Amaranthine (#28374694)
Level 5 Skydancer
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Candy Cockatrice
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Skydancer
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3.53 m
5.98 m
804.48 kg


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Nov 09, 2016
(3 years)



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Eye Type
Level 5 Skydancer
EXP: 1075 / 5545





wind_rune_20.png • A M A R A N T H I N E // A R A M • wind_rune_20.png


  • Hatchday: Nov 09, 2016
  • Original clan: Arcane
  • Parents clans: Father - arcane Skydancer // Mother - arcane Skydancer
  • Came to clan: was taken in on Nov 27, 2016 (Fletcher)
  • Courier squad: Flynn and Aram - (former leader and tutor Cyphus left the squad)
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He looked exactly like his father, he was told. Scales and feathers pink as the glowing spires of the Starfall Isles, pelt covered with creamy swirls like clouds in a blushing dawn. Amaranthine was the picture of simple Arcane beauty.

But as much as he was fawned over by the hatchling caretaker and the other children, the young skydancer fell unspeakably lonely. While the caretaker stroked his and his brother's feathers and cooed, he put his head in his paws and looked with envy at the hatchlings who curled up with their siblings, warm and happy and not so gorgeous. They would always know that any love given to them would be offered out of genuine care. Even at his young age, Amaranthine listened to the words of others around him and knew that they wouldn't try to know who he was; they only saw his feathers and fur and adored that. His sister was even stolen from her nest by a jealous clan.

That was why the tiny skydancer fled his clan as soon as he could fly. He couldn't make it far at a time before dropping back to the ground, but he ran and flew and ran and flew until he wouldn't be able to find his old clan again, even if he had wanted to. He looked desperately for at least one dragon who would look past his appearance to wonder about the dragon underneath.

Amaranthine's story ends here for now! If he is taken into your clan, please feel free to continue his lore here.
Lore by @Fletcher

The vendors in the market were setting up their tents and stalls, laying out carpets, spreading their loads of produce or goods into position. There was a constant stream of dragons passing by, but with the dawn it would become a flood as travelers and locals attended to their daily shopping. A young dragon slipped through the masses as if he had somewhere to be. Stopping at one corner, he pulled his package out from its hiding space behind some barrels and sat down. After an attentive look around the square he relaxed, made himself comfortable, settled back and started waiting.

Nothing about that youngster reminded of the Arcane beauty fleeing its clan back in the day. Maybe, only the eyes beared witness to his heritage. But they were kept hidden in the shadow of a soft, hempen headband. His former pink colored scales and feathers were concealed behind a masterful disguise of blacks and blues. It was flawlessly fit to his body, made by someone trying for perfection--a real master of the art. The young dragon now merged with those around him rather than standing out because of his beauty. Just as it was intended.

"Aram!! Come on, stop daydreaming! We still got some way to go; and I hate to keep Cyphus waiting!"
-- A spiral called out to the young Skydancer. While impatiently waving his young friend over, Flynn completely ignored the fact that he himself was the one being late. They both just had delivered a few letters to the market and as they had some free time at hand they decided to split up to have a look around the place; gathering some rumours in circulation. Their mentor and teacher Cyphus loved to watch the gossip factory working overtime and was always overjoyed by those pieces of valuable information he could get out of it.
"Get cracking, Aram! We don't have all day!"

Amaranthine was already used to Flynn's friendly, brotherly bickering. He quite enjoyed it actually. They'd been together since the day the two couriers of Clan Àidhear stumbled over the little runaway. The beautiful hatchling had looked quite dishevelled, ruffled and covered in mud to the point not even its own parents would have recognise it any longer. Since the day Amaranthine run off he'd been on his own, trying his best to survive and learning how to fly longer distances without burning himself out.

There was also the matter about his name. The young dragon believed that it was no longer accurate for the life he desired. "A new start requires a new name," he thought and started playing around with his name, until finally deciding upon 'Aram' *. { *Amaranthine --> mara --> Aram} His traveling companions only got to know the young dragon under his new alias as they were picking him up along the road. Even while there was no way they would not be interested in finding out more about the young runaway, Cyphus actually never tried to invade Aram's past. That way he gave the little one all the space it needed to start building up trust. And today, the young Skydancer quite enjoyed looking back at that first encounter....

Aram sat near the trunk of an old oak tree, fiddling nervously with the bandage on his right talon as he watched Cyphus and Flynn talking down at the riverside. The two dragons had made him wash up, tended to his wounds and filled his empty stomach. Even if he didn’t trust them, Aram still had his pride that forbade him to just bolt into the woods after having accepted their help.Where would he run to anyways? The only people he knew were already left behind; and until now the young dragon had kept away from any living soul. Not to forget, he was still so young! Amaranthine hadn’t thought about his future; he figured he just had to gain his freedom of choice first and then go from there. There never existed a plan in the first place, only a few uncertain, vague dreams that went crushing on him after the first night out in the cold, hungry and utterly alone. So, in a certain way, the two unknown dragons were like a lifeline to Aram.

They took him along their travels all over Sornieth. After some time that Aram spent with the two couriers he started to get interested in their line of work. He was able to visit clans and places he never imagined existing out there while learning more about dragons and their habits he’d ever dreamed possible; and there was still so much more to learn.

One day they offered Aram to teach him even more about the life on the road and the secrets of their trade, if he’d be willing to join their family—Clan Àidhear of the Twisting Crescendo. And the young dragon happily agreed. For Aram, it was like winning a contest he hadn’t even known he was competing in. The toughest dragons he knew in the world, the ones he looked up to and that never judged him by his looks, were those two: Flynn and Cyphus. In a way, the young Skydancer had gotten himself not only a brother—one that, even while teasing Aram about the little ones beauty and ignorance about the world, would always stand by its side and have Arams back—but also a mentor to guide him.

“If one takes advantage and learns how to use its own appearance well, one is able to gain all kind of information. Some dragon might try to impress a beauty with flattering words and underestimate it; while the other type of dragon loves to wallow in their own greatness, importance and influence in front of an apparently unremarkable fellow. But both kinds alike will give away pieces of information without even noticing—if you are one of us; having access to the use of a very certain kind knowledge to take adventage of. You, Aram, are about to study the art of disguise and information procurement!” Cyphus told the currently admitted apprentice boy. They were walking together at the outskirts of the Sundial Terrace, heading at the giant monument. Just a little while ago they’d delivered some parchments and letters at allied clans, collecting yet another avalanche of letters. As busy as they were, Cyphus would always take his time for their daily lessons. “Actually, you have got the perfect looks for this kind of job, boy.”

“Go on,” Aram said, not doing a great job keeping a skeptical undertone out of his voice. A brief look of cynicism shot across Cyphus’ face, quickly smoothed away. He looked at his young apprentice intensely, an eyebrow raised. Who’s the tutor here?

Aram blushed. His reaction had been caused by his own beliefs. He’d always thought of his beauty as a curse; a pretty facade no-one was willing to look through. Something he maybe had to separate with in order for others to finally see the dragon beneath it—and Aram hated to be forced to change himself to meet the requirements of others. What his tutor was telling him about, if he were to simply accept the picture Cyphus was painting about the world, it'd certainly change his point of view forever. Aram cleared his throat. “I mean, please go on."

Aram decided to enlist in one of the Noble Orders of Sornieth. An Order is an organization that exists to assist or encourage dragons in the pursuit of their goals. As it's important to exchange views about all kind of matters, the gatherings of the 'Messengers' branch are very important to the young courier. osCfThT.png


Memory picture of Aram's tutor and teacher Cyphus
Art by lonqus

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