Hallow (#31471166)
Level 1 Tundra
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Brilliant Psywurm
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Tundra
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4.02 m
2.97 m
421.72 kg


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Mar 12, 2017
(3 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Tundra
EXP: 0 / 245


dragon?age=1&body=98&bodygene=16&breed=6&element=9&eyetype=0&gender=0&tert=46&tertgene=11&winggene=0&wings=76&auth=87da6dce5e1c30dec7698788e563cd878a69bcbb&dummyext=prev.png Hallow
The Cartographer
arcanevs1.png As you continue to explore the halls, you find what seems to be a small lair settled in the back corner of a dead end hall, the door propped open and soft music coming from inside. You carefully open the door and slip in. The room beyond is lit with bright but warm lanterns, which upon closer inspection seem to contain miniature terrariums with fireflies in them. Bookshelves reach towards the ceilings and are stacked with neatly organized scrolls, books, and bottles of ink. Scraps of paper litter the floor, some stained with ink. Sitting at a desk with a small speaker next to him is a autumn-looking tundra, humming to himself as he scrawls on what appears to be a half finished map before him. A brilliant psywurm is crouched on his shoulder, occasionally flicking his tail to correct his course.
"Come in, I won't bite I swear. My name is Hallow, and I am the clan cartographer," The tundra sets his ink laden quill down and looks up, smiling gently, "What can I do for you?"
arcanev2.png Hallow grew up in a wild mix of dragons, both by breed, color, and careers. His mother and father, though both caring and gentle, were often busy with their ever chaning careers, moving from job to job in search of something new, interesting, and inspiring. Hallow, though sometimes plagued with bouts of loneliness, self-doubt, and crippling anxiety, followed his family with little hesitation, enjoying the adventures they brought. It wasn't long before Hallow began his own adventure, taking after his parents and their nomadic ways. As a young dragon, he bounced between clans, taking on roles varying from exotic florist to brick maker. He joined permanent clans that worked mostly in the marketplace, selling their artisan goods, nomadic ones where he enabled survival, and semi-permanent traveling circuses where he learned various acting skills. He lived in many regions--Arcane, Ice, Plague, Fire--before finally settling on the Shifting Expanse and it's interesting landscape. He was still thoroughly entranced with the wonders of travel, and he was not quite ready to give up that freedom so he began to search the area for work that would allow for that. He began as a simple messenger for a local clan, allowing him to travel the region with his deliveries which worked for a time. Eventually, his sense of adventure took him further into the desert than he should have gone, and his faulty memory got him caught in a dust storm. He quickly got turned around and hopelessly lost, resulting in both his cargo being lost to the desert and him. Only when a softly glowing psywurm discovered him did Hallow believe he was saved, and he was. Tamika took Hallow back to the Galestorm Flyers where Elspeth offered Hallow a place to rest, recuperate, and perhaps stay should he want. What started as a few days of recovery quickly turned into an adventure into cartography, and he soon decided to stay with Tamika by his side, carefully casting the land around him with paper and ink. lightningv2.png
Hallow is easily one of the most gentle and quiet dragons in the clan, though he is not characterized as shy. He spends the majority of his work day in one of two places, tucked away in his softly lit lair or traversing the region around the Flyers. In his lair, he always keeps the door open and allows the soft relaxed atmosphere he cultivates to creep into the rest of the clan. Between the endless range of instrumental music performed by the resident musicians and the fire-fly lanterns, Hallow has managed to capture almost a photographic vision of relaxation. He keeps his lair organized aside from the random scraps of used paper--partially due to his moderately bad memory--and uses the rest of his space to hold knick-knacks various members of the clan has brought him. He harbors excellent relationships with the majority of his clan, particularly with Monarch--whom he travels with--Bashiri, Prometheus, Akira, Aragon, and the more recent arrival of Zorya. This is because he excels at holding relaxed and natural conversations with others, and he often holds a genuine interest in the careers and hobbies of his friends. He will travel into the desert alongside Monarch and Zorya to craft his maps, relying heavily on his Psywurm--Tamika--to manage their way back, as his memory tends to fail him in those situations. Despite this, he adores his adventures into the desert, relishing in the freedom they allow and the creativity they inspire--he carries a sketchbook filled with detailed drawings of the locations he finds, which he transfers to his maps later. All said and done, Hallow tends to be a soft-spoken by choice dragon who prefers small groups of company and always wants strives to balance work and relaxation.
For more information, head to the Galestorm Chronicles.
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Exalting Hallow to the service of the Windsinger will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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