Gaea (#30783448)
Level 1 Spiral
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Arcane Sprite
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Female Spiral
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2.08 m
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94.56 kg


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Feb 12, 2017
(3 years)



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Level 1 Spiral
EXP: 115 / 245



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PsNM8GI.png⋙ Gaea ⋘FpYGiAO.png
|| Mother Sornieth ღGoddess ||
Once upon a time, before time was even created, there was nothing, but a black hole full of evil, hatred, and despair. There was one lost soul in the lifeless pit, trapped by her surroundings. This little soul was named Gaea, the only living soul to have ever emerged out of the darkness.

Alone, lost, confused, and terrified by what was around her almost drove her mad. The young dragon would only hear the sounds of demons, or maybe it was her wicked inner thoughts? She would cry; scream for someone, anyone to save her. To give her hope, to let her know she was not the only soul in the dark. But no one came to save the miserable drakaina. This went on for months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums? No one knows. To the young dragon it sure felt like eternity. Her spirit would eventually become so weak from the torment of being alone in the dark without knowledge of who or what she was that she began to wither, she didn't mind it either. She was too lost in nothingness that she didn't even realize what was happening to her. Once she lost all hope in ever finding a way out of the empty space, her soul became dull. There was no longer any way for a world to be created. Her body was dying, and so was the future.

"We protect life from all harm in the universe, to keep the yin-yang balanced, and to bring the forgotten, damaged, and the most charitable of dragons to our eternal Utopia."

Gaea had never heard any sounds pleasing to her ears, she had never felt any gentle touch, she had never even seen herself, let alone another soul in the dark. Until one day, that changed the fate of the universe.

She was on the verge of completely vanishing from this life, along with her magic to create all of existence. Gaea laid there, with her mind completely blank, not thinking any thoughts, but waiting for her end. With her eyes staring in one direction, seeing nothing but the dark as usual, she began to close them, for her time had come. Her heart began to break without ever feeling loved, one last tear was shed. At that moment, she saw a bright light behind her closed eyes and a warm touch where her heart lay, along with a soft voice that spoke her name, "Gaea." She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at the life form she had always dreamed of seeing. The other dragon was shining so bright that she could only see a glimpse, but what she saw was just enough. The male dragon had features fit for a God, something ethereal she had never seen before. With his warm touch, her heart quickly mended back together, now full of love and dreams. Tears of happiness began to fill her eyes and blur her vision of hope. "I'll be waiting for you on the other side," said the male dragon. Before she could say anything, the shining light disappeared from her sight, leaving behind a magical dust. The dust fell onto an unbloomed flower beside of where Gaea lay. Once the dust touched the flower it began to bloom right before her eyes, leaving her alone with only a glowing flower to remember him by.

~Best Friend~



Gaea, still only a hatchling, didn't know how to fly. She unrolled out of her little ball of sorrow and stood up as high as she could, light radiating from her skin. She quickly began to grow in size, until she became a full, young, powerful female dragon. She spread her wings out as wide as they could stretch, and took off. She flew as far as possible to find her missing light, but it was no where to be found.

Gaea now had all the potential magic to create life. She was determined to create the universe with beauty, love, and the warmth of a touch.
Gaea quickly began to harness her powers, controlling her strength from within.

She would no longer tolerate the dark surroundings. She flicked her claws together until they sparked to created all of the millions of galaxies and universes, along with all the beautiful, bright, shining stars, until there was no longer any empty space. She looked in awe at what she had created, at what she could have created this whole time. She created Centillions of planets, until her little heart was no longer needy. She spend time creating life on every single one of those planets, not one planet was exactly the same. However, there was one planet that she completely fell in love with, she named that planet, Sornieth. She spent more time preparing for Sornieth than any other. It took her billions of years to create Sornieth until she thought it was perfect. This was going to be the place she would live on forever, but she couldn't live there alone, she wouldn't. Someone had to share this beauty with her.

Gaea now begins to create her hope.

After creating all of her lifeful hope, she began to realize, not every soul is the same. She created each dragon with different characteristics and elements to take care of the world with her. But Gaea realized with power can come corruption. There is good and evil in this world. Her dragons were not perfect Gods, what if they created the darkness she once knew? What would happen to all of the other life she created? Gaea's most trusted beings gave her an idea, to create a Utopia for protecting Mother Nature and the rest of the universe. So Gaea created a separate dimension, between Sornieth and the rest of space. Here is where Mother Nature and her Kingdom rests.

This is where the Lost Clan of Shangri-La lays.

Arcane Sprite was achieved 4/29/17 for 5500g
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