Acolyte (#25011773)
Level 20 Imperial
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Brown River Flight
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Energy: 45/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Male Imperial
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27.8 m
22.61 m
7521.3 kg


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Jun 28, 2016
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 20 Imperial
EXP: 26243 / 111687




  • none


Triple A General

{ ac - o - lyte }
Nickname: N/A
x. Middle English: follower

• AH bought

A Sadness Runs Through Him
by The Hoosiers







25538609p.png SIANAR
Clan Leader

Acolyte’s boss. He’s rather friendly to Acolyte, but Acolyte can’t help to think there’s something else he’s trying to gain.
25471104p.png AAMON
Triple A General

Aamon is a General of Himinn. Acolyte doesn’t like him very much.
25684831p.png AESHMA
Triple A General

Aeshma is a General of Himinn. She’s rather mean to Acolyte, leading him to avoid her.
34354836p.png AMAIMON
The Shadow

Acolyte sold his soul to this demon in order to complete his trials. He lurks in his shadow.

By Limanya
H i r e d
written by TyrianCallows

Applicants Wanted
For a high ranking position
Only the strongest will get the position

Arrive to Eyvindr to apply

Acolyte huffed at the wanted poster that had appeared the day before. Go to Eyvindr? More like go to your death, every dragon knew that there was a nasty storm that had surrounded the island. There probably wasn't any dragons left there to hire anybody!

But still, he did need a job and this one did sound promising. Would he be willing to risk it? He thought about it, it would be a huge waste of time if no dragon was there, let alone the factor of being killed trying to get to the island. But on the other hand he only had the treasure in his pockets and it wouldn't feed him for the rest of the week, but it would fund the necessary resources he'd need to get to the island. He snorted before grabbing his notebook and writing down the needed information from the poster before moving on, it seems as though his body already made the choice before his brain could reject it.

8NtMLe9.png lnxEfny.png

He looked down into the lapping water through the tendrils on the border of the Plague territory and Wind territory. The waves peacefully, unlike how his nerves were reacting inside his body. But now isn't the time to have second thoughts, he needed this job desperately. He does one last check of his supplies before backing away from the edge to prepare for take off. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath he lunges off over the ocean on his way to Eyvindr.

He flies for hours over the waves before encountering the first hints of the nasty storm that he would have to face to get to his job. The sky grew dark, a friendly Maren school shouted up to him to turn around as they witnessed dozens of dragons fly off to the Isle and saw them all torn to shreds in the weaker of the winds. Their advice did not help his nerves as he continued on. The sleet started as suddenly as the sky had gone dark. It made it hard for Acolyte to see, let alone move his wings. Even still, he continued on. He couldn't give up and turn around now, he wouldn't make it back to shore. The only option was to forge on.

He almost crashed head first into the storm barrier; he was distracted by his body on the verge of freezing solid and lacked to notice it. It was more than what he imagined, those maren were right, he would be ripped apart if he tried to go head on into the storm! He decided to start circling it, using the winds to do some of the heavy lifting since his body was on the brink of plummeting into the waters below.

He circled for what seemed like eternity, no weak spots within the storm to be found. He was on his last leg, no doubt he'd die to the waters, or the storm. He started to feel his wings give out when the storm suddenly disappeared and Eyvindr was exposed to him. Quickly he flew to the ocean-side town, which saw his unceremonious landing on one of it's docks. He rolled over to his back, heavily panting, he actually made it! Before he could celebrate two flashes of red flew over and graciously landed on the dock next to him, followed by the storm picking back up.

"That Imp was sure lucky we were here, he wouldn't have made it," one of the now identifiable Skydancers commented.
"Thallos," the more feminine one warned. "Don't speak to one so weak as him."
"So be it my lady, Aeshma," Thallos said with a slight bow, and a worried glance back to him.

'Sheesh, what's her problem,' he thinks to himself as he hoists himself back up onto his legs, still panting. Before he could catch his breath though, a sudden booming voice echoed in the bay.

"I see we have visitors! What could you three possibly be here for," a purple Pearlcatcher clad in pelts appeared within his vision.

"Your ad, I want that job," the Skydancer now known as Aeshma stated, a challenging gaze on her face as she addressed the Pearlcatcher.

"Mhmm, and how about your... mate," he turned towards the other Skydancer, Thallos.

Before Thallos could respond Aeshma butted in, "He's not my mate. And he is under a paid contract with me."

"Ah, apologizes for the assumption," the Pearlcatcher turned to face Acolyte now, stern eyes assessed the Imperial, "And how about you? Here for the job as well?"

"Ah! Uh, yes. Yes I am. The name is Acolyte by the way," he replied.

"Well then, it is ... an honor to meet you Acolyte, and," he looks towards the duo of Skydancers.



"Aeshma and Thallos," he continued, "I am Sianar, current ruler of Himinn. And the job you two have now applied for is to become one of my top Generals. So if I could get you to follow me, we will have a dinner in your honor and bring you to your resting chambers as I'm sure you are tired. We can get started tomorrow on the rest of your application," with a swish of his tail Sianar began to saunter off.

As he was about to follow suit of Sianar, Aeshma shoved past him giving him a dastardly sneer before getting in line with Sianar. Thallos on the other hand lagged behind and walked beside Acolyte to the dining area.

"Odd isn't it? I have yet to see the rest of a clan here in this port, only Sianar," Thallos commented giving him a glance.

"Haha, yeah now that you mention it...." Acolyte said, "It's also eerily quiet. M-maybe everyone is at the dining area?"

"Hmm, could be," Thallos said, "But I've been here before, long ago under the original rulers. It was never like this. Something else is going on."

Before Acolyte had a chance to respond, Thallos jogged off to catch up with Aeshma who was still right on the tail of Sianar. "Well that sure sets my mind as ease," he thought.

8NtMLe9.png lnxEfny.png

Dinner with the clan of Himinn went well, the clan was polite and oddly quiet despite the boisterous announcements from Sianar when they had arrived. For such a small isle locked away from the rest of the world, they seemed to have enough food to last them for years. [to be continued]

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