Aura (#23379352)
the clan's mediator, healer
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Pearlcatcher
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5.69 m
6 m
498.83 kg


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May 04, 2016
(7 years)



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Eye Type
Level 4 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 761 / 4027


{Quote is a w.i.p.}

Aura, Part 1, Volume II

Continued from Sylvester, Part 2

Laughter erupted from Alyss’ office as two other dragons shared their pasts while Alyss himself patiently checked Dewlap over.

“So you ran away with the circus?” Dewlap exclaimed to Sylvester, and the Spiral grinned back, his facepaint gone, revealing his black face.

“And I can’t believe you risked your secret to help a young drake,” the Spiral answered, his large cyan eyes wide with wonder. “How did everydrake react when they found out you were a soul searcher?”

“Shocked, furious,” Dewlap said, “and scared. Some of the dragons here knew about those like me and were taught to hate them. But after what I did for Rocky, when they realized what Mud and Coral had done to him...that’s when I was finally free from that power.”

“How did that work, exactly?” Sylvester asked, leaning forward.

“I think since Rocky couldn’t forgive me for searching his memories, Kelpbeard and Saline were able to because I hadn’t searched theirs.”

“And then...happily ever after?”

Dewlap released a soft sigh as he leaned back in his seat while Alyss listened to the Nocturne’s heart with the stethoscope. “Well, most of us. We’re still looking out for where Coral and Mud may be. What about you? What made you come after me after all this time?”

“It was the strangest thing...just a year ago, I something was lifted from me. I thought it might have been a dream, but you were in it, too, and something had changed. I had to find you.”

Dewlap thought to himself for a few moments. “A year ago...that’s about power was gone. You must’ve searched all of Sornieth.”

“Well, not quite,” Sylvester grinned. “But nearly.”

“Well,” Alyss finally spoke up, taking back his stethoscope and standing tall, “your heart seems normal enough, there were no irregular beats. Have you felt dizzy at all when this happened?” he asked Dewlap.

“A little,” the white and black Nocturne admitted with a grumble. “I don’t think it lasted too long, though.”

“Oh good,” Alyss perked slightly. “I think I may have an answer,” he added, striding to his desk, “but it might shock you.”

Dewlap and Sylvester exchanged questioning glances.

Alyss prepared some notes, the quill he held in one paw scritching at the paper. “It’s likely just stress,” the splotchy Spiral said simply.

“Looks like he was right,” Sylvester cracked, noting Dewlap’s speechless expression, and the old Nocturne gave him a look.

“Stress from what?” Dewlap asked in disbelief, turning back to Alyss.

“For starters, you and Trove now have your paws full with caring for your hatchlings,” Alyss stated. “And I know you two love them dearly, but trust me,” he paused to chuckle, “being a new parent isn’t always easy.” His voice and face turning solemn, he went on. “And then there’s the matter of Coral and Mud’s disappearance, what with everydrake searching for them day and night.”

“You’re going to bring them back?” Sylvester wondered. “After what you said they did? Is that a good idea?”

“Alyss...” Dewlap hesitated, “you know the king and queen better than I do, would...would they punish their eldest children for what they did to Rocky?”

Alyss sighed deeply. “There’s no easy way to answer that. Kelpbeard and Saline are fair rulers, but...somehow I just can’t see them putting Mud and Coral in a time-out. If we find them, Eleven knows where. And how would Rocky feel about seeing them again? Or Red for that matter, being Rocky is his Charge.”

“And Coral only did what she did because Mud encouraged her, and she lost her own Charge,” Dewlap said. “If we find her and bring her home, she could see Silver again.”

“And how will she react when she finally accepts that Silver is dead?”

Dewlap responded by slumping his shoulders and casting his eyes down in defeat. He didn’t know the answer to that, either.

“Wait,” Sylvester spoke up, his voice shaking, “her Charge is dead? How is that possible, when you plan to reunite them?”

Reluctantly, Dewlap spoke of the tale when he was sent with four other dragons to capture Pierce, who’d had the same power Dewlap had. When Dewlap had been separated from them, he and Pierce were taken by the forest witch, Marica, where they both discovered she’d stolen the souls of Spirals, including Silver. Eventually they had all escaped, the spirits set free, though Silver had remained in the castle, awaiting Coral’s return.

“Those poor things,” Sylvester’s voice quaked.

“I only pray that Coral and Silver find peace if we can bring her home to him,” Alyss said quietly. He then wished the older dragons a good day, thanking them for their time as they made their way from Al’s office.

Back out in the hallway, Sylvester opened his jaws to speak, but before he could, Dewlap gently grasped his paw and spread his dark, shimmering wings. Suddenly, both drakes found themselves back with Trove, Aura, and a startled Rocky.

“Who said you could do that?!” the grey Mirror shrilled.

“Had I taught you magic,” Dewlap began, rolling his eyes, “you’d do the same thing.”

“Yeah, to get you back.”

“Papa!” Pearl squeaked from the stroller, and Dewlap gave her a smile as he gently grasped her little paws.

“What did Alyss say?” Trove asked.

“Turnsoutitwasn’ttooseriousandDewlapisfine,” Sylvester smiled.

Aura glanced over to Dewlap with a hint of concern in her ruby eyes. “Rocky and Trove mentioned what happened. You just had a sudden headache and dizziness?”

“That sure sounds serious,” Rocky cracked a small grin in the Nocturne’s direction, and Dewlap shot him a warning look. “Perhaps he should pay you a visit, Aura.” The Mirror forced down his chuckle when Dewlap hardened his glare at him.

That won’t be necessary—” Dewlap started.

“Perhaps I could be of assistance,” Aura smiled, her eyes sparkling. “You do seem a little tense, and I may have something that might help you.”

Dewlap was tempted to refuse when he glanced back to Rocky’s smirk, but he gave in at Trove’s worried expression. Following Aura, Dewlap and the others strode through the castle until they reached the Pearlcatcher’s room. The tattooed she-drake showed them in and shut the door behind them.

“Just have a seat,” Aura said to them. Dewlap darted over to sit beside Trove and their children, but Aura swiftly gripped his paw. “Your seat is just right here,” she said, directing him to the centre chair, and he reluctantly sat, facing the others.

“Just relax and remove your hat and mantle,” Aura instructed, and Dewlap did grudgingly so. Aura’s crimson eyes spied the faint scar on the Nocturne’s dark chest. “Oh dear, how did that happen?”

Not many dragons had known about that little incident, though Dewlap had told Trove, when Mudflat had used magic on Aerico (though the Spiral hadn’t been aware) to thrust his sword into Dewlap’s heart. And Dewlap had no intention to tell any more dragons about it, either, or else he’d never hear the end of it if Rocky—or, Eleven forbid, April—knew about it.

“It’s just an old battle scar,” Dewlap grumbled. He leaned back in his seat while Aura leaned closer.

“Magic!” Flower squeaked.

Rocky swiftly covered his jaws with both paws.

“What are you laughing at now?” Dewlap asked him, cocking one dark brow.

The grey Mirror slowly lowered his arms. “She’s just a darling, isn’t she?” he smiled.

Aura stepped around to examine Dewlap’s back. “It seems that whoever did this intended to strike your heart. Were they successful?”

“What does this have to do with my headache?” Dewlap pressed.

“Perhaps this...old wound has something to do with the pain you felt earlier,” Aura suggested, catching Trove’s anxious look. She walked back to Dewlap’s front, and gently pressed one white paw over the scar on his chest, her palm glowing a soft...yellow?

“Big blue,” Tidepools murmured from the stroller, pointing a little claw in their direction.

“How is your heart, by the way?” Aura wondered.


Big and blue.

And Acode’s magic was red like her element, not yellow, like…

“Wait a second...” Dewlap trailed off, his body stiffening. He reached up, gripping Aura’s single horn, pulling down—

—and revealing a grinning blue face.

Lumiere!” Dewlap shrieked, recoiling and nearly tipping his chair over.

“Oh drat,” the Imperial said dramatically. “My cover’s been blown.” His body suddenly shot up, the white and tattooed scales becoming a shining blue.

“What are you doing?!” Dewlap shrilled, scowling. “And where’s Aura?”

“To answer your first question,” Lumiere started, his smile growing, “attempting to examine your heart for any leftover magical residues from when Mud controlled Aerico to strike it.”

“Well you can stop,” Dewlap snarled, rising from his seat and placing his hat and mantle back on. “You haven’t found anything yet, have you? What if there’s nothing there?”

“Wait,” Rocky began, his face falling and his four blue eyes widening in shock. “Mud actually tried to kill you? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why, because he was worried you’d ask too many questions!” Lumiere exclaimed jovially. “And Trove kept insisting I check on you.” At this, Dewlap finally noticed the Spiral's worried glances.

“You told her, too?” Rocky asked, his jaws agape.

"She's my wife, Rocky," Dewlap countered, "I have to tell her everything." Trove smiled and nuzzled him.

“He also told me when we were in Al’s office,” Sylvester said.

“Oh,” Rocky rolled his eyes in mock irritation. “So you only tell your old friends your secrets?” he asked Dewlap.

“Face it, Dewlap,” Lumiere stated, “you really need to start trusting these dragons more, they do care about you, you know.”

“How can I trust you when you keep disguising yourself?” the Nocturne shot.

“Exactly,” Lumiere smiled. “By disguising myself as Aura, you wouldn’t know if it was me, instead placing your trust in her.” He reached over to the door and opened it, revealing the real tattooed she-drake.

“How was the check-up?” Aura asked Lumiere.

You knew, too?” Dewlap asked, bewildered.

“I had to check on Bubbles, and Lumiere convinced me that you needed some attention as well,” she said, giving him a guilty smile. “Did you find anything?” she wondered to Lumiere.

“Not a trace,” the Imperial shrugged. “But I think more appointments are needed just in case there are in fact any pieces of magic hiding in the crevices of your heart,” he said to Dewlap, who scowled back. “You never know,” Lumiere added, raising one white brow.

“Where was Bubbles, anyway?” Dewlap asked Aura. “He never goes flying by himself that early.”

“He couldn’t say,” Aura replied, her expression puzzled. “When he tried, that’s when he fainted. Something must have spooked him. And,” she added, looking back to Dewlap, “even if Lumiere couldn’t find any magic that may damage your heart, he still seems to have the need to check on you, but maybe I could help, too.”

“But he did say he couldn’t find anything,” the Nocturne pointed out. “And I doubt that there’s even anything there.”

“What’s the matter, Dewlap?” Lumiere countered with a stretching grin. “Don’t you trust her?”

Dewlap ground his teeth but reluctantly allowed Aura to check him over. She asked him what had happened exactly when his head had ached. The pale Nocturne explained that all he’d been doing was introducing his old friend, Sylvester, to his mate Trove and other friend, Rocky.

“And what did Alyss say?” Aura asked.

“Stress,” Dewlap answered with a small grumble.

“Well,” Aura smiled, “he’s not wrong, you certainly had so much happen since you've arrived, as have we all.” She withdrew her glowing red paw from Dewlap’s chest. “Even I can’t detect any strange magic in your heart.”

Trove cast a worried look over to Dewlap when she spoke up. “You did mention Marica just when it happened. What if it had something to do with her?”

“But she was captured by Lumiere after Pierce and I escaped her,” he pointed out. “There’s no way she can escape that void or send any of her magic there?” he asked the Imperial.

“Nodrake is allowed in or out of my void without my say so,” Lumiere explained. “That includes their magic.”

“Dewlap, I know this must be difficult for you,” Aura said, smiling, “but perhaps it’s wise that you take Al’s advice this time. If he’s certain it’s just a stress reaction, then maybe that’s all it is.”

Dewlap didn’t speak for several moment as he thought to himself. The pain in his head had happened right when he’d been recalling—or attempting to—the day he met Sylvester, the first time the Nocturne escaped Marica all those years ago.

Before he met Sylvester…

Before he escaped Marica…


He couldn’t finish the thought when the room suddenly spun, and Dewlap’s mind pounded in agony once again. When he finally came to, his paws were gripped by Trove’s, and she had tears in her large brown eyes.

“What happened?” the dappled grey Spiral croaked.

Dewlap knew now. “It’s my memory. Or at least part of it. I think.” Looking over to Aura, he asked, “Do you have anything that could unlock what I can’t remember?”

She did. The Pearlcatcher wished the others to leave her with Dewlap and Trove, and they left without any more words. Sylvester, too, turned to leave, shutting the door behind him.

Pacing briskly over to a stove, Aura placed a pot of water on it, and it soon came to a boil. She poured the pungent liquid into a single mug and handed it to Dewlap, who recoiled at the stench.

“This tea will help,” Aura instructed. “Even if the smell says otherwise. All you have to do is concentrate while you drink.”

Dewlap did so. As he drank, his mind drifted back in time, to when

he was with Trove. He couldn’t see her eyes—no, he wouldn’t dare meet her gaze. She was standing between two other dragons: a red Spiral with flaming eyes, the other he couldn’t determine. He couldn’t move his arms or wings...couldn’t use magic...felt them staring down their snouts at him and

when Dewlap looked up at her, Aura startled to see such ferocity in his green eyes.

“You did this to me,” the Nocturne’s voice shook with fury.

Aura took a cautious step forward. “Dewlap, what’s happening? What are you remembering?” She didn’t notice Trove’s trembling form beside her. They both flinched when the ceramic mug suddenly shattered in Dewlap’s grasp, sending jagged pieces to litter the floor.

“DAMN YOU ALL!” Dewlap roared, lunging at Aura.

Aura leaped to one side, lifting her glowing red paws and casting a shield between her and the attacking Nocturne, who fired blast after blast of green bolts of magic. Helplessly, Trove wailed for him to stop, but he didn’t seem to be listening to her. Desperate, she darted between them, holding out both purple paws, halting Dewlap.

“Dewlap,” Trove’s voice quaked, “listen to me...just now, that wasn’t was just a bad memory...”

Dewlap’s breathing began to steady, the anger on his face and in his eyes vanishing. When his eyes finally met Trove’s, he flinched. “What...what happened? I...we were...”

A single tear slid down Trove’s cheek. “I’m sorry...” she choked.

Dewlap’s heart jolted at her plaintive tone, and he hastily embraced her. “I love you,” he hushed to her, and more tears fell from her large eyes.

Aura, standing near the stroller, lowered her shield cautiously. “Did it work?”

“Too well,” Dewlap said quietly. “ wasn’t what I was trying to remember, I went further back than intended.” He hugged Trove closer when he felt her shaking in his arms. “We can talk about it later,” he whispered to the tearful Spiral, “when everydrake’s asleep.”

Continued in Firefly Part 1
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