FlameWheel (#215702)
Level 19 Tundra
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Wind Sprite
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Energy: 18/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Tundra
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3.94 m
2.9 m
334.25 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jul 21, 2013
(6 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 19 Tundra
EXP: 327 / 104563


Flame Wheel
Clan Leader


She is in charge of the lair in general, and are respected as leader by the clan. She is described as firm and determined, mild tempered and a good listener. She is a great warrior as well as a mother, and no one is scared to ask her for help.

For as long as the clan has existed, no one has challenged her for her position. There has simply been no reason for it, and the responsibility and paperwork associated with it does not tempt many. Those with a taste for it are assigned positions where they put their skills to use, and are thus happy with her rule. As she is not the leader due to battle strength, challenging her to a fight sends you to Burned and New Energy for a suitable lesson. She loves ripping her foes to shreds, and she is a fierce warrior. But this is not why she is the clan leader, and thus not the ground to challenge her.

Mate of Ember

As a young dragon, before she became who she is today, she had several nests with different dragons. Only recently did she find the love of her life. Despite the difference in age and hobbies they share a tight bond. He is a relaxed and kind dragon, who accepts the fact she is also married to her job. He says there will always be time for the two of them, so she should do what she has to before thinking of him. And so she does.


Gene log

She was borne a female tundra with crimson basic, orange basic and tangerine basic. I gave her giraffe and toxin June 27th, 2016. These were the first genes I liked on her, as they kept her kawaii expression yet let her be a killer. Her fur looks as silky soft and fluffy as before. Then she got spines on February 9th, 2018. It is subtle and only noticeable on her neck and tail. She is now complete.



ART CREDIT: Cute doodle by Snowy X - Animated adopt by itari10 X - Books by Lisegathe X


2vdih3a.jpg n2liwz.jpg 11kbdas.jpg 24f0meg.jpg 2qnveci.jpg 264hssy.jpg
_ 2zipkt3.jpg 6z79qw.jpg 359i9zq.jpg



Lair Order

FlameWheel (clan leader) and Ember (her mate)
Sceptile (custom progenitor) and Servine (his mate)
Teardrop (random progenitor) and ??? (her mate)
Melon dragons
Endangered species representatives
Colourwheel of XXY
Special colour combos
Gene projects
Project parents
For sale

Book IV

SS2016 delivery for our clan! Delivered by the elf (user) Atelophobia. My SS would like to remain anonymous.

Flame Wheel, the clan leader, and Sunspring, the messenger stood waiting on the top floor of the tall trees. The clan foreteller had told them their Secret Santa gift would be delivered there today and so they waited. When they heard the bells in the distance they shot up tiny fireworks to guide the elf. The elf was clearly in a hurry, for it simply dropped the gift bag while shouting "Merry Christmas to all of the Windflower clan!" Gravity seemingly had no grasp on the bag, for it fell much slower than it should have. It landed with a soft "thud" on the bridge of kites and the two dragons looked at each other. They looked inside and immediately thought of some of the clan members. "Cleaver for Grell", said Sunspring and Flame Wheel nodded "and Antennaes for Famiglia". She agreed on this, too.


"The familiars will choose their owners in due time, let's go down to the others" the spiral followed the
leader down the ramps. At the bottom they split up. Flame Wheel took the familiars to the day care, while the messenger quickened her pace, as she had two deliveries to make.


A cacophony of squeaks reaches your ears and you look up to see a cloud of bats descending towards you. Only a few feet from the ground, the cloud shivers and shakes. A black sack lowers gently to the earth by magic and the bats twirl around in delight, as if encouraging you to peek inside.

brown bats
animated armour


In the North East corner of the Windswept Plateu grow 3 strong trees. No one knows what kind of tree they are, but they grow all the way to the Cloudsong. Over the years a clan has cultivated these trees so that their brances intervene and form a bridge for the land bound to the kites. On the kites you find a myriad of merchants, food stalls and personal apartments made from durable materials that fly as easy as a skydancer. At the Southern foot of the tall trees lay a small forest surrounding a few small cottages and a pond. To the East lay an open landscape, inviting to further exploration into the Windswept Plateu. At the Northern foot of the trees lay a myriad of dens, hidden under what seems like a peaceful, rolling landscape. To the East lay a slowly rising hill filled with a library, workshops and stalls of all sorts. North-East, bordering to the dens and the stalls, lies a peaceful, lush garden. The Windflower gardens are what gave the clan a name, and is very precious to them. North of the Windflower Gardens lies the Bamboo Lake surrounded by sugar canes and strange flowers. Under a full moon you are forbidden to go close to the lake, but any other evening you can watch the fairies dance among fireflies across the surface, bathe and pick flowers. Further East the Windswept Plateu meets the Sea of a Thousand Currents at the cliffs' abrupt end. From all over the Windflower territory, tunnels criss-cross and connect them to the sea. Deft dragons use these as shortcuts. Hatchlings use them as a playground. Newcomers walk the long way around, either because they don't know of the tunnels, or because they lack a guide.

Secret Santa 2017


A lovely imperial rings a little bell to announce her presence as she greets you. “Merry Christmas, my dear Secret Santa! I’m Noelle, and I’ll be your elf for this year’s Secret Santa Exchange. If you have any questions or problems, I’m your dragon! I’ll be here to help you in any way I can.

“Now, I know you’re anxious to learn all about the special dragon you’re going to be gifting to, so I’ll get right to it!

“You are participating at the 100kt tier, therefore one item must be worth at least 50kt.

”Your gifts must be sent back to me, PalominoPrincess, no later than December 21st at 23:59 FR time. The gifts can be sent by PM or a 1-way CR. However, PMs are prefered. Dragons that are sent will not be accepted until beginning the 21st. They can be sent via crossroads before this time, but due to the potential volume I might receive from all my Santas, they will not be accepted until time to be sent out to your recipient.

“This is VERY important! Do NOT contact your gift recipient for any reason! If you have any questions for your match, please contact me with your questions and I will ask them and get the answer for you. We want to keep everything a surprise and Secret!

And now, here’s your match, and all the wishlist information they gave us. Happy shopping, and again, don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions!”



Dear Noel, our elf.

I sent my best spy to our recipient's lair, and she was not seen at all. From her report it is clear to me that we may have to visit the specialty shop. We would really like to buy them a gene. I would thus like to ask what genes are "new" in you opinion? Stritation, rosette or safari are all recent enough in our opinion, so what do you think?

As my dear spy could not determine a specific pattern as to what kind of dragons gather in their lair, I wanted to ask you to go ask: What kind of dragons would they enjoy getting? She did, however, manage to make a full copy of their bestiary - we have that section under control. I will also check my artist's scedule for December. He may be busy, but I will try to get an order in.

With Christmas cheers, the Windflower clan.

Flamewheel, clan leader -
Sunspring, messenger (and spy) -
Nudibranchia, artist

A long time ago...

Lavender and FlameWheel had 4 children together. Their firstborne was kidnapped as a kid and recruited to the forces of the Tidelord before he was named. The parents have not heard from him, and does still not know what to call him. Diardi and Fastflicker went on their world tourné and ended up as the Shadowbinder's best buddies. He they serve as her personal healer and assistant. Weil followed his siblings halfway to the shadow domain, but got distracted by a spiral named Tindre. They had 2 kids and he has stayed with her ever since.


Previous mates:
http://www1.flightrising.com/dragon/154438 (child of teardrop + grandchild of Aliciaa's progens)
http://www1.flightrising.com/dragon/154431 (sibling of the one above)
http://flightrising.com/main.php?dragon=193115 (in Drekven's lair)
http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=view&id=105993&tab=dragon&did=4463316 (XXY lavender/blood above)
http://flightrising.com/main.php?dragon=5684306 in my lair
http://flightrising.com/main.php?dragon=21606754 Ember, mate of today.

Worked closely with Divine during the uptake to the bounty of the elements. Was sscared, but trusted her dear foreteller to the fullest. Fo a while, it was like Divine was the center and spine of the clan, and her confidense and soothing words the glue that kept them together. Luckily, FlameWheel had gathered the enchanters and made them boost the whole clan's flight abilities during the incident, and this kept hope up for many.
The clan had great, common gatherings every day, and FlameWheel has to be available for her clanmates all day, all week. Business had stopped up with the wind ayway, and a land-wide crisis was more important anyway. The clan had to survive - together.



.......Wing-L.png Avatar3right.png


1st home

He was born a male ridgeback with obsidian iridescent, iridescent shimmer, dust crackle and wind rare eyes in Crosswinds's venerable clan.

"Founded by a strong guardian named Mildred, the Crosswinds Clan is a matriarchal nomadic village led by female elders. Every dragon is equal and has the right to be heard and live happily. Drakes of any breed and element are accepted and respected. From time to time, the entire clan moves to a different location at The Windswept Plateau." - Crosswind's Clan Lore.

2nd home

He left on a journey both to find his one true love, learn more about the world and experience some of the tales visitors told. During his journey he wandered into, and stayed for a while, with Sinjin's helpful clan. This was said to be one of the friendliest, most helpful clans there is in the Windswept Plateu and he found no reason to protest that claim. He also got to experience the Dragon Wonder Trade, and exchange program to help dragons out into the world. He was really excited, and had already visited so many great places before arriving there.

3rd home

His next stop in his quest for a forever home was the Windflower, a huge, ancient lair of the Cloudsong. He had never seen so many dragons. The territory was gigantic. It was a friendly clan where a dragon must prove themselves useful and reasonable. It is, like all his previous clans, helpful towards strangers and expect everyone to do their part. As a dragon is not considered an adult until they have reached lvl. 7, he counted as a child while staying there. His opinions were heard and respected, but he was not assigned any adult tasks until he got to training. He learned the reason why: you were not considered an adult until you were able to take responsibility of yourself enough to maintain a body healthy enough to swiftly carry at least one hatchling, hurt or weak dragon should escape be needed. It also showed you were able to take responsibility and thus also care for the clan's best interests. As a side benefit it made the clan in general look more intimidating, which in turn gained the clan respect from other clans and prevented most beastclans from even trying. There were no attacks during his stay.


All bio assets are gathered from Poisonedpaper's Art Assets. Specific sets used are seraph (onyx) and venue pack 3 - ghostlight ruins. All coding was done by Lisegathe.

And at last, a scry of what this dragon could look like:



A dragon who flew from the Cliff of Goodbyes in the Windflower to find his new home, as per the clan tradition. He threw himself from the cliff, well aware his wings were strong enough. He closed his eyes for a moment, as instructed, and felt for a direction. Then he soared high and followed his gut.
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Exalting FlameWheel to the service of the Windsinger will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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