Ilyaas (#31791005)
has like three mental breakdowns a day
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Dappled Dunhoof
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Male Wildclaw
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6.23 m
8.26 m
590.4 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
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Mar 25, 2017
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Wildclaw
Max Level




  • none


     the Wanderer

Once a revered prince from a mighty kingdom, now an amnesiac destined to forever wander the world, looking for something that he lost long ago. Having sought out great power alongside his brother, Valoran, who desired knowledge, he ventured across vast lands and endless seas before finally encountering an old god who could give the two brothers what they so desperately wanted – but only at great cost. In accepting this deal, Ilyaas walked away with the ability to control flame. In exchange, his memories of his beloved brother and his past were taken, and any recollection of his existence was erased from the minds of those who knew him. All that remains within the cursed prince now is a deep, unending void of loneliness and he can neither fill it nor puzzle out the meaning behind its existence. And so he wanders the world, seeking answers and a reprieve from the bone-deep pain that comes with the isolation he feels. He searches for his forgotten brother.

Now, years later, Ilyaas still ventures across the globe. Despite his seemingly ceaseless quest for answers, he manages to remain positive in the face of what appears to be an increasingly hopeless journey. Throughout the course of his search, he has explored most of the known world, recording his findings in a well-kept journal full of illustrations, stories, and descriptions of the various places he has been. He's begun to develop a notoriety due to the far reaches of his search and the multitudes of trouble he has run into throughout his travels. Often spotted at bars he encounters along his journey, he is well known for consuming the alcohol stores; many times, he will proceed to drunkenly babble on about his ridiculous adventures and escapades to all who will listen, with no shortage of crude language.

Despite his endless wandering, the time-worn prince returns often to Helios. Why, no one truly knows, but it is suspected that the local barkeeper is a possible reason behind his frequent visits. When in the city, he is commonly seen in the company of Kayden, and the two are infamous for the duets they perform in Kayden's bar. Ilyaas, however, does not share Kayden's musical gift, but regardless their performances never fail to draw large crowds looking for a laugh.
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» hopes to publish his journal once his adventures come to an end
» he is the younger brother
» probably unreasonably emotionally attached to his hat
» tall and lean; strong and deceptively quick on his feet, even if under the influence of alcohol
» I have this headcanon that he has broad shoulders
» reckless, hot-headed, sarcastic, and too stubborn for his own good
» cusses like a sailor
» does great drunken renditions of popular songs during karaoke night
» a really poor card player
» genuinely enjoys his travels and seeing new places and cultures, despite the circumstances
» his golden tattoos are a byproduct of his curse
» theme: The Moon Will Sing – The Crane Wives

original code by epher #101073
code modified by Kairo #196708

Oh ashes, ashes, dust to dust
Tell me I am good enough
Lay my curses out to rest
Make a mercy out of me


"mikhael" wrote on "2018-06-19:
'magnets,' axis says decisively, nodding once. 'when you're playing with a couple of them and you try and push the same sides together, and they just fly apart, or even right out of your hands. the way that wind burns your skin, leaves it redder and flushed. when you walk into a room and someone's moved something, but you can't tell what, just that things are wrong. dark wood, like oak or mahogany. the way your chest aches when you cry.'

"Whim" wrote on "2017-05-30:
Traveled long & far,
across spans of sea & land
Through deserts, cities, tattered bars,
Searching for a concept, solid as ocean's sand.

All of this time, the walking, the flying,
the stops & the rests
had all been there with you,
& though the times had been one incomplete,
I was at our best.

Yet my gift could not stand up
To what would lie ahead.
In my hand, the sand I would cup
Did nothing for the pounding in my head.

For all the virtue we had victoriously earned,
I found I did not have the bravery,
To stand without you, I learned.

If I had to do it all again,
What really would I say?
I would spend the years with you, in the open lanes,
But for the ultimate decision -
I lean a foggy gray.

"SilverSilver" wrote on "2019-06-15:
So we were swept into the slipstream, with the dying moon looming and your beautiful harp torn in two, and my path split sevenfold. What hope dare I find in this era? What sprites sing in the dark? A laugh for a sorrow, the scales unbalanced, a red moon rising and the dry desert quaking. Only my heart shall glow in the dark, but ever will I look away - catch me standing at the door, three times more, and we’ll dance that concentric step again.

"AcexMeme" wrote on "2020-04-29:
Flames lick at his mind. A searing pain reverberates throughout his body.

He is burning alive, his body, his heart, his soul.

It struggles against the weight of pain, it writhes and wills. Heat consumes his spirit, chips away at his strength until his corpse collapses around him.

He is a husk of a body, with ash and soot coating the inside. He is dust and char and loneliness.

The bitterness of scorched flesh and abandoned hope tickle the back of his throat.

He coughs up the ruins of his passion, of his love and hope.

Pixel by ImpossibleJedi4!


Moodboard by Reefknot!

Artwork by dannyboi!

Adopt by aavikko!

Artwork by NookAAAA!
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