Sylvia (#33843999)
The Goddess
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Eye of Talona
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Fae
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0.89 m
1.43 m
2.24 kg


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Jun 19, 2017
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Fae
Max Level




  • none


"Do you know why you're here?"

"No, who are you? And on that note, who am I?"

"I am dead. You, however, are not, which is the only thing that matters. Your identity is irrelevant other than that."

"I feel like I should be upset by that answer, but I'm not. Why does it matter that I'm still alive?"

"Because unlike me, you are destined for greatness. The gods of this world seem to have granted you a blessing. When you wake up, you will know what to do with it."

"So I'm asleep? That is troubling, I don't remember going to sleep. Wait, what is sleep? How do I know something I've never felt before? In fact, I can't remember anything at all. A minute before, there was nothing, but now you're talking to me. Does this mean...are you responsible for my existence?"


"Who was I talking to? It's getting bright..."

Mirod's Diary

Entry #1
Might as well start a diary while I'm here. Exaltation is the highest honor I could possibly receive, so it's no surprise the training is rough! Well, then again, it's not like the Beastclans will go easy on me in battle.
Some fae named Sylvia washed up on the shore today. She's lucky she ended up so close to the clan!

...Never mind. She speaks a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. Seen the afterlife? Reincarnation of some fae called Alnuit? She must've hit her head against a rock or something!

Then again, how would she know the clan used to have a hatchling caretaker named Alnuit? She apparently looks very similar to the former according to my trainer, too...

Entry #2
I'm so tired I might end up falling asleep while writing this entry. Today was exhausting! Why are insects so hard to catch? Why can't these animals just stay still and let me hunt them? And those stupid fish keep darting away the moment I lay my eyes on them! UGH!

But that fae who came in do I explain this? Her presence just feels so, so, right. I don't know how to explain it, and she keeps talking about her prophet shenanigans. She's invited a lot of dragons to her "meeting" tomorrow. It's going to be at night in the dining hall after dinner.

Speaking of faes, another fae joined the clan today! Her name is ▓▓▓▓▓ ▓▓▓

Entry #3
Today's training wasn't as tiring as yesterday's, but I've got bruises all over. Good thing I have Sylvia's meeting to look forward to!

I feel so enlightened! Sylvia wants to free us all suffering, and communicates with the 11 deities to get us to our goal of living a happy life! No more sorrow, no more pain, and no more war! She even wants to bring peace between dragons and the Beastclans! We'll finally be free in a utopia!

She's having another meeting tomorrow at the same time as today's. I'll definitely be going!

Entry #4
The Goddess is what we call her now. She's told us about life after death. If we follow her and do what She says, we'll reach Paradise. We'll have our most impossible wishes and dreams come true! But if we don't, we go to the Negative Realm. Eternal suffering is all that awaits us there. The Goddess says that all your worst nightmares become real there, and you have to relive the worst moments of your life over and over again.

These meetings are a daily thing now. The Goddess's first orders are to come to these meetings every day.

Entry #5
No! No no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!! It's been two weeks since I've arrived, and I have to leave tomorrow! I completely forgot I what my training was for in the first place! Who cares about exaltation, there's no way I can leave The Goddess! I must ask her what to do about this right away! At least there are a lot more dragons in this meeting than in the last two. It's about time they've started coming! Curiously enough, none of the clan's older dragons know about her meetings, apparently.

Oh, how merciful She is! She understands me completely. Now I don't have to feel guilty about leaving as long as I remember to spread Her good name. And of course I will; every demand of hers has a purpose that will bring us one step closer to world peace. If only that dragon from yesterday knew this. Then he wouldn't have had to die after The Goddess killed him for not giving Her his spell book. By the deities, that was one bloody mess we had to clean up! He had it coming, though.

The Goddess is going to give me one last order tomorrow before I leave. I'm shaking in anticipation. I can hardly wait!




She's growing.
She's coming.
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