Gin (#262421)
Level 3 Wildclaw
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Dire Vulture
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Wildclaw
This dragon cannot breed until Aug 11, 2020 (32 days).
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5.16 m
8.42 m
437.3 kg


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Jul 28, 2013
(6 years)



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Eye Type
Level 3 Wildclaw
EXP: 26 / 1401


Gin, The Potion Tester
mondo hack
Member of:

[Nostalgia Hatchery]

6 digit
Not for sale or trade

Gin was lying on his back, the faces of Venom and Vial above him. The Spiral was muttering to Vial , curling his tail around his claws. She would give an occasional nod to his words, and her hands would tighten on her pearl. She looked terribly frightening with the beak slicing out of the mask she always wore.

"Alright," she said in her deep voice, "we have a new one to test on you." A spider dangled from her wing, spinning in hypnotic circles. "Do you accept to test this drug?" Gin was too distracted by the arachnid to put much thought in it, so he gave a grunt to signify his agreement. He already had the words that she said to him each time memorized.

She put his head down onto cold stone. He noticed that with the two--no regard to making him comfortable when he was about to drink one of their concoctions that would probably taste really bad. Regardless, he said nothing, just opened his mouth as they poured the liquid in.

It was strangely thick, with a few lumps in it that tasted like sugar. He had caught a glimpse of the drug and saw that the color had been a vibrant shade of blue. Instantly, he began to feel its affects. The world swayed around him. Trees bent, faces blurred, voices warped. "How do you feel?" Vial asked.

The words forced themselves out from his thick tongue. "Stupid."
Venoml gave Vial a wicked grin. "Seems like it's working. So, stupid, what do you think this drug is?"

Gin made no coherent thought as he answered, "Another attempt to make a better remedy to help the herbs work better?"
He heard the pearlcatcher cackle. "No. No, this is something much, much more useful."
Gin could barely keep his eyes from shutting. It took a few tries, but he finally asked the question, "What is it?"

He was blacking out as Vial responded with a dangerous smile. "A truth serum."
And then... darkness.


An apprentice of Baldwin had been chatting idly with a first-time father with a nest of two, when disaster struck. A curious hatchling rammed into the newcomer, causing him to keel over, and a potion bottle shattered against one of the eggs. The glowing green liquid soaked into the egg faster than anyone thought possible.

The alchemist was angrily sent away, but not before being roughed up. The apprentice would probably not survive the darkness that is night in the Shadow kingdom. No one but Baldwin would mourn his passing.

The father grieved, though the egg showed no sign of decay or sickness of any kind. He feared that the potion would turn his child into a monstrosity or a cripple. The mother of the two unborn children grieved in her cave, and refused to come out.

It was a great relief when the egg hatched, and out came a healthy dragon. But, it was a strange one. Its eyes were narrowed, and were that of a Plague dragon. Parts of its wings were leaves, and it was a Wildclaw, while the parents had been a Fae and a Coatl. The colors were also way of the spectrum of their own. The potion had truly altered its appearance.

The father named him Gin, after the potion that had fallen upon his shell. Gin was a curious creature, always getting into things and eating them. This has been the cause of many upset tummies and belly-aches, but still he persists in tasting the world around him. Soon, he was old enough to leave his clan, as was custom when he was alive. He and his sister set off into the world, one heading south, the other, west.

Gin braved the wilds of the Tangled Wood, making sure all manner of creatures knew he was alive and capable of fighting. He was not bothered at all, except for a stray pocket mouse that kept running over his scales. At least, until he ate the creature.

Come morning, he moved on. He entered what soon would become his home, the Scarred Wasteland. While there, he met a beautiful Wildclaw that went by the name of Tonic . She was patrolling the borders of her clan, and it was love at first sight.

She took him back to her clan and introduced him to the leader. The clanleader took a liking to him and invited him to stay within the clan. He did so and lived there for many happy years. He assisted the chemist, a successful apprentice of Baldwin's, by gathering materials and testing potions, drugs and medicine. He and Tonic became mates. They were very happy together and had many children.

After a couple of years they decided to move on they flew for miles, away from the destruction that was once their home. The duo eventually found a home on the vessel "The Namárië" and they made it their home.

To get something to occupy his mind he became a tester of the potions made by Venom, and Vial.a quite dangerous job as there are so many unknown compounds to test.

;- Lore by AwkwardAngel
; - Bio template by [Doomslayer ]

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