Redtide (#22488250)
Rocky's Guardian and older brother
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Male Guardian
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19.59 m
13.95 m
11344.51 kg


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Apr 01, 2016
(7 years)



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Eye Type
Level 16 Guardian
EXP: 2480 / 71966




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"Ain't that what a big brother's for?"

Redtide, Part 1, Volume I
20 years later.


Continued from Saline Part 1

A large red shape flew above as he watched one grey and one gold blur race along the shore. Redtide could faintly hear their paws splash against the water as Aprilfish and Rockpools tried to pass each other, pushing at the air with their wings as they ran. The two Mirrors below panted as they taunted.

“Face it, April, my legs are longer than yours.”

“That so, Rocky? Well my wings are wider!” laughed the gold Mirror as she leaped ahead.

A grey blur then shot past April, and she saw the grin directed at her as Rocky galloped ahead. When he reached the long, beached log, Rocky dug his claws in as he ran along its side before slowing to a stop, and held his hooded head high.

When April caught up, she breathed heavily as she stood next to her brother. “For a moment there I thought you were going to let me win,” she smiled.

Lifting his hood back, Rocky returned the grin. “I'm not quite ready to die just yet.” The moment the words left his mouth, he was suddenly knocked down into the sand.

“I'm not that savage!” April's brows were furrowed, but she was smiling toothily.

“Red! I'm being attacked!” Rocky laughed as he called out.

The two Mirrors then felt a slight tremor beneath them, and behind them, a hefty Guardian had landed as he tucked his brown wings against his red sides.

“Awright you two, break it up,” Redtide boomed.

Rocky's and April's smiles didn't falter. “We're just playing,” said Rocky.

April stepped off of her grey brother. “I suppose we should get back to business,” she grumbled. “What was it Coral wanted us to do again?”

Hoisting himself to his feet, Rocky shook his body, with sand flying in every direction. “Something about looking for any jellyfish. Apparently there haven't been as many around since she was barely more than a hatchling.”

April snorted. “She doesn't know what she's talking about. I saw one just yesterday.”

“And what do you suppose that means?”

“Shut up.”

“Let's jus' git started,” Red rumbled. He followed his siblings into the shallows. “And stay close. Seems a storm's brewin'.”

The blue eyes of all three dragons looked to the horizon and they saw fat, dark clouds in the distance. As the breeze picked up, the calls of the blue and pink gulls overhead filled their ears.

“Eh, we've got lots of time,” Rocky reassured Red. Dipping his head close to the water, Rocky stared into the growing waves intensely. “Heeere, jelly jelly jelly.”

Something then dropped onto his head, submerging him and soaking his hood. When he came back up for air, Rocky sputtered, his four eyes wide and he found himself gaping at April.

“You're so weird,” the gold Mirror said.

“Well, I take after my big sister,” Rocky narrowed his eyes and smiled, and he suddenly lifted up a wet clod of sand and threw it it April's direction.

April ducked just before her face was hit, and the sand clod splooshed into the waves behind her. Lifting her head back up, she barely had time to register the grey blur springing towards her.

Rocky landed with a loud splash as he re-entered the water, sending his sister underwater.

April struggled but managed to bring her head above the surface, and she cried out as she laughed hysterically over the rising wind. When she felt Rocky's grip on her tighten, she winced.

“Okay okay! I give up,” she giggled. “Now get offa me.”

Rocky responded by digging his claws into April's shoulders farther, nearly piercing the golden hide beneath him.

“Ow! Jerk!” April shrieked as she bucked Rocky off, sending him back into the water. “What's wrong with you?” When she saw Rocky looking back at her, April could only gasp.

The grey Mirror was snarling as he struggled to keep his four eyes on her. His movements were awkward and jerky, but he didn't stop coming for her.

“Rocky?” April asked quietly, shrinking back.

Rocky bent his legs, lowering his body.


As Rocky launched himself out of the water towards April, a massive red paw scooped Rocky out of the air and brought him back to dry sand, pinning his grey body down. April scrambled out of the sea towards her brothers as Rocky growled, her four blue eyes wide.

“Stay back!” Red cautioned her.

Rocky continued to thrash wildly under Red's giant paw as his siblings called uselessly for him to stop. After several more moments, they could see his eyes start rolling back in his head as Rocky slowly began to cease his ferocity. He blinked a few times before staring up at the large red face just above him.

“How'd you move so fast?” Rocky asked Red. He then heard a loud gasp beside him, and he looked over to see April's golden face streaked with seawater as the wind ruffled her scarf.

“What's wrong with you?” he asked her.

Me?!” April cried.

Lifting his big brother's paw off of himself, Rocky rolled over and stood up on all fours and started towards her. “Okay, calm down, I didn't mean it that way...” Rocky trailed off when April took a step back. Furrowing his brows, Rocky said, “Wait a minute...”

“You don't know what happened?” April asked quietly.

At her words, Rocky froze and didn't say anything. He looked from her to Red and saw only worry in their widened eyes.

“It has to be the curse,” Rocky's voice was a whisper against the deafening waves.

“What do you mean?” April wondered as she took a step forward.

“Stay away from me!” Rocky cried and backed into one of Red's forelegs.

“Rocky—” Red began.

“No...” Rocky interrupted him as he started stepping away.

“Maybe Al will know what's goin' on,” Red said calmly, “he an'—”

“I already know. I'm a danger to you and everydrake else.” Rocky relaxed as he started spreading his wings in the howling wind.


Rocky closed all four of his eyes and he sprang up into the air, and he didn't fight the wind that was now carrying him high above the shrinking red and gold shapes below.

Red bounded to April and stood over her, his large body protecting her against the mighty gale. Lifting his head, he desperately looked up to the grey sky for any sign of his brother. Finding none, he roared over the wind.

Continued in Rockpools Part 2

Redtide, Part 2, Volume III


Continued from Moonrise Part 1

Redtide's heart was heavy as he watched Rocky. The grey Mirror paced back and forth, his claws sinking into the rain- and Sea-soaked sand. April and Red said nothing at first, afraid of upsetting their brother.

“Rocky,” April finally said, breaking the silence, “please say something.”

“If this is about Pigeon, you can talk to us,” Red murmured. “She was too young to go.”

Rocky heaved a sigh and stopped to face them. “It's not just because of Pigeon...”

“Then what is?” another voice demanded.

They all froze and turned towards the dragon who spoke. Dewlap was standing on a large, barnacle-encrusted rock that was as nearly as tall as Red. His pale face was creased in a scowl, and he rapped his claws on the top of his cane.

Rocky didn't meet the old Nocturne's gaze when he answered. “Like you don't know,” he snapped.

Dewlap released an exasperated sigh and rolled his eyes. “How many more times are you going to keep doing this? How long are you going to shut everydrake out? You know what you did wasn't your fault, and Coral is trying to make up for what happened.”

Red bristled when he heard is eldest sister's name, but he knew Dewlap was right, and a small part of him sympathized with her. Coral had lost her own Charge, Silver, but now they were reunited. Red also knew what it was like to lose his own Charge, and he couldn't bear the thought of being separated from Rocky again.

“Rocky,” the big Guardian rumbled softly, “maybe we should head back. Alyss, Ophelia and Twig need us right now.”

“I never asked for any of you to follow me,” the Mirror growled.

“And you also know why they did,” Dewlap pointed out. “Just like Coral can't leave her Charge—”

You left Trove, didn't you? That night all those years ago?” Rocky shot, now locking eyes with him.

All of April's eyes widened and she gasped, now seeing the Nocturne's eyes harden. “Rocky, don't—”

But Rocky wasn't listening to her as he held his gaze on Dewlap's. “And you have no idea what it's like to feel as if everything's your fault—”

He couldn't finish when Dewlap suddenly aimed his staff down to him and the gem at the end started to glow. It fired, and a beam of bright green light struck the Mirror's forehead, making him barely stumble back. Rocky's breath caught in his chest as all of his eyes widened, and he stared out to nothing.

“ROCKY?!” Red and April shrieked, rushing to him, but he didn't answer or move. “What's happening?!” April screeched, turning to face Dewlap again. “What—”

Suddenly, Rocky sucked in a gasp, startling his nestmates. His chest heaved as he then noticed the shock on their faces, but they soon relaxed.

“Are y'okay?” Red demanded, checking him over.

Rocky trembled, but he still kept staring in Dewlap's direction. The Nocturne lowered his staff, and a look of regret briefly washed over his face, but it passed just as quickly.

“We're going back,” Dewlap murmured, starting to turn away.

“Dewlap,” Rocky barely whispered, dipping his head, “I'm s—”

“Now,” the wizard ordered without a glance back.

The trio began to follow him back, though they hung behind a few paces. Red and April walked on either side of Rocky as he bore a haunted expression.

“What happened?” Red whispered to him. “What'd he do?”

Rocky didn't answer at first, but his voice was quiet when he did. “He showed me his memories...”


Soooooooooo what did he show you?”

Red, Rocky and April were all back in their room for that grey afternoon. April was leaning close to Rocky, eager for an answer. Both of her brothers gave her a look, and she only gave them a sheepish grin back.

Redtide noticed Rocky beginning to squirm. “Y'know y'don't have t'tell us what y'saw,” he rumbled low.

The grey Mirror heaved a sigh. “I can't,” he said quietly. “And it's not my story to tell.” He saw April deflate in defeat, and he sent her a small smile. “But maybe he'll tell us everything one day.”

“An' I know Dewlap won't stay mad at ya forever,” Red murmured to him. “You're his best friend, an' he cares about you.”

Rocky's wings drooped. “But I haven't been the best friend. Or the best Charge,” he added to Red dolefully. “I just wish there was a way for me to make up for everything...”

“There'll be a time for that yet,” Red said, taking him in one wing.

“And we've always got your back,” April agreed, joining their embrace.


The rest of the day was spent mostly in silence as dragons mourned the loss of Pigeon, and there was no big feast that evening. As some passed by Alyss and Ophelia's room on the way to their own for the night, they could hear the couple's plaintive voices beyond the door. If Pigeon's spirit was visiting her adoptive family right now, the passing dragons paced past, not wishing to disturb the grieving family or eavesdrop on their conversations.

Trove had finished putting her three children to bed, tucking them in and nuzzling them before heading back through the door that separated their rooms, leaving it ajar. She saw Dewlap out on the balcony, and he was leaning on the stone railing. The dappled Spiral walked up to stand beside him.

“You did everything you could for Pigeon,” she hushed, taking one of his arms in hers, and he nuzzled her in return.

“I know,” he said quietly. “But it's not just Pigeon...”

Trove knew who he meant. “You should talk to Rocky again.”

“I've tried that,” Dewlap sighed. “And I did something I shouldn't have. I was angry. He's just so...” But he couldn't finish.

Trove couldn't help but smile despite the day's events. “He reminds me of you, you know.” When Dewlap eyed her curiously, she added, “And he still needs you.”

He heaved another sigh. Maybe she was right. “I know what I have to do.”

She nuzzled him again. “Don't be too hard on him.”


Red, Rocky and April woke to the curtains opening and early morning sunlight streaming through the windows and onto their faces. Who they saw next surprised them.

“Wakey wakey!” Dewlap singsonged. “Your lessons are about to begin.”

They rubbed the sleep from their eyes, and Rocky spoke up first. “I already learned a lot yesterday,” he murmured.

“You still want to learn magic, don't you?”

Dewlap's question got them out of bed and dressed. In no time, they were out on the beach, side by side, as Dewlap strode in front.

“So what made you change your mind?” Rocky wondered. With a teasing smirk he added, “Is it because you still love me? Ow,” he chuckled when April elbowed him in the ribs. “I mean us.”

“Not part of today's subject,” was the Nocturne's reply.

Rocky leaned close to April and whispered, “He still loves us.”

“Now,” Dewlap began, “the first thing you're going to learn is using your elemental magic. Anything else would be too advanced to start with. Close your eyes,” he instructed, and the trio did so. “All of them,” he said when he noticed April and Rocky opening two of theirs. “Take a deep breath...listen to the waves...and reach for the Sea.”

Rocky and April were startled to hear Red gasp, and they stared as the big Guardian held a bubble of water in his claws.

“Can either of you tell me why Red got it first?” Dewlap asked the Mirrors. And Red, feeling all attention on him, threw the water bubble aside and it burst against the sand with a splash. “It's because,” Dewlap continued when Rocky and April didn't answer, “he's a Guardian. And Water Guardians are closer to the Sea than other dragons. Try again,” he encouraged them.

Almost immediately, April was the next to grasp a water bubble in her claws. It spluttered and it wasn't as perfectly formed as Red's, but she grinned and squealed with joy.


“Well done,” Dewlap congratulated her and Red. Turning to Rocky, he saw the grey dragon's discouraged look and said, “You just have to concentrate and focus more.”

Rocky closed his eyes again, determined. Concentrating and thinking of the Sea surrounding the isle, he soon started to feel cool droplets between his claws. He opened his eyes to look...

...but movement in the distance caught his attention.

Octavius' ship had sailed in, but it wasn't the crew of the Crimson Gull that made his heart and breath stop.

It was the dragon they brought with them.

“Rocky? What's wrong?”

“Are y'all right?”

“You almost had it.”

The ball of water spluttered in his claws and burst. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't move. His heartbeat thundered in his ears and he didn't hear the others' voices.

“My name's Rockpools! But everydrake just calls me Rocky. What's yours? And where did you come from?”

“I'm Chryssa. And...I'm not sure...did the Sea bring me here?”

“Looks like it. It spit you up like a bad fish!”

“Wanna play?”

“What have I done...”


Dewlap's voice brought him back to the present, but Rocky couldn't answer. Without any warning, he whirled around and galloped away.

“What's gotten into him now?” April wondered. “It's not my fault I got it before him...”

Dewlap looked back to where Rocky had just been staring. When he saw a lavender-pied Skydancer striding towards the castle, he knew then why Rocky had run off. Red was about to go after him, but the Nocturne stopped him.

“I have to go talk to him,” the wizard said. “You two can keep practicing.”

“We're goin' too,” Red insisted with a rumble.

They followed close behind Dewlap as they tracked Rocky's prints. Calling his name, they searched the island's forest, and they soon discovered him standing frozen by a large boulder. Dewlap motioned for Red and April to wait, and he walked slowly up to the grey dragon.

“Rocky,” the old Nocturne sighed, “I'm so sorry. I should've shown you sooner, but—”

“You're the one who made this, aren't you?” Rocky asked suddenly, turning to face him, tears streaming down his face as he stepped aside so the others could see the boulder.

Dewlap nodded solemnly. The rock had an imprint of a young Skydancer dragon flying above a Water symbol. He never knew her name, but he had buried her and crafted her grave marker.

“Her name was Chryssa,” Rocky choked. “Neither of us knew where she came from...and then Coral...” he stopped as more tears fell. Dragging one sleeve across his face, he gazed to Dewlap again. “Thank you. For everything...”

Red stepped forward to stand beside him. “Everythin' 'll be okay,” he murmured gently.

“You know we're always here for you,” April said, moving to his other side as her own tears threatened to spill.

“As am I,” Dewlap answered. “We're all here for you, and for each other.” He too, moved in and the four dragons embraced. “And didn't I say not to make me come after you again?” he teased, and Rocky smiled as one last tear fell.

“I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon,” Rocky joked, drying his eyes again.

“After all we've been through,” Red rumbled, “what else could possibly happen?”

Continued in Horatia Part 1

incredible art by Wealthbringer!
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