He/Him, False Deity
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Orbiting Spirit
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Energy: 13/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Earth.
Male Pearlcatcher
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Personal Style


Winter Wind
Disgruntled View
Ghost Flame Candles
Ghost Flame Collar
Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon
Ghost Flame Headpiece
Ghost Flame Cloak
Siren Sylvan Bracelets
Twilight Rose Thorn Gloves
Siren Sylvan Anklets
Twilight Rose Thorn Stockings
Siren Sylvan Wings
Twilight Sylvan Wings
Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon



Scene: Earthshaker's Domain


4.24 m
3.56 m
718.34 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Mar 26, 2016
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 7 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 826 / 11881




The Saltbringer is a jovial, yet sarcastic performer and comedian whose stage performance and accompanying festivities are well known an cherished across the clan for their scope and skill. "Saltbringer" is not his true name, but the stage name most know him by. His performances largely consist of elaborate mock festivals, known as "Salt Jamborees" that function in a similar manner to traveling carnivals. They often brimming with games, activities, food, and even feature festival tokens and prizes. All of which are meant in "celebration" of the "salt flight" a fictional flight meant to satirize many real flights as well as the emergence of new dragons claiming themselves to be deities, despite being no more than commondragons beneath it. The supposed salt flight, however, is able to do so in a fairly tasteful manner that even the devoted Order of Flame and Blade can appreciate. And even to the more staunch acolytes or humbug clan's mates, the festival has immense practical value. It's not uncommon for the Salt Festival's best prizes to be valuables such as rare battle techniques or enchanted scrolls, and even their salty festival currency is excellent for preserving meats for later consumption and flavoring various dishes.

The Saltbringer presents himself as the grand and flamboyant deity of these endeavors, taking great joy in capturing a satirically arrogant presence for adults as well as a goofy, cartoon-like persona for hatchlings. When in character, he tends to prefer clothing much louder and more flamboyant than his personal tastes to exaggerate the character he wishes to portray. He is beloved as any fictional hero to many, and largely responsible for the creative influence behind the festival. The salt festival and his persona as a whole was originally created as a small performance within his travels to make a bit of pocket change, but have evolved into a fully fledged festival complete with many cross-flight employees working for him. He has amassed great wealth due to its increasing popularity, and that can be said of all who take part in the festival, whether they are carnival-goer or staff. Salt festival- well salts, can often fetch a great profit when sold to clans soon to be visited by the Salt Jamboree.

The Saltbringer himself is actually a rather modest and down to earth creature beneath his performance, a face seldom seen by any but his clanmates in the core clan. It's very easy to sit down with him and have a comfortable conversation over tea if one can put the real Saltbringer aside from his character. Despite all his success, the most he has ever wanted is a group of true friends and a clan to call his own. He feels especially at home in Earth's territory, his home flight, yet has always found it difficult to fit in and form connections. Saltbringer wasn't born with the endurance nor physical strength of many of the Earth Flight's greatest miners and stonemasons, and has never been one to like getting his claws dirty. He simply didn't mesh with many of the dragons within his flight, both as a hatchling and as an adult. Neither has had a particularly strong relationship with his parents. His father passed away so early in his life that Saltbringer never had the time to foster any father-son relationship with him. And while he has aa generally positive relationship with his still-living mother, she is happiest in the quiet of her own company than in that of other dragons. Between not knowing either of his parents well nor relating to the rest of his flight, the Saltbringer was never sure of who he truly was.

This was what birthed his "Saltbringer" persona- he understood the dragons who felt cast out and unknowing of who they were to the point of wanting to be someone more important and cherished than they were. But at the same time, he had no will to birth a cult or abandon his mother entirely. "The Saltbringer" was originally born as a way to laugh away the pain and bring joy to others in the process. While meant as a performance to process his own feelings became a massive success, increasing more and more demand for the Saltbringer character, something he himself was happy to oblige. Through this experience, he began travelling to other clans across flight borders, learning of their cultures, belief systems, and even stereotypes. Due to these new influences and the increased time he spent in these territories, he learnt through trial and error which jokes and what content could and could not be poked fun at. By pulling in more real influences, his audience only widened- even flights at odds with eacother could experience the same routine and find it just as enjoyable. However, the Saltbringer quickly became uncomfortable with the wealth it gave him. He simply had no need nor desire to live a lavish and excessive life, especially when he had taken up comedy and performance due to his own love for the medium.

Instead, he decided the best course of action was to give back to the clans who had made him what he was. He went all in with his profits, not only making his performance larger and more advanced, but bringing new attractions with him. Over the course of years, these not only grew larger and larger, until it became the phenomenon it has become. While it brought hum the attention of many dragons, it never quite satisfied his desire for his own clan. It wasn't uncommon that he stayed nights or weeks in patron clans, but even then, he never truly found one he felt comfortable in calling his home. Many of which he did feel kind and safe in, but it was the clanmates that made a proper clan to him.


While working for the ice subclan, he settles down moreso in the earth clan and alongside its members.

He is attracted to dragons of any gender, yet is currently far too focused on his career than actively searching for a partner.


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