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6.54 m
9.13 m
429.86 kg


Primary Gene
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Tertiary Gene


Aug 30, 2016
(5 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Dark Sclera
Level 25 Wildclaw
Max Level



  • none


  • none



   ih-hay-las ; "nurture the brave. eat the weak."
No mercy. No quarter. To an outsider, she must look like a monster. Even those prospering in the sheltering boughs of the Glademother's great tree would look upon her actions and feel disgust. Charlatans. False prophets. The true children of Nature shun their civilised ways. They remember the vicious brutality of the Wilds. They embrace it. It is Nature's way. Too soft are those who dwell in little houses playing politics, oblivious to the truth of the world. This land is for the savage; and though they hide it, hide from it, Nature's way is that of savagery.

She may dress like one of them, when the emissaries visit. She may, should the need arise, even talk like them. Act like them. It's easy enough: raise one's nose high in the air, close one's eyes to the truth, and pretend like the words of mere dragons can dictate the fate of this world. But it is only ever an act. Inside her is something primal. Something wild. Something bloodthirsty. Even when she hides it, a glimmer of it shines in her eyes. But she does not succumb to it. Instead, she controls it; directs it; lets it give her strength as she leads her clan.


No, she is not a monster. She feels pain and love and fear. She protects her clan -- her family -- with all of her strength and will; not out of some political duty, nor even (she would admit) the sacred task given her by Palla. The reason she fought for leadership was not thirst for power, but desire for safety. For her, and everything she cares for. Perhaps Palla saw this. Perhaps that is why she now wears this crown upon her head. And, heavy as the burden may be, she would have it no other way. She could trust no one else with this task.

Brutality? Necessity. There are ancient powers in this world, powers that dragonkind so often chooses to forget. The gods are not gentle beings. They leave destruction in their wake; and only death can come from such relics. Ihalas has tasted of one. She would never choose this -- no sane dragon would -- but for some, desire for power overrules all reason. Perhaps they cannot safeguard all such weapons, but the one here? None shall ever lay a claw on it. She can't allow it to happen. It would doom them all.
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» As the clan's matriarch and leader, Ihalas' main duties involve coordinating the clan members' activities and negotiating with other faction leaders. She has final say on all political matters and is very involved with the clan's justicial system.

» Despite being at the top of the clan's hierarchy, Ihalas still wholeheartedly submits to the will of Palla, the clan's spiritual leader and shaman. It is quite clear she sees herself as subordinate to them, despite their respective titles. After all, it is Palla alone who may grant the title of leader - and legend says that Palla can commune with the Gladekeeper herself, and speaks with her voice.

» Ihalas earned her place not through seniority (she is, in fact, not the oldest of the clan) but an intimidating combination of threat, cunning and, when a situation calls for it, pure, cold-hearted brutality. She does not bluff or play with words. If she says something, then she means every word of it - and everybody knows it.

» Despite her fearsome reputation, Ihalas is well-loved by those close to her, and well-respected throughout the clan as a fair and just leader who is truly dedicated to protecting her people and the wilderness in which they make their home. She does appear to genuinely care about the clan's members, and listens to them. And they love her... and fear her wrath.

» Her status as the clan's leader has not made Ihalas any less willing or capable of fighting her own battles. The idea of strength on every front -- in claws and in words, in numbers and alone -- is something Ihalas has cultivated ever since she first ascended to leadership. All dragons must be strong. All must be able to hold their own in this brutal world.

» As the clan's leader, Ihalas gets little time to herself. That which she does have, she spends meditating among the trees, tending to her small garden and relaxing with the clan's members. She has no fear of treachery from within the clan; even if one dared cross her, none will go against the will of Palla, who granted Ihalas her title.
Appearance : physically, she is neither notably large nor particularly bulky, but her eyes radiate intensity like spotlights. She holds herself like one who has nothing at all to fear, daring anyone to dispute that tacit claim. Across her whole body knots of thorned vine emerge from her skin, pulsing alongside her heartbeat - twisting, curling, interlocking with each other like worms from turned soil.

Personality : aloof, guarded, cold, calculating, controlling, domineering, ambitious, ruthless, protective, loving, loyal, reticent, quietly affectionate

History : one of few dragons ever raised in the clan, she was found as a hatchling and brought up collectively by them, though she had a particular bond with Palla. As she grew she became more ambitious, sure that she could lead the clan better than any other could; never for the power itself, but for the control it afforded her. For decades she has held the throne unchallenged with Palla by her side, who steadies her temper and guides her hand.



Nari, a strange companion for such a fierce dragon, is usually seen nestled in Ihalas' apparel with only its "head" poking out, staring intensely.

beautiful art by ReiOfLight <3

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