Sunfall (#18013457)
Level 4 Fae
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Mottled Sea Serpent
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Energy: 36/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Female Fae
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1.64 m
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Oct 29, 2015
(4 years)



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Eye Type
Level 4 Fae
EXP: 1677 / 4027


The birth of Sunfall

They'd nurtured their eggs for weeks, ever attentive, exhausted by the time the first cracks finally began to show. Two healthy Fae hatchlings had already emerged, stretching their tiny wings in the many rays of the sun that hit the Ashfall Waste. Just one egg remained; a normal egg they'd thought, until the first crack. The entire nest seemed to turn even hotter as sparks fled the egg. Whirls of hot air at the edge of catching fire started to swirl around the egg. It burst into flame along with the egg, that crumbled to ashes before their eyes. What remained was a tiny fae surrounded by an egg of pure fire. Blinking, the parents stepped back, watched as the burning flames gathered and sparked around their daughter. When the fire finally ebbed down to a soft glow, she looked almost like a piece of the flame she had emerged from. Her very body rippled with pure elemental energy as she blinked, turning flame-orange eyes to her curious, if wary, parents. The glow faded completely as she stumbled towards them, the sparks only visible in her eyes. Her crest and frills seemed to give off more heat than was natural, as if the little body was filled with lava. She trembled towards her parents as they scooped her up. The little hatchling was too hot to toutch, but cooled once she felt her parent's cool touch. They nuzzled her gently. She was different, like her mother. A true faether with the ability to control and become fire itself, she would never leave the fire domain for more than a short amount of time.


As time went by and she grew, she noticed what others had before her: she leaked magic! Where ever she went it was a few degrees hotter. Plants bowed towards her for warmth during spring, and bowed away in the summer and autumn. She never slipped on ice, and her snowballs tended to get soggy before she could throw. She gave away as much warmth as a the Magma Dragons from the old myth!

She was a favored face by the blacksmiths. Whenever she helped out the metals would stay at the right temperature for as long as needed. She did not mean to use magic, but she felt that the blacksmiths were pulling on it unconsciously, bending her excess magic to their will. She could pull back, but she liked being there. It was her hobby, and she spent all her spare time there. Besides, if she never leaked she would burst and burn up, so they really helped her. It felt like some kind of therapy or massage.

One winter, a snapper hatchling got lost in the greatest volcano. Despite the heat it was snowing near the top. Sunfall immediately volunteered, and the snapper's parents jumped on the offer. When she flew up the mountain the snow melted. She spread her wings wide when she reached the middle of the snow and sent out her magic. She had control. The wisps of warmth that radiated from her were concentrated, but mild. They dd not intend to burn, just melt. She did not wake up the hibernating animals because she only swiped the ground with her warmth. When she found the snapper it was in a deep slumber. She brought it down, and well down he woke up, crying, and told of the terrible cold that scared him, hindered his sight and made him drowsy. After he was reunited with his parents, Sunfall gained a permanent status as hero. She is now in charge of a mountain rescue team.


Subspecies: True Faether (Fire)

Primary: Lighter than or fades into the lightest band of the seraph gene. Basic, Ripple, Iridescent or Crystal. Gene depends on what suits seraph most naturally.

Secondary: Seraph

Tertiary: Darker than or fades into the darkest band of the seraph gene. Underbelly or Glimmer. Gene depends on what suits seraph most naturally.

Flight: Matches the overall colour.

Breed: Fae


Marked by a distinct blend of color, these extraordinary Fae are closer to elementals than dragons.

Fae are tiny in statue, but huge in magical potential. Their strong affinity to magic, and their attachment to the elemental land gives them no limit to the amount of power they can draw on when in their homeland. In an opposing land they may as well be stranded in a desert for all the reserves they can draw on.

Sometimes, when still inside the egg, exposure to a particularly strong ley-line sends elemental energy coursing through them as the young dragons develop. This manifests both physically in the hatchling as a dazzling array of mono-color splashing out over their scales, and magically in a supernatural elemental aura that follows them wherever they go.

Forever displaying their elemental allegiance, these 'Faethers' (Fae + Aether) initially look like normal Fae. The egg appears the same as any other until the moment of hatching occurs and the excess energy explodes out in an elemental discharge that can be both beautiful and dangerous. More than one Faether has tragically killed their parents at birth.

The newly hatched Faether talks like Fae and acts like Fae, but their bodies seem to quiver with barely controlled energy. This is particularly noticeable on their crests, and the more excited they grow the more their frills shudder. This movement can be so intense that other Fae see it as 'stuttering' in their language. As they mature and reach adolescence the true nature of the Faether is revealed - they 'bleed' their element out into the world, causing small but noticeable effects around them. The effects are as unique as the Faether themselves. The Faether come in two distinct varieties - those with brilliant color, and those that bear more muted colors. Although this has no effect on their innate talents it does have an effect on how their element expresses itself. The strongly colored display more showy elemental effects, but the brightness of the color doesn't affect the power of the Faether. This affinity affects their personalities, and they tend to represent the more extreme stereotypes that are expected from an element.

Faethers do feel a certain kinship with each other. They are, after all, a step away from being elemental spirits. There's a surprising number that consider themselves cursed, rather than blessed - imagine, for example, the Fire Faether that has permanent flames on the tip of their frills - and other Faether are the only ones that are going to understand that. Conversely, elemental conflicts can be highly heightened. They won't be physically hurt more, but a Faether hit by an opposing attack feels like they're being ripped apart at the seams, and that can make them very defensive around others of those opposing elements.

Faether are not necessarily the powerful magi of their clan - they display their talent and may not be able to wield it. A Faether that chooses to develop their natural magic may indeed become one of the greatest sorcerers in Sornieth - or they mind find that their element responds too readily to them, too wild and unpredictable to safely use. Faether are just looking for a home that accepts them for the oddities that they are. If they're really lucky, they'll get to use their talents to benefit their clan.

Most Faether are born, flukes that appear thanks to strong magic - but very rarely they're made. Other species too can exhibit the same monochrome colors, and some even share the same elemental bleed. These dragons feel a strong pull to change to Faether, an urge that never leaves them. Should they ever give into that urge, they spontaneously turn into full-blown Faether in an explosion of element.

Finally - perhaps the strangest, if most understandable aspect of the Faether - they do not last forever. The time comes when they do not want to bear their elemental curse any more or desire to fully immerse in it. Some change species, wanting to keep their coloration but not their destructive powers, and must resist the pull of the Faether. Others turn to magic to change their very colors, instantly reverting to normal Fae. Even those that have come to terms with their nature and live out their lives as one may choose their life-mate carefully to ensure their children don't inherit it - it's the rare Faether that deliberately seeks another to pass it to their children. And those that do remain Faether become singularly drawn to their deity, an urge that becomes almost irresistible as the years go by. Even False Faether, pulled by two elements, feel a desire to return to their dominant element, to eternally quench the one that they are at odds with.

Those that want to stay with their clan have to combat this and many find different ways. Some bond very strongly with others of their own element, finding that the presence of others stems the desire. Others immerse in the physical element, using their magical ambers to cure lairs of fire, of glass to capture blinding light, of strands to catch arcane whims. Others make pilgrimages to their elemental homelands or leylines. More yet may carry a token of their element with them - a fragment of permafrost, a beautiful rock or flowers they plant on their own backs. Even so, it takes a strong will and not all can do it. In turn, the deities celebrate the exaltation of a Faether, for these strange little spirits have finally found their way home. Thus, the Faether disappear, as suddenly as they came, until one day chance brings one into the world once more.
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