Emrys (#23463138)
Level 25 Tundra
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Tundra
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4.05 m
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336.36 kg


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May 07, 2016
(6 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Tundra
Max Level



Founder, Librarian, Geomancer

Emrys has great reverence for the written word. Determined to create a hoard of texts that he could share with like-minded dragons, he found a suitable spire of rock on an island in the Starfall Isles and carved a library out of it. The tundra protects the library he has built and all the texts within it with the fervor of a guardian dragon.

Personal Information
  • Goes by: Emrys, Em
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Gender: Male
  • Hatched in: The Starfall Isles
  • Works in: The Library Spire
  • Lives in: The Library Spire


Mate: Elyta

Children: Avery, Cecil, Laurent


Great-Grandchildren: Marleigh -> Cessa -> Imith, Redrick

Adopted Children: Evrain, Splinter, Legend, Albus

History and Stories

Emrys hatched from an egg of unknown origins. Though fond of his birth clan, Em found himself to be more inquisitive than the other tundra dragons in his adopted family, who were bemused by his scholarly pursuits and downright confused when he developed a talent for geomancy after studying it in a text despite not being an earth dragon. He eventually decided to leave and found his own clan where other dragons could freely pursue their theories and dreams and build a shared library of research and lore.

Excited to recruit new clan members, Em claimed an island with a peach grove and a vast stone spire for his own, then created an intricate maze of tunnels in the spire with his earth magic and stocked it with all of the books and scrolls he could scavenge. Unfortunately, most of the dragons who first visited the clan as prospective members declined to stay for long - they either found the Starfall Isles too strange or else lacked an interest in the pursuit of knowledge. Only Ely, the guardian dragon who was the first to join him, remained by his side. It wasn't until Ez approached him with the idea of building a coatl colony that the clan grew.

A gentle soul, Em loves cuddling the new hatchlings and teaching them both dragon lore and proper behavior. Though he has an excellent memory for anything he reads and can find any item in his library by smell, names and faces can be a bit problematic, especially in a clan comprised of mostly similar-looking coatl with nigh-unpronounceable names. He doesn't pay much attention to his appearance, being more preoccupied with the library. Anyone with much magic can perceive that his fur is often glamoured into different colors or patterns. The feel of the magic gives off the impression not of vanity but of curiosity and experimentation, as if he had glamoured himself merely to test the spell, then forgotten it was still active.

The clan grew much more rapidly than he had anticipated, so for a time he had to neglect his library duties to use his stone magic to help with lair construction in the cliffs of Coatl Cove. Even when not in the library, though, he remains magically connected to it. The origin of the stone spire that houses the library is unknown despite his best attempts at research on the subject, but Emrys does know that it has existed on the island at the nexus of a particularly thin section of the veil for a long time, absorbing magic from both the mortal and spirit realms. The spire has been further molded and enhanced by Emrys as well as many other powerful mages, both dragons and spirits, who have lived or are currently living on the island, making it the most magically protected place on Prufrock. In addition to being a place of refuge in the event of external attacks, magical defenses were also built to withstand and drain away excess energy from attacks within its walls in the case of spell books gone rogue or mage scholars wrecking havoc. When it receives damage, the library heals itself over time, magically mending any fractures and reverting all materials within back to their previous state. Protective magic is woven into its core, its walls, its entire structure. The library spire is the heart of the island and the seat of its magical power, and Emrys has a very deep, very personal bond with the library and all of the materials in it - a bond so extensive that if the spire was destroyed, he would likely lose his life.

Though his greatest bonds are those he shares with his library and his mate, he has become close to other dragons in the clan. He adopted the young tundra Evrain when she paddled up to the beach in her homemade raft and was quite proud when she decided to become the lighthouse keeper for the mainland branch of the clan in Lantern Port. He's less than proud of her choice of mate, though. When they caught the thief Nathaniel pilfering from the library, Em did his best to rehabilitate him...but that doesn't mean that he wants him as a mate for his little girl. He and Ely also adopted the orphaned hatchlings Splinter and Legend when Indil rescued them and brought them to Prufrock. Though the clan is filled with coatl, it was he and Ely who adopted the little coatl Albus when he washed ashore and cuddled away his insecurities over his dull coloring. Though he loves his adopted children dearly, he does regret that out of all of them, only Albus shares his fondness for books.

Adopting several hatchlings made Emrys and Elyta once again long for hatchlings of their own, though their nest was marred by tragedy when a malevolent spirit attacked the nesting grounds. Their guardian son Avery was discovered to have dwarfism, and they blamed his condition on the spirit's assault. They did what they could to help him adjust to life with his small form. Emrys is proud of his son's intellectual prowess, though he envies Avery's photographic memory.

The tundra hadn't kept in touch much with those from the clan where he hatched, so he was greatly surprised to see an old face from his past visit the island - the nocturne Echo who, like him, was parentless, hatched from an egg found at the same time as Em's was, though a day later. Em was happy to catch up with his friend and to welcome him to the island, and he was thrilled that Echo was now a traveling librarian.

Emrys is not overly fond of water, a bit ironic considering that he founded a clan on an island.


Art by Zuron:


Art by dilselim:

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