Keske (#32506512)
Level 16 Tundra
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Sludge Sifter
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Male Tundra
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4.67 m
4.19 m
324.52 kg


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Apr 23, 2017
(3 years)



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Level 16 Tundra
EXP: 43207 / 71966




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Loyal | Level-headed | Courageous
"A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage."


______ Falling. That's the first thing you can remember. Falling, and then darkness.
A muffled voice reaches your ears. “...ello? You okay there?" You move to answer but a wave of dizziness washes over and you black out again.

By the time you come to again you can tell without opening your eyes you're in a different area. The air felt different, hot and smoky. With a groan, you attempt to stand up, only to fall back over onto all fours. Something felt different. Something felt wrong. Your eyes fly open and look around. The first thing you notice is that you're in a cave of some sort, a few beds made of piles of pelts surrounded the one you were in. The second thing you noticed was your body. No longer a human, you now felt the weight of wings folded against your sides, a tail and horns on your head.

Before you could do anything in your confused panic, another dragon had walked in. A long, serpentine body, magnificent antlers and wings that could put yours to shame. It looked like it came straight out of a Chinese art scroll! It looked over at you, and looked pleasantly surprised. "Ah! Good you're awake. I'm glad. How are you feeling?" It's voice obviously female. In your muddled mindset, you could only really answer with a confused "What?" She frowned, worry glimmered in her soft yellow eyes. "You were found by the border of Fire and Wind, barely alive. Do you remember what happened?" She asked softly. What on earth was she talking about? "I.." you paused, unsure of yourself. "I don't know. I don't even know how I got here! I'm supposed to be human. Not this... this... thing!" You finally stammered out. The female gave you a blank stare, not knowing what on earth you were talking about. "Hm..Hang on. I know someone who might be able to help." With that she turned and left the cave, leaving you distraught.

Soon another dragon bounded in, Followed by someone else. The first one looked like you, but without the fur, and the horns were on its snout instead of its head, it carried a pearl by its tail. The second one was a golden colored dragon, with fins, and... four eyes? Weird... The four-eyed one looked at you. "You must be the one Eve sent us to see. I'm Embyr, the leader of this clan. This is Vudall." Embyr motioned with a flick of her tail to the one with the pearl, who nodded his head in confirmation. "Aye. You are the one who said ye were a human?" You gave a hesitant nod, this 'Vudall' character was a bit intimidating. "We have a few aroun' who have the same story. I'll take ya to them. Can ye walk?" he asked with a strange accent. The closest you could compare it to was a cross between Scottish and Scandinavian, if that even made any sense.

With a nod, you rose to your feet, cautiously taking a step before Vudall turned and left the cave, waiting outside for you to follow. Embyr walked alongside you. "Welcome to the Ruby Ironworks stranger. By the way, do you have a name?" she asked in a kind tone, she seemed genuinely kind and welcoming, but in your state of mind you couldn’t be too sure. Not wanting any trouble with these dragons, you just nodded. "It's Keske." She hummed happily and trotted over to where a large white dragon with blue wings and armor was sitting. Hearing an impatient noise from Vudall caused you to jump and hurry up. You stepped outside and blinked at the sudden light. It wasn't that harsh due to the smoke in the air, but it was much brighter than that cave. Surprisingly, even with the smoke you could breathe just fine.
You looked around and saw dragons everywhere, going about their business or chatting with each other. Eve from earlier was with some babies nearby, taking care of them and playing with them. Across the clearing there was what looked like a jewelry shop of sorts, with a dragon that looked like the same kind as you are selling necklaces with precious gems attached to them. Following after Vudall he gave a simple explanation about where everything was. He led you to a new cave, much larger than the one you were in earlier, dragons often came in and out of the entrance. “This is where everyone sleeps, except for those with a nest.” He walked in, “Jane! Ye here?” He called. Making a few dragons look over to see what was going on.

You shifted uncomfortably at the attention, their stares were questioning and curious. A white dragon with light blue wings walked over, it also held a pearl like Vudall. And it had.. glasses? “Heya Vudall. You need something?” She asked brightly. Vudall nodded over to you. “New one, he says he was an Other like you ‘n the rest.” At that Jane’s eyes lit up. “Oh! Great! Just leave him with us. We can take care of it.”
She hummed as Vudall turned and walked out of the cave, leaving you to follow after her.

“Um.. sorry, what others?” You finally asked. “There are three of my friends, and four others that used to be humans too. We’re staying here while we try to find a way back home!” She explained, leading you to a corner of the large cavern. Four other dragons were there, along with the three of her friends. “Who’s the new guy?” A dragon asked, looking just like you, but green. “Jake he’s a human like us.” She said testily, sitting down by a pink feathered dragon. “Sorry, they’re fighting right now. I’m Rose.” A four-eyed dragon said calmly. “You must be really confused.” You nodded and sat down. “Well you don’t know how you got here right?” She started.

“Yes. I don’t remember much, except that I know for a fact that I was human.”

“Exactly-- wait you remember nothing?” A pink feathered dragon spluttered, you later knew her as the Coatl named Roxy.

“Nothing.” You admitted.

“So you didn’t play Sburb?” A red-winged dragon asked. He looked like a raptor almost.

“What?” You were completely lost on what they were talking about.

“Nevermind. It’s something we all played together.. You must be from a different timeline or something.” The raptor-like dragon muttered.

You just looked at them confused before getting up and walking away. Your doubts growing about your chances of returning to the human world.

Five Years Later
“Keske! Take a patrol to the border! Those other clans have been hunting on our grounds again!” Blayze ordered, walking up to you. The soldier-like Coatl seemed a bit stressed as he spoke. “They are by the canyon so be sure to check there.”

“Aye!” You responded immediately. Five years had passed since you first arrived to Sornieth.

Five whole years of learning how to live in this world.

You gathered a strong patrol of warriors, Vudall and two others. Heading out towards the east border. Ready for anything that could be thrown your way. You had inserted yourself to clan life, forgetting about your human past and embracing your new one. You had become a fine warrior for the clan, and as a messenger between clans and even flights at time when needed. As you and your patrol neared the border, your group was jumped by a patrol of Lightning dragons trespassing on Fire territory. Electricity crackled between their fangs and claws. “Warriors! Attack!” You roared, already shaking off the four-eyed dragon that you now knew as a Mirror that was on your back. You felt the fire build up in your throat as you unleashed a fireball at the Mirror dragon. They hissed and sent a shock through you by biting down on your tail. With your eyes agleam with the thrill of battle you twisted around to throw them against a large boulder next to a pool of lava.

“Leave! Return to your clan and tell them that they will not have the Ironworks!” you threatened. Not wanting to kill unless necessary, a law in your clan that was firmly taught.
“Git back ye circuit lovin’ sandbrains!” You heard someone growl, you turn to see Vudall give a nasty diseased wound to a Guardian dragon who ran for the border hissing in pain. “Retreat!” It called to the others, you watched for a moment as they fled; Your patrol chased them to the border, giving warning nips on their tails to make sure they don’t return.

With pride you congratulated your patrol, promising them an extra share of food when they returned home. Your time as a confused new arrival to the clan were nothing more than a distant memory.


______ Keske is a warrior, and one few oppose when angered. He knows little of his past life. A dragon who is level headed and a skilled fighter, he has earned the respect of his fellow warriors. His eyes shine when he is in the middle of a battle, it’s when he truly feels alive. Owing his life to the clan that saved him, Keske works hard to pay back an unpayable debt.

When Keske first awoke in Sornieth, he was confused by the change of his form. But his instincts to fight were sharp and strong. He had no trouble handling anything thrown his way. That was his only clue into the past. Some think he was a mercenary in his past life, or perhaps even a knight of sorts.

Keske is close friends with Vudall, brothers in arms so-to-speak. Considering Vudall was on the patrol that found him. They get along well, and often hang out together when on break. A young and curious Tundra dragon is always seen around them, excitedly asking questions and listening to stories about their “adventures” as he liked to call them. Keske humors the young dragon, their excitement easily brightens his day whenever Kaseko is around.
Sometimes he lets Kaseko tail along on patrols when he’s certain there won’t be too much danger. Kaseko always eagerly assigns himself as a scout, running ahead and reporting back on what he saw.

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  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Birthstone: Diamond
  • Hatchday: ???
  • Length: X
  • weight: X
  • wingspan: X
  • hobby: Writing in his journal
  • Theme: Morrígan
  • Enjoys: Training




Other art:
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Irl photos of him
Just general DeviantART folder of him
"other art" Image credit here
"Read the lore above you!" wrote:
"I love his story. To me, his lore is unique and definitely adds a whole lot more to his personality. It was interesting to see that Keske has learned about and thrives in Sornieth while most dragons would be born into it, knowing their world to be normal, I can imagine Keske would have had to overcome a lot of struggles in order to come to terms with the situation he was in. I can see why he is your pride and joy when it comes to lore, he is definitely an impressive dragon, looks and lore wise." -OzRunner
"Kino pays a visit" wrote:
Hi! The lore in Keske's bio and your clan lore thread were wonderful to read! Thank you for sharing both of them. Keske's lore is fantastically unique and beautifully written - I can only wonder what his past as a human was like.
"Ythequeris" wrote on "2018-05-28:
Clashing the real world with Sornieth is such a great concept! Keske's bio is so well-written that I completely understand why it's your favorite :D
"rapunzels" wrote on "2019-07-27:
What a unique concept! I've never seen a real world/Sornieth crossover lore before, and the use of second person is really clever considering all of the readers are experiencing Sornieth through are computer screens anyway. I went and clicked through to his journal entries, which are a clever way to expand upon his personality and kind of engage readers in your clan's story. Also, after reading the journals, I can very much relate to Keske... I am having flashbacks to when I first joined and had no idea what was going on, haha.
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