Heurodys (#27946625)
Level 1 Imperial
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Nightfall Imp
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Energy: 47/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Female Imperial
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Oct 23, 2016
(5 years)



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Level 1 Imperial
EXP: 0 / 245


.. 27946625.png H E U R O D Y S
{ HYU - ro - DIS }
Fallen Queen
Nickname: (none)
f. from a Greek name: wide justice

♥ a gift from Maeva
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by artist
Revenant Imperatrix (2,041 words) The clan of Heurodys was once like a light in the darkness, a fire burning in the wilds of the Rainsong Jungle. Other dragons coveted that fire, and they sought to douse its splendor. Nobody could have guessed that this gentle queen and mother would, in her grief, nearly become a monster -- or that she would rise from the grasp of death again.

» OTHER APPEARANCES: Leviathan (written by awaicu)
» CAMEOS: The Phantom King


Heurodys' family had ruled their kingdom for a long dynasty. They had once been great, but by the time she was born, they had fallen into disrepute and were characterized as irresponsible and profligate. Though their kingdom was in the Rainsong Jungle, Heurodys' parents were on vacation in the Sunbeam Ruins when she was born, and she came to her kingdom with the golden eyes of the Light Flight. This caused more unrest among the people, for they saw her as tangible proof of the ruling family's caprice. When she finally took the throne, her shining eyes became a constant reminder of how far from their duty the royal family had fallen.

Heurodys was a good dragon, affectionate and gentle. Unfortunately, she had also inherited many of her family's faults, and was a weak-willed ruler who left her responsibilities in the hands of advisers. Many of these dragons were corrupt and continued to bleed the kingdom dry; a few remained staunchly loyal to the crown. One of these was the court mage who would later be known as Templeton. He caught Heurodys' eye not just because of his suaveness and refinement, but also because of how fair he was in his dealings, how he had the kingdom's best interests at heart. The young queen proposed marriage to him, and he accepted. As the children began to arrive, Heurodys spent more and more of her time doting over them. She left the kingdom almost entirely in her consort's hands.

She was aware of the dragons' dissatisfaction in her rule, but rather than confront things head on, as a queen was expected to do, she shrank from them, hoping her consort and advisers would be able to smooth things over. Unfortunately, trouble was brewing beyond the borders as well. Other countries were poised to invade the kingdom, for despite -- or because of -- its leaders' excesses, it still possessed much wealth. Soon, war came. The sheltered queen and the now-aged king were in no condition to fight, but their children were eager to defend their home. Away they went, and one by one, they fell in battle.

Heurodys and her mate had found refuge in a distant town. Their children's corpses were delivered to them there. Heurodys asked to see them, and she broke down, grieving over her lost sons and daughters. Her husband left her alone, for their kingdom was collapsing, and he needed to see to things.

In those long-ago days, Emperors were not well-understood. There were sparse accounts of them, dating back to when the gods had just reawakened, but those accounts were always set far from the kingdom, and they were believed to just be legends. No one thought that it would happen within that sleepy town, but as Heurodys stared at her dead children, her heart broke, and dark energies began shifting within her -- and her offspring's corpses.

She was halfway through the transformation when she was discovered, and her mate acted quickly, using his great magic to summon grasping vines to tear her and their children apart. In rage, she lashed out blindly, wounding him. Although he successfully prevented the transformation from being completed, the Coatl had received a mortal wound. Heurodys, too, was dying from the battle, and the two of them lay down and passed away together.

Heurodys slowly became aware of the world again many centuries later. Most of her is spectral, but some of her energy flows through vines wrapping around her shrine, the same vines that her mate had summoned all those years ago. She remains in the shrine even today, almost literally a shadow of herself. It isn't just her life that has left her, but also her warmth and her joy. Now she is mostly silent, almost grim, constantly guarding against the grief that hammers upon the doors of her heart.

In life, Heurodys was a lighthearted and joyful dragon, almost naive. She was the sole heir to the throne and was rather sheltered while she was growing up. She was also uninterested in learning diplomacy and administration -- while she was a diligent student, she did not really take her studies to heart. Although she meant well, she was not assertive enough to act on her good intentions, and she developed a bad reputation among her people. In another time and country, her move of handing most of her power to her consort and advisers (who were more capable) might have been lauded as a good decision, but as it was, it only weakened her standing in the public's eyes.

Heurodys was aware of these problems but could never bring herself to face them. She devoted herself to her children instead, all of whom loved her very much. She was devastated when they chose to go off to war, and was utterly destroyed when she realized they had all been killed. A part of her died at this point; the rest of her continued dying as she processed her children's deaths, began her transformation into an Emperor, and was dismembered by her consort.

Fragmentary records of the lost kingdom still exist although its name, too, is now forgotten. Although records of the would-be Emperor are equally fragmentary, there are actually more of them. Heurodys was one of the first recorded Emperors, and her transformation went some way to helping the jungle-dwellers understand them -- and accept that they weren't a myth. Heurodys herself is not eager to talk about this, and she probably never will be. The happy, innocent dragon she used to be is gone; now she exists in a state of constant vigilance, always ready to push back any feelings or memories that she fears will drive her insane. She has vague memories of her life before, and could probably remember them with great clarity if she wished it -- but she is constantly suppressing them and will always deny them.

Because of the way she died, she is halfway between a phantom and a zombie. Some parts of her are intangible, and others are not. The vines her mate used to halt her transformation are still woven through her body and have become a part of her. They glow visibly when she is "awake"; the brighter they are, the more alert she is. She can, to some degree, control how solid and visible she becomes, and many times visitors are surprised to learn that she has been there all along, camouflaged among the foliage.

She can still speak, but she does so very rarely, and nearly all the dragons who have encountered her think that she is mute. When she does speak, her voice is always very low, almost a mumble. She dislikes making eye contact and will keep her answers short, whether they hit the point or not.

On the rare occasions she produces "children", she gives them only the most basic care, seeming to just go through the motions. She does not interact much with them beyond that. There have been many, many times when she has been tempted to do so, but then her memories beckon, and she decides it would not be for the best. Her phantom children are always sent away, and though a very small part of her still remembers them, to all intents and purposes, she does not seem to care.


25511919p.png Templeton | Mate
A powerful mage and one of Heurodys' closest advisers. Although they still care very deeply for each other, Heurodys does not remember much about him beyond knowing that he is someone she loves and trusts very much. He continues to shield his mate from darker thoughts as he did all those years ago, and even now Heurodys leaves all of the visitor interactions to him.
Lamprey | Illusionist
Heurodys does not talk with Lamprey, and at times it's even doubtful she knows he is there. The old illusionist does not approach her, either. He seems to harbor nothing but pity for her and understands that she is best left alone.
31185587p.png Leviathan | Daughter
One of Heurodys' many phantom children. She was raised under Heurodys' rather perfunctory care and disappeared one night. Heurodys believes she might have left independently in search of a new clan, and has no reason to suspect she has found a far worse fate....

Heurodys has always shied away from conflicts, and this hasn't changed even now. She can neither fight nor argue well, and at the first sign of trouble, she will literally melt into the background of her home, her body becoming intangible and almost invisible against the walls.
Despite being more solid than Templeton, she is more detached from life than he is. Her willpower is now like a guttering flame, and it seems that she exists simply because she has no other choice.
Heurodys doubtless learned some magic while she was alive, and magic courses through her spirit even now. However, it seems to be passive rather than active, and how much skill she has with this is debatable.
As well-educated as any noble of her time might be, but like Templeton, her knowledge is completely outdated by now. She tends to be very close-minded, shrinking away from anything that intimidates her, and has no motivation to learn more about the world outside.
Her tragic story has moved some visitors to tears, but overall she is thought of as intimidating and ominous. Except for Templeton, who still treats her with the love and respect he showed her while they were still living, everyone else is afraid of her -- the "almost an Emperor" fact does not help at all.
Perhaps things might have turned out better for her if she'd done them differently, but it's too late for anything other than speculation. Her existence, while peaceful, has also not really improved since her valley was discovered by the Disillusionists.

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