Oedi (#32962674)
Level 7 Skydancer
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Female Skydancer
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3.56 m
6.77 m
360.01 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


May 12, 2017
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 7 Skydancer
EXP: 185 / 11881


Oedi wrote:


Windflower Wishlists

"We are allowed to dream, but not to demand they come true"


Hi there! The Windflower's wishlist is actually divided into 5 separate wishlists! This is for our and your convenience. My name is Oedi and I'm the keeper of the "Always Wanted" list. If you have something we want, from any list, and we have something on your wishlist - let's trade!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Main Wishlist
A google document containing all items we don't own yet! This is a wonderful list to visit if you are looking for alternative payment options.

Always Wanted Wishlist
Contains items I'm always happy to recieve. This is the perfect place to look if you want to gift me!

Currently Needed Wishlist
A list of dragons I own and what genes, apparel or battle stones they need to be complete. Some will need much, others little and the price tag will differ a lot.

Dragon Wishlist
Here are scrys of dragons I really want. I also accept project parents and would love a message if you hatch something close enough.

Non-Item Wishlist
Stuff like leveling services and art. By art I mean everything from a 1-min doodle to a many-hour painting. If you find it fun to make, I'll probably like it as well!


Keeper of Keepers
Keeper of the FR Calendar and our Spare Retired Items for Trade
Wonderful Familiars and Where to Find Them
Don't Sell, Transmute or Eat!


The Windflower's Always Wanted Wishlist

These are my favourite items. I use them frequently or dearly want to. I can never have enough of them! I love the apparel in all colours, but will list them in shades of green, yellow, oranges and browns for this page's aesthetics. You may notice certain pieces are missing in some apparel sets. This is because I don't use that part as often as the rest, so I don't need it!



Treasure and Gems



As mentioned above, I love all the colours/alternative variants of these apparel! My absolute favourites are the rose thorn crowns! I've not yet evaluated unicorn, tea, new Joxar recolours and NotN 2019 apparel because I haven't used them enough yet.






Flower Decorator & Daughter of the Keeper Division


Flower Decorator

It started when she was young. Her mother kept flowering plants in her garden, yet bought flowers at the market to put on the table. Little Oedipus didn't at first understand why, and started collecting flowers from the garden. Then the garden looked barren! So dragon want their garden to stay pretty, she thought. The next time she went out on the grassy plains to get flowers. They were varied in height, size and thickness. And colour, of course. On her way back a puffing male pearlcatcher called after her, and asked if he could trade some treasure for her flowers, as it was his mother's birthday and he had forgotten her gift. They traded, and she flew as fast as she could back up the hill to make her own mother a new bouquet. She put together a nice little buquet and went home. Her mother was very pleased, impressed even, with her little daughter's story and flowers. Since then she stopped buying flowers, and started teaching Oedi about the different flowers meaning, needs and history.


Daughter of the Keeper Division

Her home clan was very diplomatic, as light clans are well known for. They held diplomacy and truth as their highest virtue, and Oedi took their teachings to her heart. As she grew, her interest in flowers drew her away from politics, but not until she had a good education. As she grew, the clan also started to change. It had interacted so much with all the other flights and beastclans, they no longer felt closest to their deity, but to other dragons. They acnowleged the Lightweaver, their mother, but no longer worshipped her like before. They did not worhip other gods, nor the sade, but rather treated all views as equal. To some, this was disturbing. To Oedi, it was peaceful and a neverending pool of shared knowledge about plants and flowers, aestetics and fashion.

She was very close to her mother, who worked in the clan forge. She knew little of her father, who was a wind dragon who often travelled the world. On one occassion he brought her a windflower, a fragile yet hardy plant. Its silky thin leaves and leaves let it float on the wind, and despite its delicy it was not torn or slopping from the journey. She later had it enclosed in glass, enchanted by a nature dragon to never wilt, and by an ice dragon to stand the heat from the warm glass. Her mother melted the glass, and the clan's glassblower handled the process with extreme precision and control. When Oedi left the clan, she took her most precious souvenir along. She had never imagined ending up in the clan who had grown it. Every year on her birthday, she sends one windflower to her mother at home and one to wherever her father is. Luckily, he sends letters.



Oedi match


Wishlist Keeper

The wishlist is set up after a montly tally of what goods merchants and private dragons would like the clan's merchant guild to get more of. As you can see, general supplies are plentiful, so luxury textiles, gemstones for jewelry and exotic pets are favoured. General supplies are either plentiful because of established trading agreements, or are found locally.

Dream Dragon

My sister, Cutiepaws, helped me scry this beauty in the scrying (or crying) workshop. I liked how the accents of the colours matched, and her overall appearance resembled the name of her wong colour; Honeydew. I half wanted to name her Honey, Dew or Melona, but decided if I wanted to name all my melon themed dragons after their melons, I would have many dragons with too similar names, like Water and Melon, Honeydew and Melona, Cantaloupe Meloncholy and so on. So instead I gave their names a second meaning and origin.


Facts of Arrival

She was hatched by Courter, then bought by QueenCockatiel. I bought her from them for 25kt. Oedi was borne a pearlcatcher female with sanddollar cherub, honeydew peregrine, crocodile runes and light common eyes. She was named Dillo by one of her previous owners. On the first day of the Brightshine Jubilee 2018 (June 24th), I gave her glimmer and butterfly. I also renamed her to Oedi, as Oedipodium is a genus of moss. You can read more here. She got poison and a skydancer scroll 16th of January 2019. She is now complete.


Dividers by osiem. Badges by me. Honeydew melon image by aspca, a page that says if something is toxic to pets or not. How handy! Honeydews are non-toxic.


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