Rabarbra (#28791131)
Level 7 Nocturne
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Female Nocturne
This dragon is hibernating.
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4.72 m
7.4 m
562.31 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Nov 25, 2016
(3 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 7 Nocturne
EXP: 1201 / 11881





Rabarbra wrote:


Windflower Wishlists


Hi there! The Windflower's wishlist is actually divided into 5 separate wishlists! This is for our and your convenience. My name is Rabarbra and I'm the keeper of the "Non-Item Wishlist" list. If you have something we want, from any list, and we have something on your wishlist - let's trade!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Main Wishlist
A google document containing all items we don't own yet! This is a wonderful list to visit if you are looking for alternative payment options.

Always Wanted Wishlist
Contains items I'm always happy to recieve. This is the perfect place to look if you want to gift me!

Currently Needed Wishlist
A list of dragons I own and what genes, apparel or battle stones they need to be complete. Some will need much, others little and the price tag will differ a lot.

Dragon Wishlist
Here are scrys of dragons I really want. I also accept project parents and would love a message if you hatch something close enough.

Non-Item Wishlist
Stuff like leveling services and art. By art I mean everything from a 1-min doodle to a many-hour painting. If you find it fun to make, I'll probably like it as well!


Keeper of Keepers
Keeper of the FR Calendar and our Spare Retired Items for Trade
Wonderful Familiars and Where to Find Them
Don't Sell, Transmute or Eat!


The Windflower's Non-Item Wishlist

Proper credit will always be given!



Would you like to create some graphics for me? I have plenty of sketches, but I'm honestly not good enough with digital painting (yet) to recreate the logos and decorations I have in mind and on paper. Some of them will be personal, others will be used in the bios of dragons I'll be selling as well as their parents, aka my permas. Graphics can be lineart that I can colour myself in photoshop or a fully coloured version.

In the beginning, this will mostly be my logo, the Windflower. I'm looking for quite a variety of poses for it. Some will be implemented in my breeding cards, others on my profile and in my bios. one will be turned into an adopt that I intend to use for profit. I'm mainly looking for just the lineart, as I want to make many recolours for my dragons.

Sketches coming soon.


Art in all its forms

I want all my permadragons to have art! This goes for all my dragons in the Lair -> Pairs (tab) and all my dragons in the Hibernal Den. Please notice how some of them have scrys in their bios. Still, I will accept art of their current or previous looks because I think it is important to remember who you are, who you used to be and who you aspire to be.

What is art to me? Honestly, it's everything that you enjoy creating. It can be a 5 min doodle in paint, a sketch, a full colour digital sketch or a real painting. It can be a mandala, an adopt, a photo of a gingerbread shaped and decorated like one of my dragons, a picture of a dragon sculpture or plush, a moodboard, a poem, a song or a melody. Be creative, be yourself and have fun!

Examples coming soon.


Lore suggestions or snippets

Lore writing is also art, but I have chosen to distinguish these two to make it tidier. If a dragon of mine don't have a story, lore snippet or a set personality yet, feel free to make suggestions! And if you see a dragon of mine with a solid personality /lore, you are free to make them additional short stories. I will make tiny changes if I have to, like fixing spelling mistakes. Comments, praise and critique included, will also be added to their bios. A snippet can be a short description of what you think that dragon hoards, or what kind of jokes they would typically make. Be creative!

Examples coming soon.



In my clan a dragon is not considered a full adult until they are level 7. I'ts very easy to do, so most of my dragons are already level 7. But I'd love for all of them to be lvl. 25, so I would love to have my dragons levelled a few levels if you have the time. I have certain dragons that I want to make experts of each venue. These dragons are found with WeepingAngel, the keeper of coliseum builds.

Examples coming soon.


Scry, name and outfit suggestions

If you want to scry one of my oldies in the North Den or an all basic gen 1 of mine, feel free to do so! If you see an Unnamed dragon, feel free to suggest a name! And if you see a naked dragon, or its bio says it's "not a serious outfit", feel free to create an outfit for them! But, if you want to profit from these fun activities as well, I'll be running a raffle called The Windflower Quest in the near future. Feel free to sign up for pings!

Examples coming soon.


Bought from Ko6ka for 25kt and 10 familiars they didn't have yet.

So much potential! I gave her glimmer 3rd of October 2019.
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