Nova (#33863218)
Level 1 Wildclaw
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Ghosthost Viola
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Wildclaw
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6.5 m
6.05 m
477.94 kg


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Jun 20, 2017
(5 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Wildclaw
EXP: 0 / 245




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NOVA - Medic

It's no good for a Shatterskull performer to scare off paying customers. How is the circus supposed to succeed if every patron walks away unsettled, or worse, outright terrified? No, that won't do at all. Despite its history of danger and deception, the Shatterskull Circus no longer operates on dark thrills. Everything is good, bright fun, with a pinch of exhilaration dusted liberally on top.

Nova could do without the exhilaration, though. It lands too many performers in her tent.

One of the few areas of the circus entirely closed to spectators, the medic's tent is possibly one of the scariest locations on the grounds. Well lit, with orderly shelves and neatly made nests, it serves as Nova's base of operations, no matter the hour of the day.

That's the terrifying part, unsettling some of the circus's most seasoned performers. Nova. The Lady of the Scalpel. Mother Hen from Fresh Hell. She Who Makes Walter Think Twice.

(Just Mom, if you ask Aalish, her adopted son.)

No matter the moniker applied, Nova tends to strike fear into the heart of the Shatterskull Circus. Even the daredevils (perhaps especially the daredevils, given their propensity for courting danger) regard her with a wary reverence, approaching her always with supplication in mind. Among the flag-topped tents, she is akin to a goddess, and her wrath is legendary.

But all eleven deities damn it, why wouldn't she be mad when these fools go out and hurt themselves in the same ways over and over again? If they're thick enough to try the same bad stunt twice, to disregard her lectures the first time they heard them, then she has no qualms about sitting them down and giving them an earful until it finally sinks in.

It's a sight to see, provided you're not the subject of Nova's ire. One matron, clad almost entirely in black, brandishing a book emblazoned with the Plaguebringer's holy emblem, versus one cowering performer clutching their prescribed medicine in one paw and a stuffed animal to squeeze away the hurt while Nova finishes their stitches. Everyone has endured it at least once, even Rakarok, if the rumors are true.

But that's because the Shatterskull Circus is Nova's family, even if they're all a bunch of adrenaline-hungry nimrods. No matter what, she's going to take care of them for the rest of her days, even if they say that their broken arm is "just fine." (Speaking from practical experience, "just fine" in circus speak means "doesn't hurt enough to ruin my performance yet," which is why she's stopped letting anyone waltz back into the main tent without her explicit say-so. Two rights don't make a wrong, and repeating smashing an already broken limb doesn't heal it. Fools.)

No matter how stern her lectures are, or how angry she is when the acrobats take unnecessary risks, she loves each and every member of the circus with everything her heart has to give. Why else would she spend so much time making sure the medical tent has the best healing remedies can buy? Why else would she make sure the lights are strong, the nests comfortable, and the location far from prying eyes who might mistake pain for weakness?

Maybe it's the Scarred Wastelands in her blood, telling her to mind her clan, to guard them from danger, even the unseen kind. She's had years of experience treating maladies of all kinds, from injury to disease and everything in between. And when she adopted Aalish, she began the long journey of understanding how to care for and support someone who would never fully recover, even if they would outlive the worst of their afflictions. Protecting the pack is instinct by now.

But it's also love in its purest, simplest form. Of all the Shatterskull residents, Nova is among the oldest, and has seen all of the circus's highs and lows. Nothing the circus has endured has turned her away, and no success has twisted her spirit toward envy or greed. All she wants in this life is for her family to prosper and be adored in the ways they've all dreamed of.

And for them to stop breaking limbs and smashing scales and what have you, but that's neither here nor there.

So what if it makes her a little scary when she starts into a lecture? Maybe it will make her family think twice about charging headlong into new stunts without preparation. Maybe it will lower the number of incidents witnessed by the public. Praise the gods, maybe it'll even give her long enough between patients to read poetry once again, and old habit she doesn't have time for in between sanitizing her tools and doling out medicine all day long.

Imagine, reading something other than patient charts.

But if you catch her sighing dreamily about such a thing, steel yourself for a lecture on barging in announced. There's nothing you can do to stop it.

Bio by Tues.
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