Anemone (#31358476)
has an unusual gift... (not yet revealed)
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Spiral
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3.23 m
2.59 m
69.31 kg


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Mar 07, 2017
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Spiral
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


{Quote is a w.i.p.}

Anemone, Part 1, Volume I Epilogue
One year later.


Continued from Trove Part 2


Rain battered against the window during the night, and a solitary flash illuminated the room and the sleeping dragon that lay soundly under the blankets, only his yellowed horns stuck out of the covers. The distant roll of thunder didn’t wake him.

Instead, it was the soft crying.

The pale head of a Nocturne slowly rose and he blinked his green eyes groggily. When another cry sounded from the second room across from the bed, Dewlap became more alert and he hoisted himself up and off, his feet tapping the wooden floor.


The sleepy voice behind him made him pause and look back. The grey face of a Spiral gazed towards him with her large brown eyes.

“I can get up,” Trove said, starting to move.

Dewlap smiled and reached for her. “I’m already up. You go back to sleep. I’ve got it,” he finished, nuzzling her head with his own.

When Trove smiled back, Dewlap waited until she lay back down before he strode towards the second room. He swiftly but quietly paced to the crying that sounded from a crib sitting in the centre. When he reached it, the Nocturne peered down, and he smiled to three blanketed bundles that lay inside.

“Oh,” Dewlap whispered, “my poor sweet girl.” He reached for one of the small dragons who continued her cries. When he picked her up, he held the tiny thing to his black chest.

“Come on,” the Nocturne continued, cradling his daughter as he slowly made his way to a wooden rocking chair by the window. “We’re going to sit right here, so we don't wake your brother and sister.”

Dewlap released a sigh when he seated himself, and he began to gently rock the chair, slowly pushing at the floor with his feet.

“Did you have a nightmare?” he asked softly. Though the baby in his pale arms began to cease her crying, she whimpered as her lower jaw quivered, tears trickling down her cheeks when she looked up at him with her big blue eyes. “That’s okay,” Dewlap went on. “I had them all the time. From...searching the memories of other dragons. Their elements caused different kinds of pain—”

Another flash of lightning lit the dark room and more thunder growled. At the sudden light and deep sound, the baby’s eyes stretched wide before they closed again, and she cried, squeezing out more tears.

A few hushed whispers escaped Dewlap, and the baby’s cries gradually ceased. She began to whimper once more, opening her large eyes to look up at the Nocturne again.

“It’s alright,” Dewlap said to her. “That’s only...” he trailed off, about to say “thunder”, when another idea popped into his head.

“It’s just Silver,” he said quietly, turning his pale head to look outside to the raging storm. “He was a Spiral, just like you. Now he’s free, dancing across the sky and laughing at those who would dare try to catch him.”

Another flash. More booming.

The baby whimpered again, burying her head into Dewlap’s chest.

Dewlap allowed a small smile to spread over his face when he looked back down to her. “Oh but he wouldn’t hurt you,” he whispered. “He would never hurt anydrake. Not even...not even the one who caused him great pain. But Silver convinced his friends to show mercy to the witch, Marica, and she never hurt them again.”

A flash of light lit the room again followed by another roll of thunder. This time the baby dragon cradled in the Nocturne’s arms didn’t seem to notice as she kept her deep blue eyes on Dewlap’s pale green, as if hanging on to his every word.

“And you know what?” Dewlap asked softly. “It’s okay if you have nightmares. They let you know that there are always good dreams to look forward to,” he finished, leaning his white head down and he gently nuzzled the top of his daughter’s small head.

“Da...” the baby said, showing off her gums in a wide smile, looking up at him.

Anemone,” Dewlap answered her, returning the smile as he continued rocking the chair. Turning his head back to the window, his eyes gazed to the storm just outside.

He wasn't sure, but in the flashing streaks of lightning, he thought he could see a lean draconian shape corkscrewing along with them.

The End of Volume I

Continued in Volume II & Sylvester Part 1
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