Luceat (#26544178)
Unlucky Librarian
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Coatl
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8.54 m
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701.25 kg


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Aug 29, 2016
(6 years)



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Level 1 Coatl
EXP: 0 / 245







Head Librarian | Tactician | ASC Leader



"Shhh, the books are trying to sleep."

STR |▓▓▓░░░░░░░| CHR |▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░| MAGI |▓░░░░░░░░░|

INT |▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░| QCK |▓▓▓▓░░░░░░| DEF |▓▓░░░░░░░░|

STAM |▓▓▓▓░░░░░░|



It is common knowledge among Coatls that hatchlings born grey or white are a sign of misfortune. These hatchlings are to be abandoned before ill fate falls upon their nestmates. Unfortunately, time and time again, parents who are unwilling to part with this "bad omen" witness their other offspring die to a mysterious disease, or pass away in a freak accident. Sometimes, parents themselves are the victims. Stories like these cement the idea that all monochrome Coatl hatchlings are unlucky to the point of being deadly.

This belief, however, is only half true. These grey and white Coatls, who are born with innate love for their family, are themselves cursed with that terrible misfortune. And when the things they care about most are those dearest to them, they invite disaster to fall upon their loved ones.

Such is the case with Luceat. The son of two researchers at the Observatory, his hatching came with great surprise. Although his sister, his only nestmate, hatched with bright blue plumage similar to her parents, Luceat emerged sporting the dull grey color that all Coatls feared. Worse still, splotches of white sucked away the color from what would have been pure, black wings.

As the innocent newborn saw his parents for the first time, he did not realize they were discussing his own abandonment. They came to the agreement that discarding him was the right thing to do for the sake of protecting his sister. Luceat stared with wide and oblivious eyes when his mother moved to pick him up, to which his sister responded by nipping their mother's paw. Feathers raised, she screamed at their parents in defiance, daring either of them to touch her brother. When their father tried, his sister doubled down on her threat, digging her claws and fangs into his arm.

The parents decided Luceat was not worth abandoning if their daughter, whom they were trying to protect, would rather keep him safe. The other Coatls of the clan scorned their decision, but they held no power over the couple, so Luceat stayed and grew up to become a member of the clan. Or at least he would have.

Although his sister excelled at her studies, Luceat's teachers complained he was a slow learner. While she was writing papers on the growing economic tensions between dragon flights and Beastclans, he was still struggling to remember what happened in the three ages. Her magical capabilities impressed the clan elders when she slew a maren warlock on her lonesome, which Luceat was there to witness and cheer her on. That same day, he casted his first mana bolt, and it barely nudged the rock he was aiming at. His sister applauded his performance regardless, and they went fishing to celebrate.

Dragons even outside of the Coatl species warned Luceat's sister not to associate with her brother, but she claimed they were stupid for buying into a mere superstition. And although his sister should have been the prime target of Luceat's envy, he carried only admiration for her.

The other Coatls, who had remained skeptical of Luceat's presence, thought differently than his sister. They told his parents that if he did not improve soon, they were going to exile him once and for all. The parents passed on this warning on to their children, not caring if Luceat failed, but his sister did. And against Luceat's wishes, she organized and pushed him through intense tutoring sessions that caught his social sciences and writing skills up to speed. They discovered that he had a talent for solving puzzles and strategic planning, but because the clan valued pure knowledge above all else, he never saw value in this skill.

His first and only tutoring session on magic took place in the Crystal Pools. His sister was confident in her ability to defeat anything they may encounter, but nothing could prepare them for when they were attacked by a massive crystalhide jester. She fended the beast from her brother and drained her mana shooting at its exposed head and flippers, but her attacks hardly scratched it. Neither of them realized the jester was merely toying with them until it tore off her wing in one bite.

Luceat stared in shock as crimson plumes stained the water around his sister. Lifeforce draining, she turned to him and mumbled her last word.


He fled the Crystal Pools. He didn't bother returning to his clan, not when he would have to explain what happened to his sister. Not when his own tongue would have to attest that everyone's fears weren't unfounded, and because of him, their budding prodigy was dead. Not when he already had to admit to himself that he was better off an abandoned child if it meant his sister would still be alive, blooming to her fullest potential. Most of all, he refused go back and prove the skeptics that they were right all along when his sister had died trying to prove them otherwise. So he fled, not knowing he could never escape this curse he was born with.


Luceat joined a fledgling clan. He found the group of dragons building their lair in a beachside cave that extended below the Starwood Strand. The leader Ender called it the clan of Infinite Dreams. Luceat would've preferred joining a more well-established clan, but he feared they would reject him for his grey plumage. Only budding clans desperate for new members would take him in.

Seeing as he was starting a new life, Luceat tried love for the first time. He started a relationship with one of the Guardians. Her name Zatru, and they ended up having a nest. Upon seeing their two eggs for the first time, he was suddenly elated. To think that he, of all dragons, would live long enough to find romance and create offspring of his own! Even better, Ender appointed him as head of the clan's new library, since he was the only one at the time with the necessary knowledge on how to run one. It was only a small room with a few dozen books, but he was proud to be in charge of the clan's wealth of knowledge. In his old clan, he could've only dreamed about being in his current position. Perhaps his luck was finally starting to turn, he thought as he witnessed the hatching of his first two children. The two baby Guardian boys had to be a sign of good fortune.

How wrong he was.

A massive storm ripped through the Starfall Isles. Normally, clans with lairs vulnerable to the elements would set up magic shields to protect them. Ender neglected this vital step, and the lair quickly flooded. Luceat and his clanmates barely had enough time to evacuate. Every hard earned possession in their hoard was destroyed. But more than that, the hatchery located at the very bottom of the lair had been the first room to go. Luceat didn't realize this until he found his Guardian lover wailing at the flooded entrance of the lair. His first clutch, his only children, were dead, along with the hatchery caretaker watching over them. Once again, he lost his family, and Luceat realized the curse had never left him.

The storm ceased, but the tumultuous waves stirring in his own heart finally broke him. Luceat snapped, and for the first time since leaving his old clan, he wielded the arcane energy inside of him. He planned to rid his memory of the flood, his children, his old clan, his family, his beloved sister, and everything else that pertained to him. He would become a completely new individual built on fresh experiences.

But as luck should have it, he botched the spell. Instead of erasing all his memories, it only erased half of them. He remembered the face of his firstborn son, but not his name, and his second son Brier had only a name attached to him. He felt the care of a sister he loved dearly, but he couldn't remember what happened between them, nor what he called her. He still hated his old clan, no doubt about that, but even if he wanted to recover his lost history, he couldn't recall where they lived, just that they were within the massive area called the Observatory.

Nothing seemed to go right for him. In addition to the botched spell, Luceat was relieved of his position as librarian until the clan could fully recover. It took weeks until they could afford to start collecting books again. Even after resuming his librarian duties, Luceat had accepted he was to live a life without happiness. He felt incomplete without his memories, and his fallout with Zatru didn't help in the slightest.

A few years passed, and the clan had amassed a massive collection of texts. Books, tomes, and scrolls of all different sizes filled the shelves. Using magic, his clanmates expanded the library to have a second floor for overflow, but that too filled up quickly. Besides being a librarian, the clan also appointed him as one of their tacticians in warfare. His intelligence combined with his growing apathy towards life garnered him infamy for his merciless plans to eliminate enemy clans. Among newbies, it became hard to believe that this Coatl was once an innocent outcast seeking acceptance in a new home.


One fateful day, on his way back home from the Tourmaline Archives, he got lost in the Starwood Strands, and his wings were too tired for him to fly. This had to be his curse acting up again, he thought. While wandering, he encountered a green and white Skydancer by the name of Loreheart. With the help of a detailed map, Loreheart guided Luceat back to the clan of Infinite Dreams, and Luceat thanked the Skydancer by offering him a room to stay overnight, which he gratefully accepted.

Loreheart requested to see the clan's library out of curiosity. Luceat led him to his workplace, and they started a conversation over tea and snacks that Loreheart brought over from his home flight. Loreheart claimed to be a traveler from Viridian Labyrinth, and his stories of danger and adventure enthralled Luceat. As for the Coatl himself, he shared stories of his clan's troubles and exploits, especially during its fledgling years. They amused Loreheart, who had never lived among others before. As the clock ticked late into the night, Luceat decided to warn him about the cursed tomes in the Tourmaline Archives as thanks for talking with him.

The next more, Loreheart announced he wanted to stay. Why? Because he didn't want to gamble ruining his life just to find a good book, and the clan's library was good enough for him. If Loreheart wanted to find a new home, he'd make it here.

Luceat finally caved in and asked Loreheart if he was bothering him. Everyone knew about the grey Coatl's curse, the Skydancer included. Shouldn't he be uncomfortable after telling him all the trouble his misfortune caused? Luceat suggested he should avoid associating with him, to which Loreheart laughed.

"If misfortune is your worst weapon, then my strength is adapting to whatever dilemma misfortune can cause. Being around you cannot be any worse than playing guessing games in a repository full of cursed books."

"But what if I was lying to you? As a way to prevent an outsider from reading our Arcane texts."

"If you had wanted me gone so badly, you would have said nothing last night, and I would be on my way to the Archives at this very moment. Yet, here I am. "

With the clan leader's permission, Loreheart stayed as a permanent member of the clan. With a new companion at last, Luceat's days have gotten brighter ever since.



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