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Personal Style


Lucky Sage Lantern
Red Rose Flowerfall
Diver Crown
Rose-Colored Shades
Brutal Banner
Ravenskull Broadsword
Ornate Darksteel Bracelet
Black Aviator Scarf
Waverider Cape
Glowing Red Clawtips
Simple Iron Bracelets


Skin: Tropic Tides


Scene: Earthshaker's Domain


7.79 m
5.92 m
567.11 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Apr 28, 2016
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Mirror
Max Level
Wave Slash



  • none


  • none


He/Him, Bisexual, in a long term, long-distance relationship with Sunne.

The clan's prince is a rough and tumble, outwardly edgy/abrasive dragon. As much as he likes to parade himself around in a cape and crown, the arrogance he exhibits is really all for show. While he won't deny wanting and enjoying the leader's role, he won't hesitate to speak up for the dragons beneath him and to protect those who are in need. Despite being an adult, he often feels like the cool older brother to many of the hatchlings within the clans, and he doesn't see himself as above playing games or tending to them.

Hirshel is also a trained combatant in the coliseum- learning from both his father and mother. He takes great pride in the skills he has earned over time, and often makes a game of how much food he can gather and trinkets he can salvage. He is never prouder than he is after a good fight, especially one where he earns the respect of powerful and elusive boss familiars or brings home an unhatched egg and clanmember to be. He is highly proficient with bladed weapons, and has only become more competent with aid from his father. In recent years, he may even mentor recruits for the Order of Flame and Blade, and is quite good at both encouraging them against difficult foes and allowing young dragons to feel comfortable in his presence.

Hirshel's familiar, Jay, is another trusted battle partner. He befriended her by showing his ability in combat, thus earning her respect. She is as much a veteran of the coliseum and as battle scarred as he is, yet always remained open to the idea of a dragon partnership. Dragons seemed to have a much stronger hold over magic and were far more adept and teaching and strategies of utilizing it for both combative and mundane purposes. Their kind may have been hostile, but she could hold her own with her own magic. While tentative, Hirshel was willing to aid her in perfecting her magics so long as she remained loyal. Neither have betrayed their word to this day, and are often seen using their own powers to benefit the other- Hirshel supplying her with streams of conjured water to freeze and weaponize, and Jay with frozen reinforcements to his melee attacks.

Hirshel was found by Shamira's first team of coliseum warriors. They were still recovering from the aftershocks of the first clan's fall at the time, and Wavecrest Saturnalia was upon them. It was a somber time during what once was a lively festival in celebration of their home flight. They were largely hunting for Giant Sand Dollars in hopes of accumulating funds for their struggling clan, and spent their time gathering in the rivers and oases of the Sandswept delta. Though many would have wished to brave the Kelp Beds, they were so afraid of losing more clanmates to the dangerous beasts that they settled for a far safer location. During the hunt, they happened upon a strangely familiar object among the Giant Sand Dollars- a barnacle encrusted unhatched egg.

Shamira about broke when she uncovered the thing. She always felt for lost eggs, and to see one in their leave during Wavecrest felt almost too purposeful-as if the Tidelord had forgiven her and passed her an olive branch. It was sign that no matter the difficulty, they could begin anew if only they put in the effort. She happily accepted the egg as such, and decided that no matter the hatchling, she would raise them as her own child. Perhaps if it was as much of a gift from her former deity, the child would grow to become a strong leader that learnt from her mistakes.

On their way back to their current lair, the egg's tough shell finally began to crack. A tiny claw burst through, followed by the recognizable shape of a young mirror's crest. Fresh from his egg, the young Hirshel was already brimming with energy. His small legs may not have been strong enough, but he was already attempting to keep up with the haggard coliseum team. And just like that, Shamira couldn't help but adore her new son. She had always wished for a child, even if she could not produce any of her own biologically. Even if her mate was thought to be dead, the leader turned over a new leaf, loving and giving her new son all she had.

Hirshel himself eventually took over her position within the team, and enjoys collecting Giant Sand Dollars most of all. He is often just as interested in tracking their numbers as Eddie is, and even keeps a small collection of them for his own personal enjoyment. He also collects various other pieces of coral, shells, and seaglass, but they hardly hold a candle to his Giant Sand Dollar collection. To him, there is no greater joy than collecting them during Wavecrest Saturnalia, and has held that duty for years.

The creatures of the newly discovered Redrock Cove were of no challenge to them in recent years, and the coliseum party often found themselves journeying to other venues to aid in sending supplies requested by the Merchants of the Southern Icefield. The team headed to the Ghostlight Ruins in search of spell components to export. The malevolent spirits and creatures warped by magic residing in the Ghostlight Ruins required far more of Hirshel's concentration. Yet, they could not hold a candle to the terrifying Golems of the namesake Golem Workshop. Recovering the forgotten tomes and mana-laced bones requested would be no trouble. But after chasing off a round of spirits, the mirror's attention was piqued by an object the others could not detect. A tiny trace of water magic, but not like that of his parents or clanmates- it felt so much like his that he could not bear to leave the ruins until he knew its identity. While his fellow combatants urged him to return, Hirshel tore through rubble and hurled aside stones.

What he uncovered was a tiny egg- no smaller than a bean and resting in a pool of rainwater. With its sides encased in miniature barnacles, he knew more than anyone it was an unhatched water egg. Having eagerly asked Shamira to hear of his discovery and birth over and over as a hatchling, he could not help but see the similarities.
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