Chateauroux (#31417924)
I keep all the lore things!
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Skydancer
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3.77 m
4.6 m
431.07 kg


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Mar 10, 2017
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 6 Skydancer
EXP: 582 / 8380




  • none


A hold of lore-creating infos

Clan's been founded by Thibaut and Aquitaine on February 12th, 2017

The clan's name is Clan d'Etoile Jaune and lorewise it's two theories: it's else because of Thibaut's first view when landing on The Shifting Expanse or because of Arnaud's crash next to the newly founded clan

The leader(s) are... who the Windsinger knows. Most likely still Thibaut and Voix (from December 8th, 2017), though since May 5th, 2020, it seems that also Black Bolt has taken over some responsibilities of the leaders, so, can be in fact called The Third Leader (because why the fact he's a fandragoned character would exclude him from being somedragon highly respected in the clan?)

So far have been on four different Flight domains: The Shifting Expanse, The Viridian Labyrinth, The Windswept Plateau and The Tangled Wood. From the first one they ran away on March 3rd, 2017 after discovering it's not place for them (most likely the finding of Bergues was thas 'culmination point' that made Thibaut go like "that's enough"), from the other they had to run away after a wildfire and flood caused by a storm that destroyed their homes on February 19th, 2019 (but reached The Windswept Plateau on February 21st, 2019)

Their current residence is The Ville Des Cerf-Volants (meaning exactly 'Town of Kites', yup, very original name). This is attached to The Cloudsong pretty huge group of kites and hot-air balloons in various colors, sizes and shapes that are homes, shops, etc. The biggest of them is the so-called 'The Main Kite', it's something like the heart of the city, it's a colorful huge kite where Thibaut and Aquitaine and most likely a few others live.

In between May 29th, 2017 and February 19th, 2019 they have lived in a city of treehouses named Arbreville. It was located on the Shrieking Wilds/The Behemoth border and was not only made of treehouses, this was also system of homes on the ground and special summer homes for Tundras that were located by the sea border in between Nature and Shadow territoires. The main thing was the building called 'The Headquarters', that was a color-changing beautiful palace-like residence.

Before May 29th, 2017 they didn't have any true city-type lair. They had their lair-place but nothing like true buildings or something like this.

The calendar is exactly the same as there on Earth (so February 12th, 2017 here is equal to Febuary 12th, 2017 on Earth) and birthdays statted in 'Hatchday' part are canon (with few exceptions mostly statted in their bios with true birthdays, then that would make Kassandra the oldest resident of the clan as her birthday is estimated to be c. 455 BCE, meaning she's nearly 2 500 years old)

Almost every clan member understands and can speak English and French, traditional draconic, some of them (mostly found/born before the move to Nature) can speak and understand Polish, a few older dragons (like Melisey) can understand ancient languages (that can be for example found on Gaoler breedchange scrolls). There are some exceptions, the most notable one is (once again) John as he barely understands any of the mentioned languages, mostly because all of the used Earth languages are too modern for him and he may not be able to understand or speak draconic due to the fact he's not a Sornieth native. There's also a special wing language, for those who can't speak other way, like the mentioned example above, or are mute. On the other hand there's also The Sornieth's Brotherhood, in which a wide variety of languages are used due to the fact that they're all from different regions.

Breedchange/gene scrolls are working in two ways: it's either a recipe for a potion (modern breedchange scroll and all the gene scrolls) or a spell that must be read, can be even ineptly read (ancient breedchanges)

Eye types thing. Tint-changing eye types (Common, Uncommon, Unusual, Rare) are just natural eye color variations. Primal dragons are effects of excessive energy absorbed by them while were in eggs, like for example accidentally got rolled out of nest into lava (Cantal) or during their incubating there happened any other thing that caused them to absorb excessive energy into egg (storm, hurricane, wildfire, earthquake, lightning stroke precisely on egg, etc.). Multi-Gaze dragons are either effects of causes similar to Primal (Velorbana) or non-energy induced mutations. Faceted and Goat are pure mutations. Glowing, Dark Sclera, Swirl, Innocent (and actually anything that has been changed with vial, even the mentioned before natural eye-types) are caused by special spells/potions.

Dragons can have heterochromia when born on border of Flight Territories or (in for example case of non-neighboring Flights like Nature x Arcane) could be an effect on transporting egg from one territory from another. There also exists in-flight heterochromia (ex. Wind Rare x Wind Unusual) that is an effect of a mutation. The Primals are the only exception, they can't have heterochromia as their eyes are the result of excessive flight energy, but, because they're overflowing with energy, they can sometimes cause their hatchlings to have heterochromia. As of Multi-Gaze dragons, it depends on origin, if similar as to Primal then only in-flight heterochromia can happen, if caused by mutation, then can have any type of it. There has been seen cases of Multi-Gaze dragons having 3 different colors of eyes.

Clan has its own merchant airship of which captain is Charbon. The ship is named officially T.W.P.A 'Ventoux' (that means The Windswept Plateau's Airship 'Ventoux') and this is where all the Treasure and Gems and things from Hoard are kept. This one's sent when there's a transaction on Marketplace and Auction House (excluding 'Dragon' part of the AH). It has enough place to hold millions of Treasure pieces, millions of gems and the biggest things in hoard. It could also most likely hold the whole society of the clan if there was a need.

Time travelling is possible. This is one of the basic Arcane ability, though it's rather on a smaller scale there (+/- 1 hour at max)

If it comes to skills, dragons are born with a few abilities coming from own flight. To possess full variety of flight's skills, they must learn it. In addition they can learn skills from other flights as well. Depending on spell's/ability's difficulty, it can take from a literal while (simple elemental manipulating, because that's connected to what with they're born) to years (things like Arcane's time-travelling may take a lot of time for some dragons, even if it's their own inborn element magic)

Familiars in Coliseum are created by Shade look-alikes or sometimes real creatures controlled by the Shade. The second case occurs when defeated enemy yields a familiar item. NOTN familiars in Coli are all the look-alikes hiding the real NOTN creatures in the chests. The fact that we get some parts comes from the fact that look-alikes are created from exactly the same matter. Parts from the look-alikes aren't Shade cursed anymore as soon as the enemy is defeated and can be eaten without any worries that eater will get Shade-cursed.

Technology is at least on level of current Earth technology, or maybe even slightly better. It can be seen pretty well in fandragon-explanation Black Bolt's lore.

Despite popular beliefs about Gaolers and Banescale dragons being in constant war, they're living in relative peace, especially the ones that are clan-native (like Juin and Remco's/Astra's children). The only known incident was in between Tignes, Vaucluse and Vanguard when the last one got a while earlier breedchanged to Banescale. In clan's Gaolers Ambassador is Tignes and in clan's Banescales Ambassador is Flamesong

Alternative name for Sornieth is Ai-453

Magic in Sornieth can be divided into two groups: elemental (any magic coming from 11 elements, often referred as "flight energy" as well) or non-elemental (ex. basic universal magic, The Golden Voice Day powers, The Star's Magic). Elemental magic is pretty hard to pass-on as it's usually determined in process of egg creating, the only known exceptions are orphaned Nocturne eggs that can be found numerously during Night of The Nocturne event, brewed Bogsneak eggs and Banescales from The Last Clutch. If egg created is on a flight border or was exposed to strong elemental magic other than determined in egg, then there may happen a two-or-more element aligned dragon, which is most often shown through heterochromia, though it's not a rule. Egg-determined element doesn't have to be a dragon's primary element if dragon will have other element's skills down to a fine art.

As of non-elemental magic, it can be passed much more easily. Mentioned in examples basic universal magic is just everywhere in Sornieth, can be easily absorbed, manipulated and even turned into elemental magic by any magic user including non-dragon animals, The Beastclans and the Shade look-alikes in Coli. Thanks to this type of magic, there's possible among others the use of things like Contuse, or making magic fireworks and is most likely the most primal magic in Sornieth The Golden Voice Day powers, known also "November 22nd powers" are passed mainly by being any hatchling that hatches on November 22nd and only by those dragons this type of magic can be passed further, even when it's not November 22nd, and it's possible in two ways: either to be hit with elemental magic of a dragon that was born on that day (ex. Chambéry) or through bloodline (ex. Cumulus and Bora), though here it works pretty randomly and the effects stay on only one generation, grandchildren and further generations don't get affected unless children were born on Nov 22nd as well. The Star's powers are passed only in a 5-day window somewhere in early February, dragons affected are called Les Etoiles (see "Terms" part) and it's not possible to pass it through either breeding or elemental magic hit, like it's possible in case of Nov 22nd powers.

Dragon's inborn element means that the dragon is hatched with the knowledge of said element's basic spells and will be using only this element's skills when fighting with the Shade look-alikes in the Coliseum. When dragon is two-or-more element aligned, then the element which uses in fighting in Coli is the one which was used to create egg. (For example Triton is Light-Water aligned but when fighting the Shade look-alikes, will use only Light magic)

All dragons have a Mana Capsule, an organ that is placed right under a cover of ventral side scales/fur/feathers/skin and covered in additional thin, transparent layer of skin, resembing a flattened tube along dragon's entire ventral side, it's basically a container of dragon's magic. The Capsule gene makes the scales/fur/feathers/skin around transparent and the Mana Capsule visible. Thanks to that, it could be proved that color of stored magic visible in the Mana Capsule, sometimes also the skin of it, depends on dragon's Tertiary Gene color (with some extremely rare exceptions like Thunder whose stored magic is colored in bright cyan instead of subdued browns because of being pure Lightning magic)

The clan has very good diplomatic relations with The Beastclans, they consider it "Very pacific to us and often helpful". They never attack any of The Beastclans member unless they find out it's a Shade look-alike.

Eliminate skill is individual for every dragon, different from what is shown in official art. As examples: for Black Bolt Eliminate skill is in fact his battle cry, for Starquill it's a perfectly shot arrow in the target and in the case of Aguilar it's an incredibly quick double sword strike. Similar situation is with Voix's Coli skills which are only a visual representation of his voice abilities.

Sornieth is full of magical vortexes, working as teleports, known only to a very few and capable to transport only a few dragons at one time. Best example are The Coliseum Vortexes that can transport only 3 dragons to the venue in seconds even if it's very far away from the lair.

Pinot Noir's Day refers to May 29th

Yearly Nonsense Day refers to April 25th

Golden Voice Day refers to November 22nd, a special day on which mysterious powers spring out and influence dragons born on this day, who, because of this, are gifted with beautiful and at the same time powerful voices. There seems to be an exception, that is November 22nd, 2016 which is called The Cursed Day instead and dragons born on that exact day seem to be not influenced by the powers and what is more, often considered very bad (though, there's a number of dragons that just were unlucky to hatch on this day, like Novembre.)

The Unconventional Thinking Day refers to August 26th

The Attilan Influx refers to event(s) that occured since May 4th, 2020, mainly to Black Bolt's appearance in the Sornieth, though there are theories that Triton and Ahura could have been affected by it as well.

The Otherside technically (aka out-of-lore) is an other dragon game that closed on January 3rd, 2016. In-lore it was a forest very similar to The Tangled Wood that stopped to exist on the said day and was a home of a small lair of dragons who are said to live up to this day here in Clan d'Etoile Jaune, incuding Thibaut himself.

The Star of Besseges or shorter The Star technically (aka totally out-of-lore) refers to a cycling race named Etoile de Besseges (same as above but in French) held in early February. In-lore it's a special star that appears in time when it's held and influences all the dragons born within those 5 days.
Crystals of The Star also known as Fragments of The Star or stellarites are rather small shards and crystals, no bigger than average-sized Veilspun, that glow with blindingly bright light yellow or orange light and they're the essence of The Star. Unlike The Star they don't disappear and re-appear, instead the light changes intensity, exactly in the same cycle as yellow, orange and red markings of Les Etoiles. In the sky they look like small shooting stars coming from The Star. Very rarely, when a stellarite lands very near or on an egg, the dragon growing inside absorbs the crystal's entire magic, creating a special type of La Etoile that is sometimes referred as The Living Stellarite. The only known to clan La Etoile of this type so far is Tycho.

Les Etoiles (The Stars) is a term referring to the dragons born during the mentioned above phenomenon of The Star. Not to be confused with Living Stars, that are literal stars that have taken a form of a dragon, though Living Stars can also be Les Etoiles.
These special dragons are very closely related to the legendary Star of Besseges phenomenon and it is said that they have some special abilities thanks to it, especially the ones who hatched in the Friday of the first week with February (also called The Middle), but neither it was confirmed, nor it's unknown on how The Star actually influences the ones born under it, because it was yet to be researched as much as other non-elemental magic that appears on November 22nd. It is said, though, that the magic Les Etoiles have is similar to combined Light and Arcane elemental magic.
Les Etoiles are dragons who hatched:
- From February 5th, 2014 to February 9th, 2014 (The Middle: February 7th, 2014)
- From February 4th, 2015 to February 8th, 2015 (The Middle: February 6th, 2015)
- From February 3rd, 2016 to February 7th, 2016 (The Middle: February 5th, 2016)
- From February 1st, 2017 to February 5th, 2017 (The Middle: February 3rd, 2017)
- From January 31st, 2018 to February 4th, 2018 (The Middle: February 2nd, 2018)
- From February 7th, 2019 to February 10th, 2019 (The Middle: February 9th, 2019, unexpected change is likely an effect of the fact that this phenomenon that year was been unexpectedly shorter by a day, 4 days instead of usual 5 days)
- From February 5th, 2020 to February 9th, 2020 (The Middle: February 7th, 2020, the ones born in 2020 are called "Les Etoiles d'Or", as it's said that on that year The Star appeared officially for 50th time. It is also often believed that the ones born on the day of The Middle of this year may be Crystals of The Star.)
- From February 3rd, 2021 to February 7th, 2021 (The Middle: February 5th, 2021)
- From February 2nd, 2022 to February 6th, 2022 (The Middle: February 4th, 2022)
- From February 1st, 2023 to February 5th, 2023 (The Middle: February 3rd, 2023)
Usually their distinctive features are some yellow or orange or red markings or even the whole yellow and/or orange and/or red colourations, that can glow accodingly to a cycle. The closer The Middle is, the brighter the glow is. On a day when there's exact halfway in between previous and next The Middles they can stop glowing at all for a day or two, it usually happens in very early August.
On November 19th, 2020 there happened a weird anomaly because of what Les Etoiles stopped glowing (like in The Star's Halfway) but it also unfortunately changed their behaviour, many of them suddenly became constantly sad, others were constantly annoyed, there have been reported some extreme cases where an usually calm and easy-going dragon that never shown any signs of aggression went berserk.

The Star's Halfway is the mentioned point of equal days from and to The Middle. It's likely that it can also have some special influence other than the fact that Les Etoiles stop glowing.
The Star Halfways:
- August 5th-6th, 2013 (2013's The Middle was placed on February 1st, far before the times when first dragons came to Sornieth)
- August 8th, 2014
- August 7th, 2015
- August 5th, 2016
- August 4th, 2017
- August 7th, 2018
- August 9th-10th, 2019
- August 7th, 2020

A Celestial is a term used to describe a G1 Coatl, Wildclaw or (after Nov 12, 2020 events) also a G1 Veilspun, because they're considered a pretty rare occurence.
There's also the so-called Ultimate Celestial and this is the term referring G1 Imperials, and they're considered something like lesser gods. As for now it seems that closest relative to any Ultimate Celestial in the clan is Angelo, whose grandmother from father's side is The Ultimate Celestial. There doesn't exist a naturally hatched Celestial or an Ultimate Celestial, all are effects of the said breeds' breedchanging scrolls.

The Sornieth's Brotherhood is an official in-clan name of the group of Assassin's Creed fandragons. This term has been invented by the group themselves.

"Mixed Flight" is Sornieth's equivalent of Earth Zodiac sign, they are an outcome of any of the 11 elements that the dragon has and 12 Month Signs. Month Signs have their first day on first day of Elemental Festival or NoTN and last day on last day before the next Elemental Festival (or NoTN) begins. The first Month Sign in the cycle is Nature as it was Sornieth's first Month Sign.
The Month Signs cycle in general:
1. Nature - May/June
2. Light - June/July
3. Lightning - July/August
4. Fire - August/September
5. Arcane - September/October
6. Plague - October/November
7. Earth - November/December
8. Neutral - December/January
9. Ice - January/February
10. Shadow - February/March
11. Wind - March/April
12. Water - April/May
If the Month Sign happens to be the same as dragon's inborn element or Neutral, then the Mixed Flight is the same as dragon's inborn element.

My lore's view on (elemental) skills
Thrown as different category because it really should have a different category.
Copy-pasted from own thread about that.

All flights: Simple tricks like small magic fireworks, shaped smoke, etc., probably there's an all flight defend magic attack, different from Contuse though

Wind: Manipulating air, making dragons fly, they're usually also good writers, artists and generally good in crafting toys and artistic things. Also can make safe air bubbles in literally anything, from water to lava. And oh, of course they can do better magic fireworks than a typical dragon from other flight

Nature: Manipulating branches, vines, lianas, etc., Nature dragons are usually good herbalists, knowing everything about which plant/mushroom can heal and which can kill, all are possibly venomous.

Lightning: Causing storms, can electricize themselves or even make themselves a living lightning bolt, know actually everything about tech things and possibly are the fastest dragons of Sornieth (They're doing races when Stormcatcher doesn't watch, shhh)

Shadow: Can make themselves (or other dragons,or things) invisible,know a lot more tricks than typical dragon (they're generally like typical illusionists but with real magic and they don't have to learn that, unless it's a dragon from other flight who learns Shadow magic)

Arcane: Can manipulate time (slow down, stop time around them or speed up), can travel in time (depending on skill's level it can be from "to 15 minutes" up to "to a day" in past and in future), this flight makes good astronomers

Light: They don't need flashlight at they can create their own light literally everywhere, in any shape they want. They can create shaped sprites out of light. And yeah, they can create tons of glitter, otherwise, from where Light would have this much of it? Also, they can be good writers, but mostly about philosophy, unlike Wind dragons.

Fire: Can set themselves on fire (like ya know,that one dragon breed in How To Train a Dragon, of which I forgot name in English), can easily manipulate fire (like making fire completely out of nothing in various colors) and are obviously fireproof.

Water: Obvious manipulating water, anything water from a single droplet to a whole ocean.Possibly know some spells (or plants, HP fans will understand xD) that can help in breathing underwater for dragons that aren't Water and have to live in the Sea of Thousand Currents

Ice: Can freeze themselves in ice for hibernating, extreme-low-temperatures-proof, produce special venom that causes frostbites

Earth: Those have incredible strength, can create a stone wall or a stone hill but also can throw that huge stone far away, can instantly create a cave, they also have ability to create some of the gems and are very good jewelers or sometimes sculptors, as they can shape a stone in any form they want in seconds.

Plague: Can create new diseases, surprisingly (or not so much) they're the best healers, as they know every single of the illnesses and diseases

Name origin:
Chateauroux is a medium-sized city in France.
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