Thorn (#28095558)
Level 1 Wildclaw
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Shattered Serpent
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Earth.
Male Wildclaw
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5.99 m
7.74 m
448.72 kg


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Oct 29, 2016
(4 years)



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Level 1 Wildclaw
EXP: 0 / 245







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- Excursio and Incursio offer their training services to one of the patriarchs of a Plague clan, and an alliance gradually forms. One dragon from that clan, Corundum, joins and becomes the clan's blacksmith. She is the first Plague dragon in the clan.
- Devara arrives and begins to whip the sad, bedraggled marketplace into shape. She and Corundum have a working relationship based around jewelry, arguing, and mutual respect. For a while Devara has a girlfriend, Chime, but she becomes an ambassador to a distant Wind clan.
- In one of his long wandering flights across the desert, Vastatio finds and rescues Arctos as a hatchling. She establishes a workshop to help other crippled and injured dragons like herself.
- Vastatio also finds Riftstalker bleeding and injured on the shore of the Sea of a Thousand Currents. He brings him home and turns him over to Corvid and Shanoa, who nurse him back to health. He and Gwenfair meet and become mates.
- The First War: A major Dominance battle against the Ice Flight in which many lives were lost. Corvid, Shanoa, Nepantla, and Chronos are among the casualties. When the fighting did not result in a Lightning victory, Excursio flew into a rage and renounced her devotion to the Stormcatcher, who cared only for the glory of his dominion and not for the welfare of his employees who had died in the conflict.
- Sirocco joins the clan as head electrician and is assigned control of the Electromagnetism Lab when Excursio decides he is trustworthy. In secret, he and Hanyi begin research on the feasibility of implementing hydropower in the lair.
- Kyril founds the Mediators, with Kairos assisting him in his efforts.
- Enakai arrives as an important emissary and diplomat from the Ice Flight, hoping to smooth the tattered relations between the Suncircle and their ally in the Southern Icefield. He is welcomed but tensions remain high. The arrival of Circe, a hatchling born in their ally's clan, helps smooth over the worst of the remaining tension.
- Tyrith joins the clan as head magician. Nicmati arrives as his personal assistant and scribe, and eventually becomes mates with Enakai.
- Sirocco's daughter Tarazed is born and joins the clan watch, taking up an official position in the Keep.
- Night of the Nocturne: The first NOTN celebration is a time of turmoil for the Suncircle, but results in tremendous bounty flowing into the clan. New residents arrive in the form of Jareth, Lyra, and Herne, who are eagerly fostered by dragons in the clan. The influx of rare goods and capital creates an unprecedented economic boom, necessitating the formation of a treasury for the first time in clan history. A number of valuable goods and resources are purchased, and the lair expands rapidly. New trainee Mossmere comes into his own under Sirocco's expert tutelage; Vastatio, Orion, and Sirocco all receive commendations and accolades from the leaders for the glory they brought to the clan through their hard work.
- Rust, Dustfeather, and Mariner join the clan
- Zero arrives from Clan Radium in the Arcane territory, and pioneers a new style of combat there. As part of the exchange, Orion travels to Clan Radium and tutors several of their warriors in the methods used by the Suncircle.
- Orion takes a mate while in the clan, and returns home with an Arcane hatchling named Asmira, who opts to stay with her birth clan.
- Another hatchling from that nest, Ainur, comes home with him as well; Zero trains her alongside one of Shaohui's daughters, Erebor. Both dragons are trainees promised to another Lightning clan; regular correspondance between Zero and the clan's representative, Valor, led to the two of them pursuing a relationship. The exchange of training experience, hatchlings, and an inter-clan relationship leads to the formation of the Suncircle's strongest alliance.
- Tyrith and Circe's hatchlings, Lasgalen and Galanta, join their new allies' clan.
- Adelaide arrives and begins to study law. She and Mossmere fall in love after a tumultuous beginning relationship. Chiro arrives from a displaced Lightning clan and takes up residence at the Suncircle, serving as a mercenary; he remains while the other dragons from the same clan disperse to new homes. Scipio, Darius, and Cinder join the clan in the midst of a large battle against Water, in which Lightning emerged victorious.
- Zero has a single son, Harkness, who he sends to Auroral Dissonance; Valor's son Gawaine arrives in exchange.
- Tempera, Stella, and Holorone join the clan; Conflagris, a distant descendant of Devara's, is hatched after many months of breeding.
- Nymane is born and decides to stay with her birth clan; realizing that the immense feeling of satisfaction that he gets from seeing his family thriving and spreading is related to his Charge, Pulchrior founds the Night Warrior Project with Excursio's blessing.
- Nymane's daughter Dante is born and joins the clan, along with Inkling, a distantly-related cousin born in Clan Radium. The two train together as warriors.
- Aeterna, Icualan, and Amika join the clan
- The second Night of the Nocturne brings a new influx of riches and wealth, along with new clanmates in the form of Marionn and Finn.
- A great scramble to collect hatch IDs of particular significance ends with the successful acquisition of Sunbird, whose identification number is of particular significance to the clan.
- A leap day appears, making the month of February longer than usual. Moonscrye is born on this date, giving him a unique familiarity with liminal spaces. He and Nymane become mates, and many of their hatchlings go on to become Night Warriors.
- The clan's close allies found their own lineage project, the Celestial Runners. Aconitum, one of Lasgalen's descendants, returns to the clan of his ancestors and becomes the first Celestial Runner to be registered.
- On the day of the color wheel expansion, a staggering new array of colors appear on dragon hides throughout Sornieth. Adhafera joins the clan and takes up her engineering duties in the Electromagnetism lab.
- Eager to collect and explore new colors, and to understand the science behind their sudden appearance, Hanyi recruits Honorius and Nyofai to the clan. Mordecai, a Night Warrior from Indra's line, joins the clan as well.
- A Generation 2 Imperial, Howl, joins the clan. His guard, Wrenn, is a Cryptic Caveguard, an up-and-coming subspecies of Lightning dragons. She is searching for a partner to aid her in her guarding duties. Thorn is chosen as her partner, but the two never manage to develop a rapport. Alata joins the clan, along with Halcyon, who becomes mate to Nyofai.
- Brightsoul joins the clan on an important anniversary (birthday dragon) and Solovei is rescued from her first home. She goes on to become a central figure in the evening entertainment at the Broken Arch, and a thief as well, if rumors serve.
- The third Night of the Nocturne brings in several new residents, although all the Gen 1 Nocturnes but Anahera end up departing. A variety of beautiful and valuable apparel items are crafted for the occasion, and become coveted by the clan. Warriors once again expend massive effort gathering as many trinkets as possible. Soleil hatches on Christmas, and Night Warriors Kalfou and Arden are adopted in quick succession.
- Aconitum's niece, Bluesteel, joins the clan and becomes its second Celestial Runner. Adamantine, a daughter of Nymane, hatches not long after and begins her training as a Night Warrior, thirsty to prove herself a worthy member of the family legacy.
- Amperi is given to the clan as a gift by an ally in Lightning. He attempts to challenge Adhafera for her position in the Electromagnetism Lab, claiming that his Lightning heritage makes him superior. She soundly defeats him in combat; awed and impressed by her ferocity, Amperi seeks to make up for his initial presumption by courting her.
- Aten joins the clan; he is eager to start his training right away, but has heard rumors of a glorious tournament on the horizon and decides to wait for the tournament to begin, so that he can prove himself worthy. Carina is born from a surprise fling between Nymane and Atzintli; the unexpected birth of a Coatl from such an unlikely nest is taken as a portent that she is destined for greatness. She becomes the second member of the team. A third dragon, Redhand, joins the clan to help with the tournament with the intention of resettling in their close allies' clan once the tournament ends.
- The Second Sornieth World Tournament. Aten is struck down midway through the competition, prompting barely-grown Night Warrior Hotaru to be sent as his replacement. While in the tournament, Hotaru is shown to have prodigious abilities as a seer.
- Alekhine and Ramati join the clan as guards. Jaye also finds his way to the clan, thanks to a more useful set of AH search features, and becomes the partner that Wrenn has been waiting for. The two begin efforts to get Cryptic Caveguards recognized as a subspecies.
- Lance is born from one of Inkling's nests, hatching with a set of beautiful opalized markings that has never been seen in the clan before.
- Apollon and his sister Ithildin hatch from a cursed nest and become the founders of the Dawnguard line. Ithildin goes to live with their allied clan.
- Another lineage project, the Nightingale Project, springs up. Oratorio is an early descendant of that project; he and Nymane have a nest of mixed-lineage hatchlings together, spawning Damascus, before he leaves the clan and moves on to a new home.
- Keith, a relative of Redhand (now named Maenas), and Kohl join the clan.
- The Thundercrack Carnivale comes around again, bringing an influx of mixed feelings to the clan along with some new residents. Lanthanide, a new alchemist, begins researching in the labs; Telastra, a Wildclaw female, takes up a position in Hanyi's think tank (the dragon I have now will eventually be replaced). Madrigal, a Lightning loyalist, nervously attempts to get the clan in the spirit of Thundercrack but finds himself being rapidly swayed by Excursio's well-reasoned grievances against the Stormcatcher. Eventually he turns traitor and begins reporting on other attempts to sabotage the Suncircle and bring the clan back into working order.
- Valerian, a Nightingale, joins the clan and lives at the Oasis as a herbalist.
- Caspian and Thalia hatch on the same day. Distantly related through Orion, the two become fast friends despite the language barrier, and Thalia becomes Caspian's trusted and loyal right hand.
- Mistmantle joins the clan, a gift from Valor's flight.
- Actinide joins, becoming Lanthanide's mate and coworker in the Alchemy Lab.
- With the solar eclipse drawing near, preparations are being made for a grand festival! The Night Warriors host a raffle to celebrate.
- On the day of the eclipse, several new dragons join the clan. A new lair guard, Witchlight, joins, along with a tiny sun sentinel named Bero. Dawnshatter is born, an astonishingly lucky hatch, and remains with her birth clan. A generation one Noc, Penumbra, is born from an egg gifted to the clan by our allies in Nature.
- Following the eclipse festivities, Alata departs for a new home in the Windflight Clan.
- A Dominance push against Wind begins
- Anthea's son and Slyfoot's brother, Bregedyr, and Keith's daughter Nimbrethil found the Bródúil Caomhnóirí in Clan Auroral Dissonance
- A double Cream Imperial (name?) and Alexios, a sun worshipper, join the clan.
- The Lightning flight is victorious in the battle against Wind and there is much rejoicing.
- A Dawnguard/NW cross (name?) is born. Aten gets additional training with the Clan of Risen Demons in preparation for the NW tournament. Astra, a granddaughter of Orion, joins the clan.
- Cryptic Caveguards become an official Lightning subspecies.
- Perscita hatches, giving the leaders an heir
- Kalfou and Thalia leave the clan on Halloween; Hallow and Samhain take their place
- Aten's daughter Khepri and a Pearlcatcher named Jairo join the clan
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