Sinbad (#26904913)
Level 25 Pearlcatcher
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Lightning Sprite
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Male Pearlcatcher
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6.05 m
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640.61 kg


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Sep 13, 2016
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Pearlcatcher
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"To understand magic is to understand faith. Constantly in our lives but never visible to those who don't believe."

I remember when we lived peacefully in the Shifting Expanse. Our numbers were vast and everyone had a job to accomplish. There were no payments, no dues owed, merely the satisfaction of doing what their hearts desired and feeling proud to share it with others. Roc-she who had crashed into my life and ruined it all in the span of a single day- and I now lived together as mates, and we fathered our first clutch. It was a time of celebration when the day of their hatching was to come and it appeared the Stormcatcher himself blessed this nest for the skies that once thrummed with dry lightning and storm clouds faltered for a single night and revealed the sky for all to see. Stars... thousands of them sparkled just like Roc's own eyes when she spoke fervently of her interests. Our dragonettes hatched under the most perfect of skies, but it was a shame to see that sky fade away within days of revealing themselves. Suddenly, I was not comfortable with them growing in such a place where all dragons knew of was efficiency and back-breaking work. Roc and i had similar thoughts but, we could not just leave all we have created behind unless there was a very good reason. Yet, as with all things meant to be, a reason soon found us.

One of the most violent storms we have ever seen wreaked havoc on our lands. Clouds darker than the shade itself loomed above us and lightning shot in all directions without heed to our lightning rods that once kept us safe. We were stormbreakers, one of many clans of dragons that worked together with our elemental energies to lessen the ferocity of such storms like these and seek those trapped within the din. Our entire brigade of dragons was armed and prepared to help and we flew off with our most ancient of chanteys: "When storms are grey, Anchors Aweigh!" It was the closest saying to a philosophy we all shared. Roc, Caramel and Tohru made up the rescue division of the brigade and rushed into the fray on her command. Unbeknownst to them, however, they were headed right into the eye of the storm. "ROC!" I broke formation and tried my best to follow them, but I was much too large to follow suit and could only wait on baited breath that the three dragons would be okay. Thank the stars, they were. After the storm was tamed, we regrouped and saw no one had been hurt but... why did they return with three new dragons and a peculiar object? Roc said nothing but I saw the distress in the way she clenched her jaws. She was thinking, thinking of what to say as she called a clan meeting. That was the day when everything changed, when our small world expanded into something we could not quite comprehend at first. That night we learned of the Einherjar and the land of the departed.

We had never known the spirits of the deceased roamed our Sornieth and lived our their lives just like you or me, and we understood that they could not be seen by regular dragonkind. Only those of immense power could communicate with Einherjar, these spirits of the past, and they kept a balance between the living and nonliving planes of existence. So why, why could my entire clan see these spirits now of all times? Had we perished in the storm without knowing, or were there other forces at play? Marc, the Skydancer that seemed glued to my mate stepped forward with a particular object to explain. "You did not perish, nor did you suddenly become as powerful as a channeler, but this in my hand is your answer. It is a relic of amazing power stronger than a thousand Pearlcatcher pearls. under its influence, all of you have the uncanny ability to see that which cannot be easily seen. Marc demonstrated this strange passive aura by flying miles away from the clan. The other Einherjar that came with him, Baal, whispered a 'don't blink,' before suddenly fading from view. The entire clan grew into collective sounds of awe, especially when Marc returned a few minutes later and Baal reappeared in the same position she once was in. We all believed from that moment on that there were stronger forces at play than we had ever anticipated.


As moons came and went, the technology of our clan changed. It became more advanced in an effort to stave off the intruders that became more frequent. Arsène, a benevolent Einherjar who had joined our ranks recently, stated that the effects of the Morningstar were the cause of this. The Morningstar being that peculiar relic Marc had arrived to the clan with so long ago. It radiated an aura so powerful that all manner of malevolent creatures were attracted to it. It was dangerous. However, this Morningstar was impossible to destroy for it would drive any living dragons to madness before they could break through its tough outer shell. It was a stressful time in our lives, I would find myself unable to sleep each and every night and took out my frustrations on patrol duty. Eventually the Einherjar caught wind of this habit of mine, or Roc told them, and I would find myself with my own squad of dragons willing to protect the clan I loved so dearly. "Is there anything we can do about this unyielding danger to us all?" I would ask, and the Einherjar would contemplate in silence. I never expected them to say a word in assistance, nor did I expect to find Marc and Arsène pouring over texts in their spare time to find an answer. One night they called me from my slumber, Marc unable to contain his excitement. "I believe we've finally found something to protect the clan, Sinbad." I was all ears during the presentation. It consisted of crystal shards from the Starfall isles that matched the strange energy the Morningstar gave off. And when tested against me, the familiar figures of Marc and Arsène faded away until the crystals were removed from around the Morningstar. In order to save our family, we would have to migrate towards the Arcanist's lands. Roc and I were determined to do so.

Getting into contact with our allied Clan Soulverse, we made preparations for the grand migration. Those who wished it were free to remain as a fragment of the once powerful clan, and those who could not make the flight. I bore no ill will towards any of them, this is not what they wanted. All these dragons desired was to create their automations in peace and Roc and I were happy to grant them this final blessing. All the EInherjar, however, made the move with us. More discoveries led to a better understanding of the Morningstar and its quirks and we realized that Pearlcatchers were able to grasp the relic without fear of losing their minds. It was strange... but none of us questioned it. Roc believed that this strange relationship between the artifact and Pearlcatchers was that it had some semblance of a Soul and it was comfortable with the Lightweaver's youngest children because they wore their souls on their pearls and could not hide their true desires as easily as others. It was a valid hypothesis.

Our clan was accepted with open arms by Soulverse and Marc's theory seemed to be true. The malevolent beings that once sought the Morningstar became few and far-between. I helped foster a subclan of warriors with Giovanni, a warrior we had befriended in the Sea of One Thousand Currents. They called themselves the Ravagers and their highest priority was the protection of our new clan that came to be with the union of the Lightning and Arcane energies around us. We called ourselves Siduvronti, the Clan of Cosmic Lightning. All was peaceful for a time, we began work on our own advanced machinery with a newfound understanding of the Arcane. Our work caught so much attention that a new dragon that called themselves Starchild came to familiarize herself with us. She was, what us of the Expanse would call, alien. A pearlcatcher whose pearl was not a pearl, but a comet. Somedragon that, wherever she stepped, a trail of stardust followed. "What are thoust creating?" She crooned curiously, leaning on the tempered steel roofing of our machine without a care in the world. Roc unbothered as always, grinned her toothy grin that highlighted her fangs. "A locomotive, my dear! A machine that runs on coal and steam." Such a creation was commonplace in our home but here in the isolation of the Starfall Isles, Starchild looked aghast at the response. "Coal and steam?! How primitive." She quipped. Feeling a snarl build up in my maw I stepped forward with distaste. "And what do you recommend? Running on stardust?!" What was to be an insult made Starchild's eyes widen as she clapped her claws together.

"What a brilliant idea! Come, mistress of Siduvronti. Come forth!" I tried to stop Roc but she placed a calming paw on my cheekfins before walking forward to Starchild. The Pearlcatcher flew around my mate, singing a song in an unfamiliar language. Her runes shimmered brilliantly like the stars above and all at once... the chanting stopped. Stars from above crashed towards the earth, decorating Roc in starstuff so much that it seeped into her thick fur. At first, everything seemed the same. Starchild leapt back up to the locomotive's roof, tapping the steel gently as if urging Roc to do the same. When she placed her paw on the hood of the machine, a strange aura enveloped it like a veil. Everyone who was with us stared in awe; My mate, Roc, she obtained the power of the stars above. Starchild laughed brightly, her runes finally stopped glowing and she leapt down to head towards me. In a whisper, she spoke. "Perhaps, one day, if you need it... The power of the stars will come to you as well."


For the longest while, I thought nothing of Starchild's words. I had no need for any power of the stars and I prefer work to something as fragile as faith. We worked hard to make the shift from steam to stardust on our locomotive and I could feel the excited energy of our engineers thrumming against the earth with each passing day. Making something so heavy fly without wings, it was almost a miracle what Roc could do now. She tried her hardest to meet the lofty expectations of us all, it was beautiful.

But, I was too self-absorbed in this that I did not realize something terrible was happening to my mate.

She slept longer, and had a much harder time falling asleep. Me, who used to protect her until she fell into a fast slumber, I would be closing my eyes before she even steadied her heartbeat. She ate less, smiled less. I thought it was just a phase but couldn't help but shake the queasiness coiling in my gut every time I looked at her. Finally I pulled her aside from the locomotive construction to take her on a casual flight across the isles. Flying was her most favorite pastime and I thought, surely it would help her feel better. Things seemed to be going well for us, we enjoyed the silence and beauty of the sun setting across the isles, but suddenly Roc began descending from the sky at an alarming rate. She'd fallen unconscious. I dove down to grab hold of her before she crashed into the sea. As fast as I could I placed Roc in our shared nest so her body temperature wouldn't drop any lower. She looked to be suffering even in her state, her maw twisted into a frown as she curled against herself, shivering.

"Starchild... I must find Starchild..." I muttered under my breath just about ready to bellow through the halls calling the Pearlcatcher's name. "I'm already here. No need to shout." The beautiful pink dragon invited herself into the Matriarch's quarters to inspect Roc. She looked gravely upset. "You Lightning dragons know nothing, do you?" She started. "What...?" Starchild snorted, wings unfurling angrily in response. "Is that all you have to say for yourself after working your very own partner to near DEATH?" under normal circumstances, I would have demanded respect of such uncouth behavior but... I was too blindsided with worry to bite back. "Is there anything I can do?" Starchild's expression softened. "She needs to rest and not use her powers at all for a few moons. You must tell your clan she cannot exert herself any further." I nodded. Yes, rest. "The project will be cancelled Henceforth." Starchild sighed. "I admire your loyalty to your partner, but you know that isn't possible with how many resources were already expended on this year-long project." Unfortunately the Pearlcatcher was correct. The project couldn't abruptly end like this. But he was out of options. "What else am I do to, Starchild? When Roc recovers she will only strain herself worse to make up for lost time." The dragon thought for a moment, and it came to her.

"Perhaps, you could help bear the weight of her powers of you also became one with the stars?" She offered. "However, magic and Guardians never did mix well. Things could go horribly wrong or the stars may reject you completely." I remember staring long and hard at my claws and find. "Then I shall become something else if it means Roc can be protected from such abuse." Starchild laughed in endearment. "How did I know you would say that, Sinbad? Very well. You shall become something worthy of the Stars, and they will have no choice but to grant you their power."

When Roc awoke, she was not entwined with her guardian mate. Instead, she came face to face with the body of a Pearlcatcher. She took one look into my eyes and embraced me tightly. "Sinbad..." She whispered, as if the weeks she had spent asleep and the massive change of her mate meant nothing to her. "You're not shocked?" I had to ask, and she giggled. "Why would I be? You are still my love, no matter what you look like."

Together from that day on, we became the Masters of the star locomotive. A machine we called the Stardust Rails.

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