Siergiej (#30786845)
Level 25 Gaoler
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Energy: 3/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Earth.
Male Gaoler
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.




12.23 m
7.73 m
9088.95 kg


Primary Gene
Jaguar (Gaoler)
Secondary Gene
Rosette (Gaoler)
Tertiary Gene
Gnarlhorns (Gaoler)


Feb 12, 2017
(3 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 25 Gaoler
Max Level


The Retired Leader
Withdrawn || Patient || Shy || Loyal || Strong

The first rays of morning sunshine chase away the cold of the night and Siergiej is always there, awake and ready to welcome their caring warmth. He doesn’t sleep at nights – can’t, not anymore, not after the war. So he stays up, looking at the stars and pretending that he doesn’t listen for the enemies that never come. He sits on the big rock, his favourite place, his throne and relishes in the safety of having everyone precious next to him, close in case of danger – but no, there’s no danger anymore.
Siergiej doesn’t speak much and when he does, it’s not pleasantries that he exchanges with his subjects – it’s orders that slip past his throat and roll of his tongue. Bitter, sharp. Just as he is, nowadays. Shazara is the only one who truly understands, a lost hatchling that bore the hardship of battlefields with him. They’re alike and yet it is Siergiej who can’t forget.
The hatchlings are afraid. They scatter away if he crosses their path. They run to their mothers and cry that the big, sad dragon moved from his rock. That their king remembered to live.
Shazara is patient with him. Coaxes him to the nearest clearing and lets him sleep in the morning sun while he watches. Guards his companion’s back. It’s the only way Siergiej ever rests. The only reprieve he has.

Original Flight : Earth Flight, ⠀⠀
Original Breed : Guardian Dragon

Family relations




Once upon a time, there was an egg, left alone in an abandoned nest in the middle of nowhere. It lay there, waiting for a warm embrace of a mother’s love or a father’s care and even when years passed, it refused to hatch alone. Vultures thought it turned into a stone and stopped trying to break it with their steel beaks. Mice thought it long dead and made a home in its nest. But the egg was stubborn and persevered. It only hatched when the first flames of war reached it.
Glowing-Pocket-Mouse_FLIPPED.gifE6uKWy2.png Glowing-Pocket-Mouse.gif


Despite the threat of excruciating cold, the night proved to be bearable. Thick coat protected Siergiej from the biting frost of the desert just as his large body provided comfort and safety to his best friend, Shazra. Nightsky, his first mate along with Breeya, Kanna and Dawnsky, his best warriors, scouted the terrain ahead.
They were leaving the Earth Flight, looking for a better, friendlier home for their new nest.
Though Siergiej will never forget his first home and will always strive to serve the mighty Earthshaker to the best of his ability, it was time to retire. To let the new generation of Guardian dragons – a breed he was once a proud member of – take the lead. To step away and protect his lair not in the light of the day but rather from the shadows.

I was born of the womb of a poisonous spell
Beaten and broken and chased from the lair
But I rise up above it, high up above it and see
I was hung from the tree made of tongues of the weak
The branches were bones of liars and thieves
Rise up above it, high up above and see

Curren Flight : Shadow
Current Breed : Gaoler
June 2019

It rained fire when he hatched.His first breath was of smoke. His first bath was of blood. His lost, broken wails drowned in the cacophony of battle roars and cries of death. The raging fire crashed against a vengeful sandstorm above his head. He dug deeper into the hard rock, trying to hide in the remains of his nest.

The Longnecks won.


You look like you need help, little one,” the strange dragon says, amused. He’s the first one that Siergiej has seen alive. Perhaps it was the Earthshaker himself that sent the brownish, earthly Bogsneak his way?

Siergiej doesn’t trust the dragon, but there’s no food on the battlefield – it’s been weeks and all the military provisions had gone stale or rotted away – and there’s no water on the desert. The Bogsneak however, has a calabash. Siergiej can’t quite stop himself from looking at it.

“Would you like some water?” The Bogsneak asks.


They travel through the Shattered Plain. Graveller teaches him how to enchant dried sticks and use them as wands to find water, deep underground. He shows Siergiej how to hunt for small rodents and insects and how to best bite into cacti.

For the first time Siergiej thinks he has found a family.


The battle of Greatwyrm's Breach ends with a victory. Graveller keeps his rescued hatchling as far away from the front as he can, but he’s a Mage and even though his magic is good only for finding lost things, he needs to obey the orders of the Earthshaker.

It’s only a moment, when the battle seems to have burnt out, both dragons of the Earth Flight and Beast of the Longneck Clan exhausted and wary of fighting. Graveller could have sworn that his ward was next to him, following him dutifully, but when he turns back to ask Siergiej if he’s all right – the hatchling is gone.


“Look at this one,” a Longneck Skirmisher hits him with his stick. “Shouldn’t wander away from his guardian.”

“Why did you take him?” another one asks, tone mildly annoyed.

“I could keep him as a pet.”

“He’ll grow older. And bigger.”

“He won’t if I ask the witch to enchant him.”

“And then what?”

“Then I’ll keep him as my pet.”

That night, when two greyish, battle-worn Longnecks take turns throwing their punches, pulling at his wings and claws, Siergiej makes a decision. There are only two choices, either to give up or not.


Graveller pales when the next day he spots his hatchling, covered in blood, as he stands next to the Earthshaker himself. Two Skrimishers, they say, the youngling has killed. Bitten through their necks, clawed out their eyes – fought until he won. Couldn’t make the Mighty any prouder. Will make a perfect soldier.

The Bogsneak Mage prays that night, for the soul of his son.
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