pet who tries to break into the families fish tank all the dang time.
Coding by @Rexcaliburr
ENF4NJH.pngMerlot DaysHcLmuty.png
A lie. It begun with a well thought out and executed lie. Now that he can look back on his pass Majesty has no idea how everyone came to believe it. How she was able to rise to power and take control with nothing but a pearl that she claimed could communicate with the Gladekeeper. But that is not the story that is supposed to be told today. No, this a story about how a trained assassin with a promising clan standing ended up losing all and then some. Back when the Majesty was named Merlot and his life was filled with plenty of bloodshed just the way he liked it.

At birth everyone has a decided role. If you do not like the role tough luck deal with it. The lovely Morgause will come to the hatchery and she would take one look at the babies. Depending on the colors and the genes they are born with will decide their upcoming jobs. Merlot was born with dark colors so he was chosen to be a stealth fighter. At the moment he was able to run his training begun. His mother was his teacher with all the physical aspects and his father in education. He was taught how Morgause rose his clan up from ashes and gained the trust of Gladekeeper. How they were to serve and protect with their leader's orders and only their leaders. This was all he could ask for he had a purpose in life. A true purpose. What could be better than serving such a leader you might ask? His response would be nothing. What could be more important than serving his charismatic leader?

As time went test day finally arrived. His parents have taught him all they knew. So with the time to prove their knowledge all the test takers were told gathered outside at on the clan's fields which was turned into an obstacle course. The weird thing was when they arrived there were another group of dragons ones who have never been seen before at my Merlot's eyes stand on the other side of the field. His eyes narrowed and his tongue flicked in vague curiosity. They all seem to have the same appearance. All Imperials as well. Huh, they are not the same ages though that is for certain. Before even a murmurer could be utter by him or his peers a graceful voice sailed through the air.

ciBavhM.png XEM5qlc.png
ENF4NJH.pngB I O G R A P H YHcLmuty.png
"Hello!, My lovely youngsters!" She gives the group a sicking sweet smile before continuing "Today we have some guest in our mist and I trust that you can show them the power that Gladekeeper bestows on us, please. These dragons hail from the region of Plague." She gives a small nod to the direction where the outsiders are stationed at. The collective confusion and angry could be felt through the air. After all, they were taught about that place how could their leader lets these hoodlums in there clan's territory "Yes I know this is different than what we are used to but the Gladekeeper has spoken. She is wise and we must listen to her! She gives us this great home filled with the fruits of her labor correct?" "Yes!""We do not want to seem ungrateful?" "NO!" "Well, then I trust that we can treat our guest with the graces that we were born with. Now here how this is going to go...

So apparently these "guests" have been visiting for a while at least the older adults have. They are from the clan that has "served" the Plaugebringer. Merlot has known seen these dragons for about five minutes and boy he can't wait for them to leave. Yes, he trusts and believes in his exquisite leader but one them keeps making these weird face every time their own leader talks. Boy, how childish can you be! He can't wait until this test is over and he can go to his new place of resident.

Okay so scratch that whole leaving once he was done the thing. First off the guests who did introduce themselves all seem to be named in as a number order. Weird. Secondly, they are staying for like a month to see how things are run. Third that one making the faces from before still making them. Forth they are to show them around and make sure they are to have a nice. No, he did not get stuck with the face making one until one that he had opened his mouth and this whiny voice came out. He just could not so he bribed one of his clanmate's to do a trade. Which cost him his monthly book money but he would rather have the weird face maker than ever hear that voice again. Apparently, Face maker is a she and her name is Penta. To be continued...

P9KNT57.png ZtQWExj.png
Bio template by @Mibella, find it here.
Ask a Dragon Question Section
"SnoringHyena" wrote on 2017-12-12:

Majesty, how was it raising two hatchlings that aren't biologically yours by yourself? I'm sure Pearl grew very fast and was much bigger than you in a short time. Was it hard? Or did you adapt quickly?

Majesty closes his eyes and with a thoughtful expression "Hmm I never really thought about it them not being mine. I guess I was more focused on dealing with my feelings to them. Before I meet Giver I have never really had a meaningful connection with any of dragon as we were taking away from our parents at a young age. So once the connection was made I had to wrap my head around it." Now he openings his eyes with a weary expression "On the topic of raising them. At least when I got Giver he was self-sufficient. Pearl oh Pearl. All my assassin training could not prepare me for the fussy imperial that I'm raising. He liked to cry a lot no matter what I did. His temper tantrums were a sight to behold. Seeing as I'm skilled in magic I was able to use it to take care of him. The stroller I had crafted by the clan blacksmith was useful. He also got us a bigger cave to live in."
Majesty grumbles under his breath "I may have had some help from Violet Sky." he raises it "I would like to think that I did and I am doing a great job. I especially loved finding out about Daycare/sleepovers. Best things ever invented in my opinion. Well, that should be enough for your answer. Be lucky you caught me in a good mood. Now it's time for me to go home and relax in my lonesome as they are both at Violet Sky's place for the weekend"
"SnoringHyena" wrote on 2017-11-22:
"IdesOfBlood" wrote on 2017-11-22:

Why did you defect from the cult clan you had been a part of? It seemed like you would have been relatively successful in their society had you stayed... did it have to do with finding Pearl's egg? Why are you so attached to Pearl and Giver, anyways?

Majesty flicks out his tongue before he speaks "You like the tough questions, don't you? My past clan is a clan of lies. We were told that the Gladekeeper chose our clan for a higher PURPOSE."
Majesty spills out the last like it is venom
"That our clan was like a golden child out the rest of the Gladekeeper's children. That our clan was lucky enough to have a leader that was able to get our clan into GladeKeeper good graces. For the clan to be in the Gladekeeper's good side we were to be enforcers of the Gladekeeper's will and must take out those who plan on doing her harm. At birth, you were chosen a role based on the color of your scales the darker the scales the higher rank you may become. "

Majesty sighs and tilts his hand away "My mother was lucky enough that she was a high enough rank for her to choose a mate of her own and was not stuck with have him chosen out for her. She chose my father who was just a simple chef as his colors were too bright to qualify for any other job. They had me and at my hatching, my colors were deemed good enough for me to be trained in the combat troops."

"So my mother trained me in all of her knowledge until it was test time and I was taken away. I never saw them again" Majesty now has a nostalgic look on his face "You know back then I never once thought about either of them, not for one second. After the test, I was put into a team and we were trained even harder. Our objective was given to us before we left for our first mission was a simple one the orders were to take out and get out. There was a clan of the dragons that were not following the Gladekeeper's rules they were selling items that they were not supposed to so it was the team job to take them out you only leave the hatchlings alive. I was most confident to complete this task and make our leader and the Gladekeeper proud"

Majesty turns his head to look in the eyes "Now do you see what the problem was. Back then when I first started I did not understand what we were doing. I thought we were defending the will of our deity but I was wrong. Apparently, the items the other clan was selling were items that my clan sold primary. My clan's leader was using us for their own personal gain there was no communication with the Gladekeeper. It was all lies. Lies that I was okay living with once I found out about them. until I saw how it affected Giver."

"Once you reach a certain a rank in the get put in charge of a team and I happen to get put in charge of Giver's and made the mistake of forming an attachment. When loving someone you do stupid things. Success means nothing if you are hurting the ones you care about and I learned that the hard way. As for Pearl, that story will be Pearl's ears only. It will be his choice if he wishes to tell another soul."

"Now I have answered your question. You better be satisfied. I don't go around telling others my life story."Majesty sticks his tongue in the air one last time and turns his head in another direction "It looks likes Pearl and Giver have managed to burn a dinner again... It was my favorite kind of fish too. Well goodbye you noisy dragon"
He turns his body around and disappears into the darkness around you both

"Geez this was long! Hopefully this answered your questions"
"SnoringHyena" wrote on 2018-01-01:
"Power always comes with sacrifices. Do you think it's worth it? Would you make a sacrifice to achieve power? Or would you rather give up power and escape sacrifice?"

The Coatl lifts his head and speaks the next couple of words with a very tired voice "Power and sacrifices... I do know something about that." He gives a light sigh "When I was younger and with my previous clan I would most certainly same that it was worth it. I would give anything to achieve and rise in the ranks to prove myself to the Gladekeeper and to my leader. My teammates were nothing but useless dragons that I had to work with. If I had to sacrifice one of them for the completion of a mission then so be it. But that all changed when a meet this skinny little skydancer hatchling who would not stop crying for his parents." He lifts his head up and gives slight smile "He was the one that got my eyes to open up that it is not worth it.That power means nothing if you have nothing else to live for. I kind of wish that I would have figured this out earlier maybe she would be here with me...But now I have given up my power and become my recent clan's hitman without a say just so the two closes to me can have a nice happy life. I may not be happy but at least they are. So yes I would give my power so I don't have to live with the sacrifices."
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Human hair reference Beard reference and hair style

by Lawkuroi


By Problematic

Done by IceQueenNora

By Ahliera


By Daster
Base by Nefily colored by me


Both by Devious Raptor

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