Polosim (#24664798)
Level 25 Imperial
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Coastline Sawbeak
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Energy: 45/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Earth.
Male Imperial
This dragon cannot breed until Dec 09, 2021 (8 days).
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22.81 m
23.44 m
8837.18 kg


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Jun 17, 2016
(5 years)



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Level 25 Imperial
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header image from Pixabay

Although currently visiting the Disillusionists for various reasons, you have some time to kill, and you think about exploring the lair. You ask the architect, Polosim, if that would be all right, and he laughs and rubs his brow. "Some parts of the lair are closed to visitors," he explains, "but it shouldn't be too bad if you have someone with you. I can show you around, if you'd like."

You take him up on his offer. As he leads you around the main lair, you ask him about the place's history. You've heard rumors about the place being put together from different kinds of stone and incorporating Second-Age buildings, and Polosim raises his ears. "That was me," he says, with just a touch of pride. You press him for more details, and he explains the history of the lair.

I. Sundial Terrace
The lair was first discovered by Veritas and Nachstreiter. At that time, it was merely a long, narrow hall lined with columns on either side. It looked as though there were rooms at the back and beyond the columns, but these had been blocked off by debris. At the back of the hall, the floor had also caved in. The rubble formed a ramp that led to an underground pool, also lined with columns. The back of the pool (which is the area beneath the entrance of the lair) was also damaged, and the pool was being fed by underground water sources.

I had been tapped as the architect -- it was just the progenitors, Rhian, Regius, and myself back then. No one else could use Earth magic, so it fell to me to clear the lair. My clanmates helped out, of course, and slowly we expanded our living quarters. It was at around this time that we guessed that the building was a Second-Age construct -- some sort of sports complex, based on the murals we found on the underground walls. My hypothesis is that in the years between the Second Age and now, earthquakes created more pillars and mesas of stone nearby, almost merging with the building. I sculpted both the lair and the natural rock, merging them so that the complex could continue to grow. The lair expanded not just laterally, but also vertically: We added more levels on top and dug catacombs into the rocks below. Eventually, our territory spilled over onto Mirrorlight Promenade.

II. Mirrorlight Promenade
Expanding onto the Promenade meant we were now closer to the sea. At around this time, we began adding outbuildings, such as a lighthouse. We also began developing the land immediately outside the buildings, creating gardens and parks.

We didn't get so many new clan members during this time, but our lair continued growing. There wasn't any place for us to expand, however, since the land that surrounded our territory had already been settled by other dragons. Jubilant, the Arcane Ambassador, had been researching possible solutions. He hit upon a dramatic one: He would uproot the lair, catacombs and outbuildings and all, and levitate it across the Sunbeam Ruins. We would find a new place to put down roots, and there we would plant our home.

III. Hewn City
We were very, very surprised when Jubilant's plan worked perfectly. Progress was slow, but we were able to take the entire lair all the way to Hewn City. We frightened quite a lot of dragons with our levitating lair, I'm afraid. With the help of Taueret the hydromancer, we drained part of the delta, where it met the sea, and planted the lair there.

I think we really flourished in Hewn City. We made many modifications to the main building, such as adding a terrace garden and securing some rooms of the catacombs. Our location made it easy for other clans to reach us, and we soon developed alliances with dragons from all over Sornieth. We had a lot of new clanmates during this time, too.

Trouble was brewing, however....Alberge, one of our lair guards, had fallen under the influence of the Shade. Although he is quite trustworthy now, I promise, at that time he was deeply jealous of Jubilant's prowess -- particularly his having levitated the lair. I guess it really was stupendous, terrified dragons notwithstanding. Alberge was determined to do the same thing, if not better. And one afternoon, on the Shade's urging, he gave it a try. That, by heaven, was a very exciting time.

IV. Beacon of the Radiant Eye
Alberge's magic, coupled with the Shade's influence, caused the lair to rise unsteadily into the air -- and keep on rising, and rising....Some of us managed to get out before his magic sealed up the lair. We alerted our nearest allies, and together, we managed to break back inside and convince Alberge to reject the Shade's control. The lair would have fallen, had Jubilant not used his magic on it again. By then, we had drifted far, far away from Hewn City. Jubilant was too exhausted to float it all the way back, so instead, he brought it to rest near the Beacon of the Radiant Eye.

And that's where we are today. We probably always will be -- I don't imagine our neighbors will be thrilled to see another floating lair. Twice was quite enough! Well, all right...In the future, we might decide to move elsewhere....But for now, we're here to stay.

You thank Polosim for his time and for sharing the clan's stories with you. At this point, you are on the main building's ground floor. You can see much of the levels, and also the grounds outside. Curious, you ask Polosim about these. He agrees to tell you about them as he shows you around.


The Main Building
This grew from the sports complex that we excavated. I terraformed it to include the surrounding stone so that it's now this huge, round building we all currently reside in. You can still see the underlying Second-Age sports stadium structure, if you squint. We added the many portals you can see around its circumference, plus it has a few unusual features such as Amaryllis' terrace garden. It is also much, much larger than it was originally.

Those portals I mentioned let in a great deal of light, and we also get some through the ceiling of the building. The roof is a shallow dome with a skylight, about 20 meters in diameter, in the center. Made of thick, tempered glass, this glass circle is what allows natural light to come into the lair. You can see it if you fly past, but though the glass will be able to support your weight, I wouldn't recommend landing on it -- it can get very hot in the daytime.

The inside of the building is ranged around this central lobby. Visitors like you enter from the west, and from here, you can see the ramp that spirals around the inside of the building, leading to the different levels and rooms. There are four levels aboveground and two below. Most of the main lair includes living quarters, such as our sleeping halls, kitchens, private workshops and studies, and so on. Areas which are open to visitors, like meeting halls, are located closer to the ground floor. The higher levels are our private quarters. My clanmates have their rooms here, so I'm afraid I can't take you inside without their express permission. We can go underground later, if you'd like, but it's not a good idea for visitors to do this if they're alone.

The building's base material is stone. It is a pale, mealy color near the entrance, but the rest of lair was sculpted from a different kind of stone -- you can see where it suddenly turns dark, gray or reddish-brown. I'm quite proud of the fact that it all looks to have been carved from one huge piece, though. Very nice work, if I may say so myself.

The Tower of Drabel
Would you like to visit our very own pocket dimension? --No, really. It's not far, just halfway up the main lair....Ah, here we are. Drabel is thought to be a worldlet, a sort of pocket dimension created and maintained by Harfang. No one else requested or authorized it, and we have zero idea how she set it up, but it's proving incredibly useful, so we're keeping it. We use it as document storage.

Drabel is...we suspect it's not actually located inside the building, but is connected to here somehow. Note the very narrow opening in the main lair's wall, stretching all the way up to the ceiling. Just wide enough to admit a single Imperial, like me. Step beyond; it's just like crossing an ordinary threshold...and here we are.

Harfang the Chronicler watches silently from her desk. She looks impassively at you, and then goes back to her paperwork.

photo by Ralf Roletschek / image from Wikimedia Commons
This room is perhaps 35m in diameter. Like the lair outside, Drabel is arranged around a central well. The levels, however, are much lower than they are outside, and the walls are lined with alcoves. And if you look up, you'll see no ceiling. Just that distant mistyness...It's like the tower is stretching into space itself. That's where this comes strange, pearly light comes from. The tower, no matter what time of day or night it is, is always lit by this silvery glow. As for the floor patterns, I think they're just haphazard mosaics of silver-gray and black tiles -- no pattern, no meaning to them. None that we can discern, anyway. The railings that line each level are made of ash-gray stone, sculpted into indistinct, swirling shapes and silky-smooth to the touch. The walls are of darker granite, with dark wooden shelves. I...don't know who did the sculpting. Or how. It's quite good, isn't it? Very fine, detailed work....Perhaps Harfang did it. Her den is just nearby, back in the main building.

This "ground floor" is where Harfang has her office: that huge, imposing desk of dark wood over there. I daresay it wouldn't look out of place in a bank manager's office. So many papers on top, and I'm sorry about all the stacks and piles of paper all around the room, too. That's just the way the office is. I wouldn't advise touching them, for reasons I'll shortly explain....We could ask Harfang, certainly, but Harfang is silent and cannot, or will not, answer questions about Drabel. Other dragons, both from inside and outside the clan, have come here and tried to study it, but this place has strange magic of its own and resists all the spells that have been tried upon it so far. Take a look at those wall alcoves again. See how each one bristles with scrolls or codices? There are too many manuscripts in this place for it to be just a repository of clan information -- but after leaving the room, all those researchers remembered reading only the clan chronicles. They've also thought about climbing or flying to the top of the tower, but somehow, they always have excuses not to do so. Would you like to try it?

...I thought you wouldn't. You know what, I don't feel like it either; it looks so tiring. I don't know why I suggested that. Let's go back outside. This place always makes my head hurt, and there are still other places I haven't yet shown you. Like the outside grounds, the cata...Yes, the catacombs. That's right...

The Catacombs
So you would like to go underground? Very well. Please stay close to me -- this isn't a dangerous place, I promise, but the passages are not too wide. These are the catacombs. They form about 95% of the lair's two underground levels, with Regius' Pool taking up about 5%. The catacombs have a threefold purpose: to serve as living quarters, as storerooms, and as, um, guardrooms. Currently the dragons who live here all do so by choice. The guardrooms are all empty and located in the lower second level.

It's cold and dark down here, isn't it? Don't worry, visitor, there's no danger of getting lost in these halls. They follow the structure of the aboveground lair: rooms ranged around a central lobby, with a ramp leading deeper into the ground. The dragons and artifacts found here are not regarded as dangerous, though please be informed that they really, really prefer to be left alone. Visitors may only enter the Catacombs with supervision.

image from Pixabay / edited by Disillusionist
You might have noticed that the stone here is dark and steely gray. And always a bit damp...This place was sculpted out of the bedrock immediately below the lair, which is why the stone looks different. I'm sorry it's so difficult for you to see. The inhabitants of these levels all prefer these dim, nebulous lanterns.

Oh, the inhabitants. Well, it's best not to bother them....Although there is one more room down here that we can visit.

Regius' Pool
The pool hasn't changed much from when we first discovered it. We've repaired and reinforced it, but it remains much the same size as before. It usually has two contents: several gallons of ice-cold water, and Regius the narcoleptic teleporter.

This underground pool can be directly accessed from the lobby. Now, facing west, on its left side you can see the columns that support the ceiling. The bleachers that used to be there were removed as they were in terrible disrepair, but the murals showing Second-Age sports events are still visible. Take a look -- interesting, aren't they? Second-Age scholars sometimes come down here, though we would really prefer they didn't stay too long and make so much noise.

Like most of the underground levels, this chamber is kept dark and cool. Rhian, Regius' mate, usually sleeps among the columns. Visitors are advised to enter the room with care, as Regius and Rhian might not enjoy being woken from their naps.
image from Pixabay / edited by Disillusionist
A great cloud of bubbles burbles up from the pool. You see a cold white glow; it pulses once and then retreats to the darker end of the pool.

To your left, a deeper, denser shadow shifts in the darkness among the columns. You see the glint of fiery eyes before the dragoness turns away.

The Terrace Garden
Now that you've seen everything inside the main building, it's time we had some fresh air. Here, let's step outside....May I draw your attention to our terrace garden? It belongs to one of our guards, Amaryllis. It's located near his living quarters, on the third level, and is lovingly tended by him. The "terrace" was actually created by removing part of the lair's outside wall. Flowerboxes have been sculpted into the floor and walls, and flowering vines spill over the edge of the terrace in a cascade of greenery and color. I'll admit that it looks fairly drab in the daytime, but if you come back after sundown, you'll be in for a real treat -- most of the plants up there bloom only at night.

The garden would be a great place to relax if it weren't so crowded with plants and pottery. It is best admired from out here, especially while flying past.

The Crispy Phoenix
Ah, that building over on the south side is the clan's restaurant. It was constructed after we relocated to the Beacon and is Melqart's pride and joy. Our staff are drawn from both inside and outside the clan, and I think it has a fairly good reputation. Most of the rave reviews are about the food and entertainment. Plenty of patrons hail from the Sunbeam Ruins, and it has recently begun attracting customers from the Shifting Expanse as well.

Hmm, the entertainment? That's the Phoenix's biggest gimmick. There is live music almost every night, though if that's not your thing, they also provide sound-dampening spells so you can tune out the noise. Different acts, such as stage magic and puppet shows, are available.

As you can see, the Crispy Phoenix mimics the main lair's circular shape. It's basically a single huge roof over a shallow, bowl-shaped depression in the ground. The sides of the bowl are sculpted into shallow terraces, which hold the diners' booths. The bottom of the bowl is the performers' stage. The restaurant has three entrances: west, south, and east. The kitchens are on the east side of the building, which is the "back" of the restaurant, and the east entrance is employees-only.

The pale gold stone used to construct the restaurant was taken from around here, near the Beacon. We had to import the dark timber and paneling. The roof is made of light-colored wood, not stone. Don't worry, it's specially treated to prevent leaks and damage.

The Bamboo Path
That path was grown at around the same time the Crispy Phoenix was being constructed. It connects the restaurant kitchens to the main lair and is lined on either side by giant bamboos. And I mean giant -- most of those stalks are taller than I am. There are a few benches and statues scattered along the sides of path, but they're nothing special. We just sort of picked them up here and there.

The path has its caretaker, and her den is located on the path's halfway point. She's Khamsin the kudagitsune. She has a house of her own, a small wooden hut nearly hidden by the trees.

We use this path to conceal the restaurant employees' comings and goings to the main lair. It is not generally open to visitors, though that doesn't stop the spirits from prancing through. I'm sorry I can't take you down it for a stroll; it's really quite lovely....We've been trying to prevail upon Melqart and Khamsin to open it to the public. Maybe we'll manage that someday.

image from Pixabay

A brisk breeze blows, and the bamboo trees briefly clatter apart. You glimpse a narrow, foxlike face and luminous green eyes before the pipe fox disappears back into the trees.


Ground-level gardens and parks
These gardens don't have a specific name; we just call them "garden by the entrance" or "east park" and leave it at that. Various clan members have terraformed these grounds over the years. They're not too well-tended right now....That's what happens when their caretakers leave the clan. The terrain nearest the main lair is relatively developed, the rest less so. Our horticulturists often have their gardens here. Visitors are advised not to enter these -- you can see the signs and cordons -- as the gardeners always have some projects going on. These include growing plants for everyday use, such as medicinal herbs, magical agents, and edibles for the kitchens and restaurant.

You are welcome to stroll and rest among the parks. These are grassy fields of weeds and wildflowers, with the occasional tree. You may encounter some of my clanmates going about their business, such as Vanessa and a creche of hatchlings, or Indra and his familiars. Please feel free to say hi!

Grove of Memory
And over to the southeast, we have...Ah, no, that's not an extension of the Bamboo Path. Those are tall deciduous trees, not bamboo. They've grown to great heights and girths, thanks to the magic of our Nature Ambassador. It's not off-limits, and it's a very peaceful place. Here, let's go inside....Many dragons like walking here because the ground is so soft. It's covered with lush green moss and grass. The paths don't really go anywhere; they just wind gently among the trees.

Notice the shrines set up around the trees. Although currently no dragons are buried here, each shrine is dedicated to a deceased dragon. Visitors come to these shrines to reminisce, make offerings, or pray. The shrines are only a few meters high and carved from dark granite. Each one has a picture of the deceased etched upon them, as well as names, epithets, and achievements, if any.
You pass a green Fae tending to one of the shrines. She nods solemnly at you before continuing her work.

image from Pixabay / edited by Disillusionist
The Grove is largely maintained by Tamamayu the Nature Ambassador. It is also occasionally tended by the clan gardeners, and our priest, Radiance, may minister to the visitors as well. I guess I should warn you that because of the nature of the Grove, many ghosts flock here. They are drawn by the offerings or the presence of dragons they knew in life. They are largely peaceful, and if you'd like to communicate with them, you can ask our necromancer or our Spirit Seer to assist you.

Lightweaver's Chapel
We pay our respects to the gods in that small stone chapel just outside the Grove. Radiance spends most of his day here, devoting his time to study and music. The chapel is mostly intended for the the clan's use, though this is mostly because it's too small to accommodate many dragons. Visitors are welcome to join our services, but you may have to stand outside.

I made it from the same pale stone as the main lair's entrance -- there was some left over from the clan's early days, and I think it was a good fit for this building. Our chapel also boasts magnificent stained-glass panels crafted by Aloysius the Fire Ambassador. There they are -- magnificent, aren't they? The east one, the largest panel there, behind the altar, is dedicated to the Lightweaver. The panels on either side of the nave, the five you see on each side, are dedicated to the other gods.

We're not a very spiritual clan, really, and we mostly use the chapel as a place of relaxation and study rather than worship. Or we sometimes come here when we just need some peace and quiet. The building is open to the public for regular services at the end of each month, when Radiance thanks the gods for the previous festival and prays for another good month. Other services held include weddings, funerals, and prayers for the safety of the exaltees.

The Commercial Wing
At present, this outbuilding is the newest addition to the lair, constructed after the Bounty of the Elements. It is a long, rectangular building, and inside, it looks like an alley lined with apartments, and all covered by a single roof. It has two entrances: east and west.

The Commercial Wing was constructed to make it easier for us to interact with customers -- because previously, customers would have to enter the main lair, and it got a bit awkward at times. Various commercial establishments line the alley, including a blacksmith's forge, engineers' offices, and a courier service. Most of my clanmates and I work on a contractual basis: customers have to approach us directly and hire us. The Commercial Wing is also the place for you to go if you wish to work for us without joining the clan. For those customers who are nervous about approaching my clanmates and me directly, or who can't find the dragon they need, the Commercial Director's office, located in the middle of the building, is always open.

The Lighthouse
This structure was created while the lair was still located in Hewn City -- mostly for the benefit of the lost Ridgeback, Satorre. As lighthouses go, it's not particularly tall, and back in those days, dragons sailing or flying past Hewn City used it more as a landmark than a guide during inclement weather.
A dark shape moves at the top of the tower, and you glance up to see a Ridgeback ducking out of view.
It's pretty sturdy, although, um...it was constructed rather hastily, and it shows: The outer surfaces are still very rough, and there aren't as many decorations as I would like. It looks more like a rock spire naturally sculpted by the wind and rain rather than one raised by magic. The inside of the tower is also fairly spartan: next to no decorations, and just simple, almost rustic furniture. Here, let's peek inside -- the place is divided into three sections: The lower area forms much of the tower, about 60%, and again you can see the access ramp spiraling up and around the inside walls. The middle level, occupying about 25%, is Satorre's apartment. The final 15% is given over to the tower's light.

The light is a magic-powered orb. While we lived in Hewn City, its illumination was directed by parabolic mirrors. Nowadays, the tower is too far from the sea to be of use to mariners, so its mirrors have been packed away. The light continues shining, however, and the tower still makes a great landmark and marks the end of our territory. Satorre is its only constant occupant. Other dragons are welcome to stay the night in the lower levels, though I've heard that most of them find Satorre too awkward to talk to and soon find reasons to leave. My clanmates and I sometimes use the place as a stopover or rally point, especially before we go gathering.
images from Pixabay

Your tour of the lair proper is complete, and you have reached the edge of the clan's territory here, in the Sunbeam Ruins. However, you have heard of some other locations, many of them outside the Sunbeam Ruins, over which the clan holds sway. When you ask about there, Polosim nods. "Yes, I can certainly share information about those," he says.


The Exaudi
We don't have a harbor, but we do have a ship of our own, and there she is: the Exaudi, owned and captained by Mara Eltanin. That ship is a merchantman and is about the same size as a Second-Age cruise ship. She looked fairly ordinary when she was first launched, but over the years, she's received a few facelifts. Following the clan's rescue of Chief Aidan from Zelamar, the Captain installed a figurehead modeled after the siren's smaller, diminished form -- you can see how it looks like a Pearlcatcher with antlers. And those images carved on either side of the prow, just behind the figurehead, are the rescue party that went to retrieve Aidan.

The inside of the ship hasn't changed much. The exception to this is the bottom hold, where living quarters have been constructed for Zelamar and her Guardian. The door to this room is of thick metal and can be locked from both the inside and the outside. The locks don't really affect the inhabitants, especially Nairu, who is strong enough to break the door down. They are there mostly for the passengers' and crew's protection.

The Exaudi sometimes takes passengers, and the belly of the ship contains cabins for them. The ship sometimes functions as a floating inn and warehouse for the Master Merchant and her companions, although Nairu and Zelamar are the only ones who can be called its permanent residents.

This was the first official outpost our clan established abroad. Founded by Origenes and his team, E-Den was initially meant to serve as a base from which they could launch their expeditions. Over time, E-Den has grown from a simple camp to a well-equipped settlement, staffed by a mix of clan members and dragons hired from other lairs.

E-Den is found in the northeast reaches of the Shifting Expanse, at the end of one of Carrion Canyon's smaller passes. The canyon walls around the pass entrance have been sculpted smooth and bear signs pointing the way to the outpost. Visitors need only follow these signs and the stream that burbles along the bottom of the pass. The stream has never been known to fail, even during the hottest summer months, and is thought to be fed by the Sea of a Thousand Currents. It eventually joins the outer ocean, and it is near this estuary that E-Den can be found. Fliers can also access the base from the air, and there are ongoing efforts to construct bridges that will make the journey easier for those making the trek on foot.

images from Pixabay

"Although the outpost was established on Origenes' recommendation, he and his team aren't always present. If they are, though, feel free to say hi — he always enjoys chatting with visitors."

"You may also meet his teammates: Ashes, his mate and Guardian; and their friend, Zubeida the Talonok scout.

They're likely to be a lot more standoffish than Origenes is, however."

E-Den is composed of a cluster of round huts, all of varying sizes and materials. The largest of these has been carefully put together from bricks baked from the pale sand of the Shifting Expanse. It serves as the headquarters for any staff currently in residence.

The other huts serve as living and working quarters for whoever is inhabiting the outpost at the time. There may also be temporary constructs made by travelers. Visitors are welcome here, from merchants to researchers, and exalted dragons frequently stop by to ensure the peace is being kept and the crew is paying their dues to the Stormcatcher. Incidentally, the name E-Den is a pun — the "E" standing for "electric" (in reference to it being located in the Lightning domain) and a den, of course, being a dragon's living quarters.
Tree Den
Created largely at the urgings of Yonwood the biologist, this outpost is a hub for researchers who are interested largely in the flora, fauna, and phenomena of the Labyrinth.

Tree Den is easily seen from the air. It is a tall, slender tower that protrudes well above the canopy of the Labyrinth, thanks to some structure-strengthening enchantments, and is further crowned by a flourishing tree — believed by many to be a sign of the Gladekeeper's favor.

48568080p.png "Yonwood, the founder of Tree Den, is a nigh-constant presence there. She's always eager to chat with visitors and will gladly teach them about the Labyrinth."
main photo taken and edited by Disillusionist / other images from Pixabay
images from Pixabay / edited by Disillusionist
Except for that tree, the higher stretches of the tower are largely bare, the sculpted gray surfaces still quite visible. Closer to the ground, however, it's a different story: The Labyrinth has already begun encroaching on the tower, and its lower reaches are heavily festooned with moss, vines, and flowers. In many cases, this would weaken the building's structure, but the Nature mages have coaxed the plants to interlace their roots so cunningly that they actually strengthen the tower instead of undermining it.

Tree Den is heavily enchanted, its interior containing a great deal more space than the exterior would suggest. It plays host to a large number of researchers from many different clans. Many of these are transients, remaining only as long as their projects require them to. Curiously, dragons of other professions do not seem inclined to remain at this tower for long. Perhaps they find it difficult to establish themselves here, with the living forest so close at hand. As with E-Den, there is a regular staff comprised of Disillusionists and dragons hired from other clans, and exalted authorities patrol nearby to ensure the tenants' safety.
Temple Town
So you've heard of that as well, I see. It's probably not really a part of the clan, but we consider it to be under our protection. Temple Town is the name we gave to an eroded valley in the Rainsong Jungle. In a bygone era, many, many centuries ago, the valley was much deeper and wider. It once cradled a small town of dragons; at some point, the town was abandoned, and repeated landslides and floods filled in the valley. Most of the original buildings have been buried, and the only ones readily visible are the stone shrines that give the place its name. We know that they're shrines now, but back when the place was first discovered, we all thought they were little temples, so "Temple Town" is a bit of a misnomer, really. Shown on the right is an image similar to what Temple Town might have looked like in its heyday.
image from Pixabay
Each shrine is badly damaged and marks the place of a fallen prince or princess. There are ten of them in all. The stones were once inscribed with information about the deceased, but by now, all the information has been worn away. The only visible adornments left are prayers to the gods, entreating them to care for the dead and keep them from rising again -- you see, once, a long time ago, these children and their mother nearly created an Emperor.
In those days, Emperors were not fully understood, and Queen Heurodys was allowed to see her dead offspring before their burial. Her grief drove her mad, and she and her children would have transformed, had not her mate used his own magic against her. He was a Nature mage who summoned great, grasping vines to rip the Emperor apart. The valley was abandoned, its inhabitants returning only to cremate the corpses and build the shrines over them. Its name, and that of the kingdom it belonged to, no longer exists. Frustrating, I know -- we would have liked to learn more about it too. I'm not allowed to take you there, but if you somehow stumble across it, it's not a good idea to stay there long. I don't think it's dangerous; it's just a very depressing place.


Polosim advises you, "If ever you come across the undead king and queen, you may greet them, but it's best not to stay long. They don't like having visitors."
Touring Tower
As its name indicates, Touring Tower's location changes based on the whim of its owner, Anarazel the Winter Warlock. It can appear anywhere on the Southern Icefield, whether it be near a lair or out in the most desolate wilderness.
images from Pixabay / edited by Disillusionist
As towers go, it isn't too tall or wide, since it's meant to serve as a house only for Anarazel and his golems. The tough, dark stone has been specially treated to withstand even the harshest weather, and there are many other useful enchantments woven into the structure, though these are known only to the warlock and the magicians who aided him. Travelers are advised to steer clear of the tower, for although Anarazel and his servants are friendly, the work they do is dangerous, and the tower may also attract beings more perilous than the Icefield itself....
24664798p.png And that's about it from me. We may add more buildings in the future, and if you look me up again, I'd be glad to show you around once more. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your business goes well!
Credits: Photos and renderings were not made by me. | Dividers: PoisonedPaper and osiem
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Stock photo idea lifted (with permission) from awaicu's lore thread. Go check them out! X3

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Exalting Polosim to the service of the Lightweaver will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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