Jade (#3007473)
Level 25 Mirror
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Red-Footed Akirbeak
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Mirror
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
This dragon cannot breed until Jul 07, 2020 (2 days).
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7.8 m
5.24 m
734.04 kg


Primary Gene
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Apr 15, 2014
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Mirror
Max Level



Lives in:
The dens/the woods
Unpredictable, wild, and mischievous.
"Sometimes when you go looking for what you want, you run right into what you need."

Jade spent the first few months of her life travelling across Sornieth, though she always returned back to her birthplace in the scarred wasteland after every excursion. She never found herself particularly attached to any flight, and simply enjoyed drifting wherever the wind took her. After she settled down with Solstice she rooted herself more firmly to one spot, but her unpredictable personality still sometimes causes her to go on days-long expeditions out into other areas of Sornieth. Most dragons who only pass through the clan get nothing but a vague sense of unease when around her, but those who choose to remain in the clan soon learn that there's a lot more to her than meets the eye.
The moment Jade leaves to hunt or fight, she transforms into a feral beast that most dragons fear to be around. When she dons her wolf headdress to slip out to gather resources or fight creatures encroaching on their territory, only Solstice and Ametrine are truly safe to hunt beside her without fear of her wild side taking control and confusing them for her prey. Her teeth drip with venom, an unnatural mutation gained from her rough childhood in the scarred wasteland, and her bites are deadly to most without quick treatment. When back at the clan she's an entirely different dragon- calm, even kind to the dragons she sees as friends, and gentle towards hatchlings and small animals. She still enjoys causing mischief, but it's as if a switch flips the second she leaves the safety of the clan, and only she knows why.
The reason for her tumultuous personality comes from the months she spent alone in the scarred wasteland. Her egg was left within a pool of putrid green slime, an infectious venom that killed most who touched it. The shell of her egg was the only thing that kept her safe as she grew within it, and mutated into a slightly different creature than the mirrors the scarred wasteland usually produced. Her claws were long and tipped with poison, which she now covers with gloves to keep members of her clan safe, and her bite was venomous, her saliva deadly to almost anyone who become infected with it. Some plague dragons seem to be immune to the poison's affects, but others aren't so lucky, so she avoids anyone who isn't well aware of the dangers that being around her entails.
When she hatched from her egg, she tumbled into the pool of green slime and struggled out of it, shaking it off her scales as she crept into a brand new world. She couldn't see any other dragons but she had the distinct feeling of not being alone. She was confused, paranoia creeping through her mind as she gazed at the world for the very first time. She knew she was in danger, though she couldn't say why, and strong instincts told her to run. She did.
She knew she was being followed as she made her way through the wasteland. Sometimes she'd see a flicker of movement in the far distance when she turned to look, or notice a shadow peeking from behind a pile of bones jutting from the landscape, just out of sight. Rather than avoid the festering pools of brewing contagion dotted across the landscape, she'd jump into them when this happened, submersing herself to hide from whatever it was that had been following her since she hatched several days ago. It never seemed to stop. Her anxiety and paranoia only grew, and she began to sleep lightly at night, moving on after only an hour or two of sleep. It was this, perhaps, that caused her to slip up, to allow the creature to catch up to her once and for all.
She realized the moment she woke up that she'd made a mistake. What had been intended to be an hour long nap had turned into an all day affair, and the sun was setting quickly. A quick scan of her surroundings caused her heart to drop into her chest- she was not alone. She was staring into the eye of a beast, a dragon many times her size, almost unfathomable to her but still recognizable as something living, something breathing. What she would later come to know as a guardian dragon lay on the ground beside her, its red eyes oozing with pus and its sides heaving as it struggled to inhale. "My child." It wheezed, its putrid breath washing over her as she stared in horror. "I'm here for you. I'm here to take you home." Its eyes rolled into its head as it said this, and it struggled to its feet just as Jade began to run. It lunged at her, snapping blindly, its heavy and blundering footsteps barely an inch behind her as bones snapped like twigs beneath its feet. "Come home, my Jade!" It wheezed, stumbling after her with a desperate tone in its voice. "Come home with me!"
Jade leaped into the air, thrashing her inexperienced wings, desperation fueling her shaky ascent as her parent drew ever closer. They tripped and fell with the echoing thud of an oak in the forest onto the bones that rose like spines from the ground, their wheezing turning into desperate laughter. "I'm coming home, Jade!" They called after her, as the laughter echoed throughout the night. "I'm coming home!"

She still has nightmares about the incident, though she refuses to speak of it. She was left with a healthy terror of the world around her, and a not so healthy paranoia that only seems to lessen when she's with her clan. It left her extremely distrustful of strangers when she first meets them, and very few dragons manage to gain it. Not even her mate is truly aware of what happened to her before they met. Even so, he's fully supportive of her, and luckily able to calm her when she lashes out blindly in the dead of night thanks to a memory from her past. They've managed to find peace with each other's presence, and though she was initially elusive of his advances, she decided to trust him and she's never regretted that decision. Although the clan is wary of her, her guidance and presence is invaluable whether or not all of them understand her past and her motivations. She's found her place in the world, and she's happy that that place accepts her too.




Jade's favourite things include gemstones, small animals, and going for long walks by herself. She enjoys hunting and fighting alone, but doesn't mind when Solstice or Ametrine accompany her. A secret pleasure of hers is swimming, whether it's in a lake of roiling infection or a clear, cool river.

Among some of the things Jade dislikes are strangers, liars, and most insects. Cicadas are the worst in her opinion. She also doesn't like it when she sees a sick dragon, or guardians, for obvious reasons, but she's kind to those she knows.

She has a particular fondness for scaring other dragons, hunting, and winning battles through surprise and ambush.

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Art by Theine

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Art By: InHeritent

Art by Hikumi

Art by me

Art by Adrenaline | 97229
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