Sylvester (#31968251)
He/Him, Brilliant Archivist
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Golden Porpoise
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Male Pearlcatcher
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5.32 m
4.62 m
533.48 kg


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Apr 01, 2017
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 7 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 1160 / 11881


He/Him, heterosexual. Mated to Raisel.

Sylvester hails from a proud, old water clan that embraces its culture and place in the ocean. It made a point to honor the species and natural features of their watery home. "Sylvester" is actually a more standardized version of his birth name- SlipperShell. He still dresses in the gold and flowing silks custom with his home, and will never shake the accent and disposition they share. He was also born to two loving parents with a passion for their respective crafts and a myriad of siblings both in and out of clan. His father was a dedicated blacksmith known for crafting beautiful armor of fine copper, while his mother was deft-clawed potter. Yet, Sylvester always valued their careful claws, but could not connect to clay nor metalcraft the way they could.

He was always a bookish young dragon, and was fascinated by the cultures he found within his clan's numerous books. While wars raged between borders, Sylvester found himself invested in the beauty of their individual cultures and histories, and wished more than anything to experienced them firsthand. However, his family advised strongly against it. Water Clans like theirs had become powerful by slowly growing in its own members and sticking to their deeply held traditions, not to mention that other elemental clans would not take kindly to a weak traveler of an opposing element suddenly appearing in their territory, well-intentioned or not. Sylvester understood their concerns and took them into account. Though they did not dampen his desires, he wished to prepare himself mind and body before becoming a traveler.

His first matter of business was training himself in the act of self-defense. He was not born with his father's powerful build and ability to easily gain muscle. Instead, he looked to magic. Through word of his clanmates, he happened upon Shamira's original clan and found Reinhardt a master he understood well in both teaching and personality. Through years of practice, he honed his water magics until he became so sensitive of the vapor in the air that he could easily extract it and use it as a variety of weapons. However, it was not the only element he picked up on. Many of Reinhardt's techniques were fostered as a result of his natural Light and Fire based magic, and even built up traces of said magic in Sylvester. Sylvester is able to imbue it with his water magics to have minor effects on the weather, both summoning light rains and wicking away water vapor for added heat. As his final blessing to Sylvester after completing his magical training, Reinhardt applied a blessing from both his deities to identify Sylvester's power. His scales now glow with a warm layer of golden cosmetic magic, creating the illusion of a powerful halo circling overhead while angelic wings of gold cover his natural leather wings.

In this time, Sylvester also honed his studies. He read extensively on the history of all the flights, as well as their internal and external conflicts. If he was to travel the world, he needed to understand the histories that made them what they were and shaped their ongoing struggles. All of which he keeps documented in a personal journal. His earliest works were to archive the very beginnings of Shamira's clan, complete with accurate documentations of dragon births, arrivals, leaves, and exaltations. In addition, he holds record of every familiar, their names, and where they stay now. His are considered to be the best, most accurate, and least biased records of the clan's early life.

It is Sylvester's duty to document the happenings of the Fire, Light, Earth, Nature, and Wind Subclans. His personality and ideals tend to appeal best to their systems, and he is always a welcome face in the presence.
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