Roc (#26904912)
Level 25 Tundra
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Ice Sprite
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Female Tundra
This dragon is hibernating.
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4.18 m
3.9 m
315.28 kg


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Sep 13, 2016
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Tundra
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"When I was young, I never expected to have made it past the moon. The Shifting Expanse was a dry and dangerous place filled with aggressive creatures both dragon and Beastclan alike, but at least I was never truly alone. Whenever I was on my last breath, I could hear a voice. 'KEEP MOVING. You can rest only when you are at your journey's end!' And now... here I am. Funny, isn't it?

I don't know how... but I still remember it all so clearly. Noise, heat... There was an energy tingling my entire body, its source was the very ground I awoke on. It was a bone-dry day like any other in the Highland Scrub, at the peak of a thunderstorm that bore no rain. I heard the earth crying out for water... for an escape to the heat, my eyes opened to these sounds of pain and suffering. A searing blue that seemed to breathe life into the surrounding area. And I only say that because wherever I walked, the scrub seemed to weave and twist to greet me as I passed. Though, the gentle nature never spoke to me. Never asked me my name or purpose in life. I only existed, and it was the most frightening experience I ever had. I couldn't hunt, I couldn't speak, and I could barely breathe. I didn't understand the concept of death yet, but I felt it hovering overhead like a swarm of bonepickers.

I made it to a shady patch of land, but it wasn't enough protection against the elements. Dry lightning cracked across the sky, uprooting whatever greenery managed to survive in the stark wasteland. And right before my eyes, a castle made of clouds emerged overhead. Its misty walls stretched down towards the ground I walked on, as if offering passage into wonders untold. Perhaps... in the sky there would be food, there would be water and never again would I fall asleep on an empty stomach. I could rest peacefully... I moved towards the sky's welcoming embrace.

"Do not." I remember being frozen to my very core as that disembodied voice spoke to me. Don't what? Was I doing something wrong? Was it... ill of me to wish of warm night by the fire and a full tummy? The magnificent castle above suddenly began to spiral, whipping at the ground and anything standing with an unbridled ferocity. My heavy fur danced in death's embrace while I reached for the nearest object to me. My eyes closed as I accepted my fate, never to see the next sunrise. But at least, I did not lose my dreams... Not that I had any in the first place. What was there to pray for when you've seen nothing the world had to offer?

And then it hit me. I never DID see the world, and that in itself was probably the saddest thing in my existence! I've seen the sun rise and set, but I've never experienced it. I've seen food, but never had the satisfaction of a full meal. And I never met another creature in my life, but I knew they existed. I unfurled my wings as the storm lifted both me and the cacti I clung onto into the deathspace of open air. Fighting the storm, raging against it as I flew, I felt something I've never known before...

A deep pleasure as I made this tempest my own.

"KEEP. MOVING." All I remember seeing after that was a single blue eye in the middle of the storm, surging with power I could never hope to match. And as a massive lightning bolt struck across the sky, I followed it to freedom.


I woke up on the far side of a canyon, clear skies overhead with no sign of the castle. No voice to keep me company, just my cactus friend and its terrible injuries. Its skin was torn off at some parts and only in that moment did its aroma reach my nose. I thought at first that I was hallucinating from my hunger, but as it turned out this was a very rare type of nourishment. A Sugary Prickleaf had been growing out of the cactus. And its insides were rich with water. I ate my fill, learning one of the most important lessons in survival that day. I could have left the revitalizing canyon afterwards, but something kept me rooted in place. I felt it gently take hold of my heart, I heard a song from down below the dry earth, it sizzled and surged as it sang, yearning for someone to find it. And Gods be damned, it was going to be me who found it.

That night as another dry storm crackled up above, I dug my claws into the canyon and began to dig. I'd dig tirelessly hour after hour, often forgetting to feed, just to put a sizable dent in the canyon's edge. When I couldn't move any more from exhaustion, I would dig my claws into the side of a crevice and only rest the minimum I could get away with. The next day would be the same as the last, I would only ever leave my labors to gather food and water. Somehow... I never grew tired of this task, and I was content with having every day be the exact same from dawn until dusk.

Ah, that is to say... Until he came into my life. Or rather, I crashed into his. Literally! It was strange, seeing a mighty Guardian come crashing down painfully against the floor when a small dragon such as me collided with him. I guess my strength is more than the eye would normally see~ Unfortunately I had twisted his wing joints and rendered him flightless for a few moons. Oops. I didn't leave him to die though! Quickly, I brought the Coral Guardian into the little cave I'd made myself. It was now big enough to hold just us two, and I tended to his injuries. It was odd at first, how I knew exactly where to apply pressure to and wrap, but he was eternally grateful for my spontaneous assistance. Or at least, that's what he said!


Art by @Llanai Check out their art shop {here}
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