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31.81 m
17.4 m
6002.42 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Mar 30, 2017
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 5 Imperial
EXP: 3112 / 5545





(Snipped from someone else. Sorry I forgot who but credit to them!)

a quick an easy brush-up on your flipping/money making knowledge
@shadowliepard's guide
@chescacat's guide
@ygdrasill's guide
@museless's guide
@nerd's guide
@palandingineer's guide
nerd wrote:
Fluctuations in price

Prices of items will routinely go up or down because of the following events:

+Egg prices will generally rise on event dates such as Halloween, Christmas and New Years.
-New festival accents will generally be able to bought for less than MP value (without a discount) in the Auction House during the festival week.
+Limited items will increase in price after a new registration window
-Food stacks will sell for less on the week of a festival and the week after.
nerd wrote:
Selling etiquette

Etiquette is important, because some users will not buy from sellers who they view as being rude or annoying because they have a personal grudge. You should be mindful of these things if you plan on selling large quantities of items all over the Auction House.
Undercutting etiquette
As a general rule, for items worth 20k or less, undercutting by 1 to 100 treasure is pretty reasonable. For items 20k or more, undercutting by 1-2k is fine. There's generally no real expectations for items valued 100k+ because resellers are happy to buy items far under all other prices (sellers will often list far below other listed values for a quick sale).
Buying exalt fodder
That is, dragons 10k or under. Some users like to thank people who have bought dragons from them, which is absolutely ok! However, when dragons are priced 10k or under, it's very likely they've been bought to exalt, and sending thank you messages can create awkwardness.
Dragon ownership
There are users who do not wish to have their dragons exalted, and that's fine. HOWEVER, once ownership is transferred to one user to the next, the new owner may do whatever they wish with the dragon. This includes naming their dragon without a capital letter, exalting it, or giving it away to another user.


Sniping whilst holding dominance discounts can be VERY profitable as you can list items below what would be profitable for other flight users. The advantage that you get in the MP means it'd be pretty silly not to take advantage of this money making technique!

The best things to snipe whilst holding discount are treasure scrolls and popular apparel such as flowers and silks.

The Marketplace has a chance to restock EVERY 5 MINUTES
So that means on 0:05, 0:10, 0:15, etc.
paladingeer wrote:
Save Your Money!
The most important part of making money is saving it! Profit = Earnings – Expenses, so keeping your expenses low is just as important as keeping your earnings high. In fact, it may be even more important, as you can earn very little and still net a tidy profit if your expenses are low. Now I realize a lot of people have a hard time with this, so I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that you can actually put money in your vault!

If you have a problem with impulse buying, set yourself a limit of how much treasure you can have out after a set period of time (such as one week). Over the course of a set amount of time, you’re free to spend money you have out, but at the end of that period, if you have more than your limit, everything above it goes into the vault, and doesn’t come out until you have enough to buy whatever you were saving for. Just keep repeating this. If you find you’re still having problems, make the time period shorter and/or the money cap lower until it starts working.

Some other advice I have for saving money:
Wait until your flight has dom before you buy expensive things like gene scrolls from the marketplace.
Don’t buy stuff in the marketplace if you can get it cheaper on the auction house.
When buying fodder, prevent yourself from finding new impulse buys by saving a specialized fodder search containing only breeds, colors, and/or genes you dislike, to prevent you from seeing dragons you’d be tempted to buy, or mitigate the effects of impulse buying by setting the search with a price cap – that new impulse buy won’t hurt so much if it only cost you 5000t.
museless wrote:
Vault- A good way to keep yourself from blowing it all is to deposit a portion of it in your vault everyday. There are a few different ways to go about this. before you go to bed/leave for the night, deposit half of the day's earnings into your vault. Another way is to deposit all but a set amount of treasure at the end of the day. Establish that amount based on how much you typically spend per day. I, for one, usually give myself a 10K-20K allowance. I only pull from my savings if I absolutely need the money.

Refrain from "Window Shopping"- If you're trying to save your money, try not to visit the Dragons for Sale forums or the Auction House (unless you're just buying exalt fodder). The chance of impulse buying away your savings will decrease!
shadowliepard wrote:
You'll need less money for this than the genes. Most of the resellable apparel costs around 12k or so. Technically you can start doing this even if you only buy one piece, but so that you can get a good supply and snipe enough of the rarer items, I recommend 100k or so.

Okay, let's start with this. 70% or so of the apparel on the marketplace are huge ripoffs. The only things in the treasure marketplace that are worse ripoffs are coliseum familiars. Always check the Auction House price before you buy something. Apparel value is heavily dependent on the tastes of the playerbase, and a lot of apparel winds up being Baldwin fodder which sells for 3-5k, same with familiars.

The newest set of apparel is usually the best bet. They sell fast and sometimes for huge markups. I get an average profit of 5k for each apparel I sell, maybe 10k for new ones. If it's too new, the market tends to be oversaturated and the price is driven down for the first few weeks. It will also be really hard to snipe, but never fear if your internet is slow. After a while people will stop sniping it immediately and the number of listings will also go down, which means the price will rise.

Sniping isn't as hard as people say it is. If an apparel is new, it'll stock in larger quantities. Just refresh the market every 10 minutes or so. If you get lucky and land on a new item when it restocks, you'll have time to get plenty.

I usually buy around 3-5 of an apparel to work with, because I only list one at a time for the highest price possible. I relist them every 3 days. It's fine to put them on for shorter or longer or list them in bulk too. Depends on what you want.

Try to undercut by only a bit, unless the previous person is selling for a ridiculously high price. I would say if you bought it for under 20k, it's gonna be hard to sell it for more than 40k, 50k if it's very in demand.
shadowliepard's sell-well list wrote:
Genteel - Sable, Faderose, Alabaster, Scarlet sell well. Striped and Green don't sell well.
Lockets, Gloves, Spats sell well
Bustle, Tailtaille, Ovalcrown selling less well.
Still waiting on prices to stabilize
Bows - Because of low base price, not very worth selling.
Scale Armor - Wing, Tasset, Tail sell best, don't try to sell Skullcap
Plumed - Best are Cloudberry, Pomegranate, Black Currant, Strawberry
Less popular ones are Kiwi, Peach, Mango.
Headdress, Tuft, Cover, Jabbot sell best, Corsage, Anklet don't sell as well, Mantle sells worst
Woodgrove - Best are Autumn, Frosted, Raven, Pastel
Sepia, Druid, Lucky, and Poisonous are no longer worth selling.
Mask, Trail, Wing sell best, Basket and Guard sell worse.
Seasonal - I'm talking about the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter apparel. These are pretty reliable; at the start of their stocking cycle you can resell them for 3-5k more. If you have a few months to wait, they'll sell for 40k or so after a season and after 3 seasons you can get up to 70k
Aviator - The Boots sell well, the Coats sell decently
Battlescale - Sells relatively well, but price fluctuates
Burnished Gold Armor - See above
Rose Thorn - Sells slower than new apparel but for a decent price. Crowns, Collars, Wings, and Tails sell best, the arm and leg items sell badly.
Sylvan - You might be able to profit on the Headpiece, Dress, Wings, Tail
Lace - Antique and Ash Lace can sell. Wing is best, then Head, Collar, Waist, and Tail
Silks - Wings sell really well, then Scarf, Tail, Sash, Veil
Flourish - Aquamarine, Sapphire, Citrine, and Garnet sell best.
Gladiator - The Claws, Arm Guards, and Boots sell, but slowly
Traditional Broadsword - They stock rarely so their price can really climb
Phantasmal Halfmask - See above. Also it's really cheap
Eastsong Face Mask - It's a swipp item so its price jumps when the trade is available.
Aqua Arm Bows - See above. You can usually get it on the AH for 3k, then when the trade is up it can jump to 6k. Less worthwhile.
Antlers - Bone and Ebony sell really well
Flowerfalls - They can sell for a markup of 10k or more, but their base price is high
ygdrasill wrote:
Use 1 day listings as much as possible.
You want the item to sell. If you price it to sell it'll sell in a day, especially lower cost commodity items. If it doesn't, you can adjust the price and relist. If you list for 7 days and it sells in one, you just tripled your tax. If it doesn't sell in a day, you probably priced it wrong to begin with. Now for high cost items, you might want to use a 3 day listing. I never use a 7 day. It's too easy to have the market change to where your listing has no chance of selling, but you won't know it for a week.

Sell in convenient quantities.
Choose your stack size to be convenient to your buyer. If 200 of an item will be needed for Swipp, people aren't going to want to buy them a single item at a time. At the same time, people expect to pay less for bulk items so you may want to limit the size of the stacks you sell. If you're selling materials for alchemy, sell at least some stacks of the size needed. If three are needed sell some stacks of 3, 6, and maybe 9. Don't ignore stacks of 5 and 10 here. Some prefer to buy those and you want to accomodate them. Always list a few singles but don't go overboard.

Don't list too many duplicates.
You will encounter people who seem to think it's a great idea to list 50 stacks of 5 of something for 7 days. Aside from making that item a pain for customers to browse, it also guarantees they will be undercut continuously. There's no reason to list more than you'll sell in a day

Time is money.
This is why you want to price things to sell on the first listing. If an auction expires and you have to relist, you've spent the same time as you would have listing a new item to sell. It's also why there is a point where even if you can make a profit, the amount of profit just isn't worth the time. This also means items you get grinding in the coliseum aren't free. You've invested your time in them, the nice part is you get to set the rate you get paid for your time to a large extent.
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