Polenta (#23377340)
Oh, Corn?
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Butter Caiman
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Guardian
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14.82 m
13.48 m
7652.73 kg


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May 04, 2016
(4 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 8 Guardian
EXP: 2055 / 16009



  • none




wGU6uem.png °°°°°°° qpA2T6G.png

You don't quite understand what is going on here. Why did you call out to this stranger, calling them Corn? You find yourself thrown off guard and continue to stare at the dragon for another few moments. She cocks her head and takes a closer look at you.

"You don't actually know Corn, do you? Or is it that you don't remember? That happens sometimes when you've been to the fields. Don't worry though, if something bad had
happened during your time there, you would recall for sure. Trust me."

If anything, that just confuses you more. What is she talking about? How could you have been to these 'fields' but not recall a single thing? Wouldn't you or a fellow clan member have noticed a gap in your memory? You write it off as the ramblings of a madman; it doesn't really matter anyway. You turn away, about to leave the odd guardian to her own business. But it was you who called out to her in the first place, wasn't it? Some of the questions start nagging at you. Who is this Corn and what is it with these fields? Could it really be possible you have been there and forgotten? You know of a few spells that could wipe one's memory, so maybe it wasn't that absurd after all. You stop and look back towards the strange dragon.

"Say what is your name, Guardian?" you ask her, a little bit embarrassed that you didn't already.

She looks at you with a twinkle of excitement in her eyes and replies: "They call me Polenta, I'm the leader of a clan that resides in the valley nearby."

You introduce yourself in turn and sit down next to her.

"Tell me more about these fields you mentioned."

The Guardian smiles widely, giving a small nod before looking out towards the valley again.

"First you must know that not everyone perceives the farm and it's fields the same way. To me it was a home. It was hours spent fooling around, exploring the world and learning it's ways. It was warm and safe, like your first flight on your mother's back."

She looked at you pensively and continued.

"Only a few get to experience it that way though, to most it's... like a dream of sorts. A place of mystery and confusion, memories fleeting from you as quickly as they're made. Or sometimes even one of fear and helplessness, like a childhood nightmare that keeps coming back, no matter what. Either way, the fields tend to change you, whether you realize it or not."

Polenta gets up slowly, stretching her wings as the evening sun reflects off the smooth scales on her abdomen.

"I have to get back to my duties," she says, reading herself for flight.

"If you want to know more, feel free to visit our clan. I'm always happy to talk about it some more and there are a few others who have been to the fields. Farewell."

With one last glance back at you she takes off, creating gusts of wind that blows around some of the looser shrubs. You watch as her silhouette disappears somewhere in the forest below. Silently you ponder over what she's told you. One after another the stars appear on the sky above, as evening turns to night. You lose yourself in your thoughts for a while until you come to a decision.

You stand up and spread your wings.

She wasn't born in the Corn Fields, nor is she sure of how exactly her and Corn are related but... but what? Polenta grew up surrounded by endless fields of glimmering stalks, gently swaying in the wind as she chased around all those lost in the corn. She was at the farm for... a long time

((Don't tease her about her lack of tummy scales))

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