Falco (#33173802)
I am in the wrong realm and I think everyone can tell
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Sickle Kamaitachi
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Nocturne
This dragon is hibernating.
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3.6 m
4.21 m
732.12 kg


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May 21, 2017
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Nocturne
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


"Voidswept" wrote on "2020-06-14:

Zachary is the type of person to wake up at one, make a coffee, drink it, realize he probably should not have done that, then spend the next several hours sitting in front of a blank tv screen until morning.

He makes the -w- face a lot.

He’s usually pretty calm and collected, but don’t tick him off. It won’t end well.

If given the choice of all the knowledge in the world for an hour or being snuggled in a blanket for five hours, no consequences, he’d probably choose the blanket.
Named for one of my most prevalent OCs! A pain in my rear end since 2012, Falco is an Adumbranite, a vampiric-esque humanoid that has umbrakinetic (Shadow controlling) abilities and feasts on specific 'blood foods' instead of blood. His familiar is a reference to an old concept of dominant shadows - Adumbranites have the capability to bring them to life, in a sense (they’re extensions of their inner selves that take on a physical form). His was a mongoose named Sable.

I've loved mongooses ever since I was little...Rikki Tikki Tavi was my favourite Rudyard Kipling Just So Story. Oh, and his Gloomwillow Guide is reference to his wisps. I HAVE A WISP NOW GO SEE THE BEBE!

Purchased from the lovely Ryutim :3

Things on Tumblr that make me laugh and relate to his character

A Dimension Hopping Shadowmaster

NAME: Zachary Falcon Scott

NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Falco, Nasu, Charoite, Sweet Patoot, Zi-Zi-, Fangface, Brat

SPECIES: Adumbranite (Turned Variant)

AGE: Immortal

NATIONALITY: British/Italian

BIRTHPLACE: Southampton, United Kingdom


LANGUAGES: English; Adumbranese (sound-based)

HEIGHT: 1.83m (6ft)

BUILD: Lithe

EYE COLOUR: Hazel w purple flecks



DISTINGUISHING FACIAL FEATURES: Aquiline nose; retractable fangs; thick eyebrows, sparse stubble; chin-only goatee; slightly pointed ears and deep set eyes.

DRESS SENSE: White or Purple shirt, Dark trousers w belt, Long black trench coat w many pockets, Ankle high Doc Martens, White socks, Off the shoulder satchel. All show signs of wear and repair when examined up close.
Art drawn by Chikinan
SCARS AND OTHER: Physical condition that of a 27 y/o Male, Bite Marks (left side of neck), Raised scar in small of back with a slash mark bisecting it, Retractable fangs. Shadow constructs are 'wispy' in appearance and have pupil-less white eyes.


CURRENT PARTNER: Wynona 'Skarlette' Anderson

ORIGINAL FAMILY: Peter Cygnus Scott (Father; Deceased), Berenice Conti (Mother; Assumed Deceased), Carolyn Anne Scott (Younger Sister; Deceased)

ADOPTED FAMILY: Sylva, Cerulean, Cerise, Citron, Chartreuse, Shadow, Snow, Cyan, Cadmium = all Male. Living with him & Skarlette as a family unit. Tato considers him her big brother Nasu (Eggplant) sometimes too.

LIKES: Cooking, Bunnies, His family (mostly), Starry Nights, Chin and Head Scratches, Snowy days, The Great Outdoors, Dance Dance Revolution, Showers

DISLIKES: Being called a vampire, Baths, Ice Skating/Rollerblading, Early Morning Wake Ups, Tummy Tickles, Hard to tease People, Being called Zach, Demons

HATES/FEARS: Being taken advantage of, Hurting his family, Being trapped, Dense forest, Dragons

FAVOURITE PLACES: The Beach, Clifftops, Trees, Tall Buildings, With Family (sometimes), Tops of bookshelves

HOBBIES: Exploring new dimensions, Sewing, Camping, Training, Being an ******* & petty
Art drawn by Chikinan
Falco is charismatic with a strong sense of autonomy. He is confident in his abilities as an Adumbranite and he shows adeptness at controlling his powers. Not one to get involved unless it's going to affect him personally, Falco is sly, brutally honest and very opportunistic in social situations. He is well aware of how crappy his attitude is and if he doesn't feel like people deserve his respect then he's not going to give it. He refuses to allow anyone to fight for him or control his actions, and when they do it makes him mad. He enjoys irritating and flirting with people because it’s easier than making friends. Once he feels settled and respected he becomes more mischievous, his insults taking on a playful rather than harsh tone. He's a sucker for good company and likes to have a drink or seven. He has a crass sense of humour and is very open about aesthetic appreciation. He has no shame in partaking in embarrassing activities because of his fluctuating self worth and preservation.
On occasion he has also shown himself to be noble, kind and generous. He refuses to lie to or harm those he cares about (this includes cheating on his girlfriend). Falco chooses not to say anything about his past unless it's something he can twist for dry comedic value. His one major phobia is dragons. He wishes to get over this fear, and thus exposes himself to his family’s morphs whenever possible. He’s managed to integrate himself within their society, going so far as to participate in an initiation ceremony. Falco knows very little about his Adumbranite heritage, though he’s heard stories. He’s never been part of a hive and never wants to be. His decision to separate himself from his culture has made many nationalistic people and other Adumbranites cross with him.
- Umbrakinesis (Shadow Manipulation and Absorption)
- Corrosive Venom: Injectable & Expectorant (fangs)
- Toxin Resistance & Enhanced senses
- Pan-Dimensional Travel (Zegnalis Portal)

- Silver inhibits body processes
- Prolonged Umbrakinesis and Zegnalis overuse drains energy reserves
- Cannot Teleport
- Immortal not Invulnerable
- Antibiotic Resistance
- Must consume Raspberries (blood food) regularly to help body processes

- He carries around photos and small mementoes of his past friendships and relationships in his satchel. Some give him fond memories and some don’t, but he’s compelled to keep them anyways.

- He has chosen to go by Falco/any other Alias rather than Zachary since it's less intimate. It’s a take on his middle name! The eldest boys in the Scott clan had birds as their middle names.
- He has a small black and white bunny named Mr Snuffles! Skarlette got him for Falco on their anniversary. He is loved so much that he is treated like a baby more than a pet. He sleeps on their bed and is left in the care of the family when Falco goes off on adventures.

- Adumbranite comes from "Adumbrate"[VERB WITH OBJECT, formal] : 1) Represent in outline/ Indicate faintly. This is because they use shadows to form solid, liquid and gas-like constructs that look and feel realistic, yet are just vague substitutions for actual materials.
Template base by Snapdragon




Art drawn by Chikinan
Falco is an Adumbranite: an Umbrakinetic, humanoid species that is distantly related to vampires. It is separated by many years of evolutionary pressures from vampires due to decreases in habitat caused by encroaching human urbanisation and the development of Monster Hunting Syndicates. This forced them into smaller pockets which eventually had to adapt to diurnal life in order to avoid detection. They developed Umbrakinetic (shadow manipulating) abilities early on to help protect them against the sun’s rays (which they honed and refined as they built up resistance), and rely on ‘blood food’ (the first solid they eat when they are turned or are born) to regulate chemical processes in their brains and enable proper venom production in the ducts behind their retractable canines. Since they have had to hunt live prey due to evolutionary pressures, they are essentially living creatures.
Adumbranite eye colouration is purple instead of blue or red. Since Falco was turned (someone who was bitten and became an Adumbranite), his eye colour switches between his original hazel and purple when he’s using his abilities. Pure Adumbranites have permanent purple eyes, which they hide behind contact lenses in order to better integrate into society. Some have also been known to tan themselves in order to circumnavigate their paler skin pigmentation. They communicate with each other and their shadows using Adumbranese, a sound based language that mimics many of sounds found in nature and urban life. Their venom is corrosive and they can spit it at aggressors to incapacitate them and escape. This venom is also found throughout their blood system at a high pH and helps fight off infections, poisons and other diseases to a degree. They are also capable of multiversal travel utilising a sigil known as the Zegnalis Portal, accessing the Void (the vast empty space between universes and dimensions). Turned Adumbranites are not capable of converting others as their venom is not potent enough. All Males cannot breed outside of their species to produce Adumbranites and are thus sterile; the mother would not have the necessary venom developing qualities needed for viable offspring.

"putri" wrote on "2018-03-05:
@Skydust I GOT IT DONE!!! okay yes this is going real great, im on a high and im ready to push through, let's go!

Falco ohhh my god okay. i have a THING for making your own races because 1. it's fun to do and a good way to practice balancing and to check what's fair (whis is so important if you roleplay) and 2. i love learning about other people's created species. ALSO YES i usually name things that have a very specific meaning- like what gives a first impression is a name you know? so i love that name. love it. ahhh. your details in there are SO detailed, mine are so vague bc i like it vague? but like, it's so clear cut and nice. wow. looking back on the dragon, he really does give me that vampire-esque vibe (though i dont think he's like to hear me say that haha) you used SO many diferent parts from severeal different sets AND IT WORKS SO WELL, you have a talent with dressing things with different apparel sets, unlike me who just throws things on and hopes they look okay lmao

Griffin Shadow Construct Scry: Black/Black/Wine
The Griffin by CryptidUni

Updated art by Chikinan. Check out his links below!
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