Oki (#20948)
You only cry for help if you believe there is help.
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Runescar Lynx
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Coatl
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style





7.42 m
10.67 m
806.47 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jun 10, 2013
(8 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 21 Coatl
EXP: 8582 / 127509


Rakuen Clan

What a lot of dragons do not realize, is that there are hidden entrances in the bottom of the Carrion Canyon within the Shifting Expanse. Thanks to these entrances being well off the beaten path, it now homes a dragon clan.

These entrances lead to endless tunnels that house the thick powerlines littered under the ground of the lightening territory as well as pipes to feed water into Goldensparc. Offshoots from these tunnels have been dug out and rooms have been carved to nest Rakuen. This clan has since moved in to feed off the land around them, making do with whatever they can find both under, and above, the ground which can even include taking things from others. When the land is tough, so need the dragons be.




The clan of Rakuen started off with his father and mother down in the frigid arctic lands. Times were rough, but Prince and Lilly, the previous leaders, did their best with what little they had. Oki was unsure of himself growing up, but he now knows where his job lies. Even though his heart wishes to explore and travel, he knows the clan needs him now more than ever. He continues his tasks of passing dragons through the clan. Or, so it used to be that way, anyway. He has since uprooted and culled down the clan, bringing along only those who can live within the sands of the Lightning territory. Most of the clan looks up to him and has full respect, but within the shadows stirs a set of dragons with other motives in mind.

While Oki was a hatchling, he was quickly taught how to take over the throne from his father. Unlike Oki, his father was terribly reluctant and fearful of the other dragons around him. Even at a young age, Oki earned the respect of many of the dragons passing through. Thanks to Oki, he has formed the backbone structure of the clan and has formed bonds with others in order to keep a peaceful life with his family.

However, in current times, the opposing forces lurking within the clan have decided it is time to strike back and take over. Oki has been working tirelessly to undivide the clan. Oki knows that those who are loyal will stay with his clan until the very end, but he does not wish to see those who he holds dear to him slip away from his grasp. He will do anything in his power to stop the inner sins from taking over, even if it means losing his life.

Oki often finds himself alone. Though Oki feels depressed over the departure of his friends, he knows that maybe someday they may return and they have their reasons for leaving. He has formed a habit of reminding others this if not to simply to remind himself as well.

"Don't worry too much about it... They have their reason's for parting ways with us, but may return again another day. Don't lose such hope in those you hold dear to your heart, OK? I am sure you cross their mind everyday. If they do decide to come back, I will not hold them responsible for their actions. I just hope by the time they do return, there isn't far too much damage... Please, cheer up. We miss the bright you."

Besides his friends and family, there are two other things Oki oddly enjoys. Whenever he begins to get depressed, Oki always makes a point to scarf down a box of apples. He often does this in private so not to give off the wrong impressions, but only those closest to him knows of this habit. Oki also enjoys taking trips to the sunflower fields when he needs some away time. He obviously cannot find this within the desert lands around him, so he travels to other realms for a day or two to calm his nerves. During these times, his father reluctantly takes over.
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