Foxglove (#32804484)
Discipline is the key to any victory.
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Maren Warlock
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Female Imperial
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
This dragon cannot breed until Jul 14, 2021 (21 days).
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29.48 m
20.52 m
5831.91 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


May 05, 2017
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
Max Level


FOXGLOVE- Militia Sergeant and Trainer

Sunflower- Consort
Carnation, Dandelion- Sons
Chrysanthemum, Marigold, Hibiscus- Friends
The rest of the Mystic Garden refers to this group as the "Gossip Squad" in passing, though they think "Gossip Society" sounds more classy. They spend their time together sipping herbal tea, bird watching, and sometimes discussing rumors, though they know better than to believe everything they hear. Foxglove brings a sense of control and order to the group, helping keep them on track and give everyone a say in important matters, but the others know she's not immune to some playful banter and teasing that she doesn't let show around most other dragons.

Azalea- Supervisor
Foxglove holds Azalea in high esteem for her fighting prowess and strategic know-how, but the two occasionally disagree due to Foxglove's insistence on care and discipline and Azalea's tendency to improvise. They end up teaching each other a lot, mainly that different strategies are useful in different situations and on different dragons, turning both of them into better leaders.

Geranium, Dahlia, Gladiolus- Fellow soldiers/Trainees
To this day, Foxglove deeply regrets the way she trained Geranium and Dahlia. The trauma of being beaten by monsters within an inch of one's life is bad enough, but forcing such trauma in a venue too advanced for beginners and showing no regard for a trainee's pain or resulting inadequacy issues just makes it worse. No matter how much Foxglove apologizes or tries to undo the damage, she knows her first two trainees will likely never have a perfect relationship with her, and she hates having to live with that.
Foxglove was born with the name Kirave to a clan near the Observatory whose culture heavily centered around martial arts. Kirave's parents ensured their children were educated on discipline and respect as well as general combat skills. Though her upbringing was stricter than most other dragons, Kirave never felt the pressure of unfair standards on her shoulders since she met all of them with ease. However, her natural love and talent for fighting put her above other dragons her age, and she wholeheartedly believed she deserved to be there because she was just that naturally great. She tended to annoy her friends and siblings with her bragging, but she believed they had no right to complain if they weren't on her level. She one day hoped to teach others in her ways, but it was hard to do that in a clan where everyone was already raised that way.

Once Kirave grew up and moved out of her parent's lair, she travelled to a small clan in the Starwood Strand to live out her dream. Unfortunately for her, her new clanmates were relatively peaceful dragons who stayed out of flight conflict, so they had little interest in learning her style of combat. The only dragon interested in learning from her was another Imperial in the clan, so she spent most of her time with him. As the two spent more time together, they eventually fell in love and laid a clutch of eggs together. There was little tension in their relationship up until this point: that is, until Kirave's new mate soon learned about how she planned to raise their children. He was surprised by the strict parenting style she had in mind, so he asked questions in an attempt to understand her and hopefully convince her to loosen up on their future children. Unfortunately, there was no swaying her, and Kirave felt as if they couldn't continue their relationship like this. The clan ultimately decided the less violent dragon should hold custody of the eggs, so Kirave left the clan by herself. She would not meet her children by her first mate for years after the fact.

As she flew through the Crystalspine Reaches, Kirave came across two Mirror dragons combat training together. She flew down to see what style they were using, and she soon learned their names: Azalea and Callalily. Kirave was impressed by their skill, growing even more intrigued when she learned Azalea was the leader of a clan with Cal as her head hunter. When Kirave asked about their military prowess, she was surprised to learn they had no fighting force and simply trained each other in self-defense. She offered herself up to start a small militia for more reliable defense, and after some combat tests and a run-through of the clan laws, Azalea agreed. Kirave soon made herself at home in the Mystic Garden, though she wouldn't adopt a flower name for a while.

Soon enough, two dragons came to Kirave interested in battle training: Geranium the Wildclaw and Dahlia the Imperial. The two had been training under Azalea previously, but they wanted to help form a more organized militia. Eager to get to training her new soldiers, Kirave took them out to a venue. Problems arose when Geranium and Dahlia realized they weren't going to a venue meant for their training level; they were headed for more dangerous territory that only someone of Kirave's expertise could survive.

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