Atasna (#31231659)
Level 6 Skydancer
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Female Skydancer
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4.07 m
7.04 m
800.94 kg


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Mar 02, 2017
(3 years)



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Level 6 Skydancer
EXP: 620 / 8380




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My Journal

Entry 1 - Leaving The Nest
Location: Coldlight - The Snowsquall Tundra

August 30
My name is Atasna. I'm a 5 month old dragon (as of today) and I was inspired to start exploring the world by two friends who I've recently made. Their names are Aiterra and Nestor!
I'm really excited to begin my travels as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing where the shadows lead me and following the direction in which the wind blows, but I'll always come back home! Besides, my family lies in the Coldlight Clan. I could never leave them permanently.
I promise to carry on what my sister could not before she was sent to serve a higher cause. She always wanted to be an explorer, and meeting Nestor and Aiterra has given me the drive to follow the path that Acacia never had the opportunity to!

Entry 2 - First Travels
Date: 31 August - 04 September, 2017
Location: Weepingwillow - The Wandering Contagion

August 31
It's been a day since I arrived to the Weepingwillow clan and I already have so much to say about it. The dragons here are so different, I'm surprised that any of them get along! One dragon in particular stands out the most, though. Her name is Rogue. Rogue was the first I met upon arriving to the clan's lair. She introduced me to the others and told me a bit about her clan's history. I'm excited to learn more about how these dragons live and what its like to be a part of their clan! I'm also really excited to start exploring the land they live in!

September 2
I've been able to go on a few trips to explore the territory so far. It takes a lot of work to actually find food here that isn't already dead or half eaten by other creatures. I'm guessing that this clan was just unable to get a good bit of land to build their lair on, but they're doing the best they can. That's all that really matters, right?

September 3
I'm now 6 months old, that's pretty neat! It's been pretty cool staying in the Weepingwillow clan but I believe its about time I start heading home. It's going to be great to see my friends again! I missed them, and I've only been here for a couple of days.
Today i've been on another really interesting adventure! This time they sent some dragons named Valentine and Violet with me, mostly because they wanted to make sure I was safe. Apparently, it's very easy to get sick around here and you have to stay as far away from infected creatures as possible. I wouldn't want to bring some kind of virus over to my clan, so i'm thankful that they sent those two along with me to help me navigate through patches of sick and healthy land. I should mention, Valentine knows a whole lot about the Wandering Contagion! If you ask him a question he can answer it in record-breaking time. I've learned a lot about this place while on this adventure, and I can't wait to share what I've learned with the dragons back at home!

Entry 3 - Light Hearts, Dark Words
Date: 04 September - 04 October, 2017
Location: Jigamaree - Mirrorlight Promenade

September 4

Dang it, which way is it again?

September 6

It took me a while and a few wrong turns, but I've finally made it! I almost missed my guide, Idyllic since I was so caught up in the wonderful flying weather, but she was able to catch up to me pretty easily. It's always nice to meet another Skydancer when I'm away from home, and... Gosh. Idyllic is really nice, but also sort of intimidating? She speaks with such an innate sense of who she is and where she stands in her clan. she was very kind to me though - it's hard to stay nervous around somebody who is so calm.

Hey, I learned a bit more about the clan too! The reason that they're so deep into Light Territory is because, like a lot of Light clans, are strong pursuers of knowledge. Apparently when the founders of the clan were searching for a place to settle down they found this huge ruined library. They're one of the clans that are trying their best to decode the tablets that aren't recovered in immaculate condition, which is kind of cool? Besides that, apparently this clan prides itself highly on helping dragons from all walks of life prepare in serving the Lightweaver. What an honour - but maybe not for me quite yet!

I think I'm going to like it here.

11th September
Gosh, it feels like time has just flown while I've been here! I feel like I blink and a different set of dragons are here within the clan. I've helped Idyllic, Limerent and Morass a few times now gathering for the clan; seems like all the practice I had in The Wandering Contagion has helped a lot. They're a lot more spoiled for choice though in comparison - where in my last clan we would take anything able to be eaten, here they'll leave the bruised berries and the too-young prey and just take the best we can find. It's a little disorientating to go from near-famine to this sort of abundance! Limerent was super chatty the entire time and Morass seemed impressed, so at least they don't seem to be bothered too much by me learning to adjust.

13 September

I was wandering around this evening around the edges when I saw the most curious thing! I ended up in a part of the ruins I've never been before, not too far from the nesting grounds, when I heard this soft singing. I followed it and I ended up in a small clearing amongst the rubble; as I hid I saw another Skydancer come into view. She was different from the other ones I've seen though. There was a skull mask firmly over her face and a witch hat perched on her head as she gathered some strange glowing mushrooms that were growing between the cracks of the ruins. There was a heaviness to the air I can't describle... Lonely? Contemplative?

But I blinked and suddenly there was a coatl, a strange purple fellow with jagged crystiline formations jutting out of his skin. Despite the fact I hid he looked right at me- no, right through me, like he was staring into my soul.

I ran before he could speak. When I asked Idyllic about them later her face seemed to harden. She told me not to go near; that they are more trouble than they're worth and that they've already done enough to hurt the clan. Her words were so careful, so even; I wonder if she was hurt by them?

15 September

I held out as long as I could - I had to see what's going on with that tent!

When I arrived tonight there was nobody outside; only the tent stood in front of me, and the heavy fabric doors were tied back. When I made my way inside, I could feel my nostrils burn from the smell of Ancestral Incense - the ground was soft but the room was so dark I couldn't tell whether it was moss, a rug or something else entirely.

The coatl appeared suddenly in my vision, beckoned me forward to a low table I had to crouch before. He seemed to smile as I sat; called me "promising" - it was unnerving, and not because it felt like something else in the darkness was watching me. He held my claws , closed my eyes and we sat - we sat until i because dizzy with the smell of burning herbs and sleep deprivision; and only then did he begin to speak.

"What a curious dragon indeed you are,
your heart lies at home but your spirit drifts far,
a family's bond is a worthy cause,
but adventure is danger, be wary deaths's claws.
Your dark runic plumage hides the purest of heart,
seek the strength in these clans to be torn apart,
and be rebuilt anew, no need to hide,
for the real journey you take is the one inside."

I don't remember getting back to the nest - who knows what else I've forgotten? But those words still hum in the back of my mind... I think I'll be pondering this for a while.

21st September
Today's my last day with the clan! I'm going to miss everybody here so much. It's been really strange being part of such a large clan, and the warmth of this place makes me almost homesick for the tundras of home. Before I left though, Limerent caught me; he told me that he had always really liked my headdress and said that this was a present from the clan to me! I own a Ghost Flame Collar now - it's quite pretty, and it's nice to know I'll carry this clan with me.

Entry 4 - Bedrest and Setbacks
Date: 05 October 2018 - 25 January, 2018
Location: Àidhear – Near Twisting Crescendo

05th October – .......

As one can see, I couldn’t keep up with my daily records these last few months. A lot has happened since I left the Mirrorlight Promenade and I just found some time to write everything down.

That day on the road we encountered a flock of harpies. They were friendly and even invited us over to have a quick meal with them. My companion, a Obscuring Goblin named Darnell, spotted some well packed boxes and goods in their possession. First I thought those harpies specialized in luring in travelers to rob them off their possession, but then they started telling us about their connections to a clan in the wind tribe. Saying, they were being employed at the parcel service and currently out to run an errand. They even invited us to pay the Àidhear a visit whenever we'd travel through the Windswept Plateau.

'IT', started only a week or so later. I sat in the grassy steppe with the nice calming breeze and all I wanted was for Darnell to be well again. As harsh as it sounds, I was tired of this flu of his. I could hear his coughs even in my dreams and would often wake up because of them. They started soon after our encounter with the harpies. Darnell and I had just decided to turn south and travel towards Zephyr Steppes, when he suddenly stopped, and rested a hand on a trunk for balance. His usually dark face seemed paler as a cloud.

We were close to the Cloudsong and our destination when I noticed another change in Darnell's condition. 'Are you okay?' I asked as his back bent, and his hand gripped his stomach. The little ones eyes went wide and all he was able to say was 'I think, I'm gonna be sick...'. After, he slumped down the tree trunk and all I could do, was taking him in my talons and fly as fast as I could! This was no simple flu. There was something very wrong with my companion and the sooner I got to that clan the better!

He was passed out by the time I arrived at Clan Àidhear. A Skydancer lady was the first to notice us when we came close to the settlement. I called out for help and as soon as she saw Darnell, she got pale herself and redirected me to some kind of facilities at the outskirts.

After setting down, our guide led me inside, only then I recognized the place being some kind of hospital. While looking around I noticed way too many beastkind and familiars laying on their sickbeds--but, not a single ill dragon. The Skydancer started by giving the illness my friend had a name: the 'Pale Death'. At that point, I was freaking out.

It took the medical dragons quite some time to calm me down. The things they told me weren’t of much help, but I was thankful someone knew what was going on. It was an epidemic, one only affecting beastkind and familiars. Darnell must have gotten infected when we encountered those harpies a week ago. Now, all I could do was waiting and taking care of my friend.

I don't remember who many days I stayed with Darnell before I was dragged outside by a fearsome looking Imperial and be forced to take a bath; and some rest. They all promised me to take good care of my companion.

Upon reaching my assigned room at the Inn this evening I didn't even felt like undressing. Fully clothed and still stained with the smell of medicine and sickness I collapsed into bed. After many wakeful nights spent sitting next to Darnell, the soft bedding felt so welcoming and I drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

20th January
I slept like a log and it was late morning when I awoke. The Inn was very quiet.

They promised to send me a guide, who would be looking after me today. The Nightfall Imp was to no surprise already awake and waiting for me to get up. “I thought, you’d like to have a look around the clan’s territory and facilities,” he said, handing me a bucket of warm water, a soft towel and a batch of clothes. The latter suspiciously resembled the ones I stored in my traveler bag and while if I didn’t appreciate someone going through my belongings, I decided not to make a scene.

So I just put on a smile and showed the palsy-walsy Imp the door so I could get myself ready for the day. We met up a bit later in Whispering Hall for a quick meal. It didn't taste like much until my guide gave me some good news.

“Your friend is doing much better today!” Suddenly, the food tasted much better and I could feel a load taken off my mind. The tour turned out to be quite nice, and after getting used to the endless chitchat I began to enjoy myself.

Still, the most of my time was spent at the facilities and next to Darnell. I learned a lot about herbs and medicine from Aztec and the other medics during my stay. One can imagine my relief when my little companion pulled through and started to get well.

25th January
These last days in Clan Àidhear were spent exploring all the different places and dragons. We found ourself with quite the number of new friends!

Before setting of in the afternoon, Aztec gave me a Woodbasket with all kind of herbs inside along with the developed medicine for the 'Pale Death'. Should I ever came across it somewhere else in Sornieth, I'd be prepared. Tiamat made some lovely wing ribbons for me and I love them already! So, I said sad my thanks and goodbyes’. Next time, I hope the circumstances would be better ones so we could all enjoy our time together even more.

Entry 5 - xxxxxx
Date: xxx January- xxx xxxxxx, 2018
Location: xxxxxx - xxxxxxx


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