Dewlap (#18011931)
the wizard, former soul-searcher, Trove's mate
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Nocturne
This dragon cannot breed until Jun 29, 2023 (20 days).
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4.06 m
4.89 m
572.87 kg


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Oct 29, 2015
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 11 Nocturne
EXP: 28115 / 34264


"You don't realize what you're asking of me."

Dewlap, Part 1, Volume I
The arrival.


Continued from Rockpools Part 2

Two dragons stood shoulder to shoulder as they faced the heavy wooden doors keeping them outside. Light rain pattered over the heads of a young Mirror and older Nocturne as they stayed dry in an invisible bubble. While they waited, the grey Mirror turned to the pale Nocturne.

“You're not excited, are you?” asked Rockpools.

Dewlap had been adjusting his hat the entire time, and stopped. “Just making sure it's still there, that's all.”

Rocky nodded. “Right. Of course. For five minutes straight.” Turning his attention back to the doors, he asked aloud, “Wonder what's keeping everydrake?”

“Looking for you, perhaps?” Dewlap reminded him.

Rocky reached for the iron knocker when one of the doors suddenly clunked as it was unlocked and creaked and groaned upon opening. A dark red Tundra stood before them.

“Everydrake's looking for you, Rockpools,” the Tundra stated.

A wide grin spread across Rocky's face. “Thank you, Vicky.”

“It's Vixen.”

“Of course it is. Where are Mom and Dad?” Rocky strode past Vixen, and Dewlap followed closely behind him into the castle, his head dipped low.

Vixen closed the door behind them. “Lord Kelpbeard is in his room on the second floor. Lady Saline is trying to convince Redtide and Aprilfish to stay here.” She then turned her attention on Dewlap. “Who's that?” she asked.

“Who, this?” Rocky whirled around and twisted Dewlap with him. “Dewlap's going to be staying with us for a while. He's a wizard. Neat, huh?”

Vixen just looked at them, not batting an eye. “Just be sure to let Lord Kelpbeard and Lady Saline know.” She turned and walked away, leaving the Mirror and Nocturne alone.

“Scary,” said Dewlap.

Rocky's smile refused to leave. “Never met an Ice dragon before?” He spun around and headed for the gilded staircase.

Dewlap kept pace with him. “Not like her.”

“Still, let's go give my folks the good news, shall we?”

Dewlap's stomach flopped. “Let's.”

“And don't worry your little head,” Rocky reassured him. “You know that I won't actually tell them about your special power, right?”

“It's more like the fact that somedrake will find out sooner or later. Like you did?”

When they reached the top, Rocky and Dewlap spied three other dragons in the hallway. A large red Guardian stood beside a smaller golden Mirror as they faced a darker Mirror. Worry rang clear in two out of three of the voices. Rocky stepped towards them and cleared his throat noisily, causing the other dragons to turn their heads to him.

Rocky grinned toothily. “I'm back.”

The darker Mirror made the first move, galloping to Rocky and gripped him in a tight hug. The Guardian and gold Mirror stood still, their blue eyes wide as they stared at Rocky and Dewlap.

“Are you all right?” Saline asked, her voice high. “We didn't know where you'd gone, or...what to think, I—”

“Mom,” Rocky interrupted her, “it's fine now. I'm fine. I'm here.”

Saline backed up. “Red and April told me what happened. Is it true? Did you...”

Rocky hesitated in speaking up, and Dewlap beat him to it.

“I suppose this is where I come in,” explained the Nocturne. “Young Rocky here told me about the storm that separated him from his siblings, and I found him by himself, and led him to a nearby cave to wait it out.” Dewlap thought he heard Redtide snort and Aprilfish squeal.

Saline tensed for a moment before quieting down. “Yes, of course, the storm...I was so afraid I'd lose Red and April as well.” She squinted. “Goodness, is that you, Dewlap?”

The Nocturne dipped the brim of his sagging hat lower. “Guilty.”

“It seems you have a talent for finding my son, thank you again. How long ago was that?”

Dewlap rolled his eyes underneath his hat. “Seems like it was only yesterday.” Did he hear Rocky choke back a laugh?

“Well,” said Saline, “I'm sure you're going to want to tell my husband the good news. He's still in his study.”

Rocky saluted her. “Then that's where we're headed.”

“And I suppose the search parties will have to be called off,” sighed Saline, relieved. “I'll come back to check on you later, Rocky.” She headed down the stairs and was gone.

Though Dewlap kept his gaze averted, he still felt April's full attention on him. “ that...” the gold Mirror shrilled.

Rocky's smile returned. “You bet it is.” He pushed Dewlap forward, who slid to a halt just inches from April. “The very same wizard whom we've met all those years ago.”

The golden Mirror and pale Nocturne faced off as April stared at him, her four blue eyes wide, her mouth hanging open in a toothy grin. Dewlap's heart raced as he adjusted his hat and mentally kicked himself for not previously inventing an invisibility spell. He flinched when April screeched.

Oh my gods can you believe it Red it's the same wizard sweet Tidelord did you ever think we'd see him again how many spells do you—”

“Easy there, tiger,” Rocky cut in, stepping between Dewlap and April. “Remember that he's not as young as we are, so you might want to slow down a bit.”

“Excuse you?” asked Dewlap.

“Why thank you,” Rocky nodded in the Nocturne's direction before turning back to his sister. “Now if you'll excuse us, we have some explaining to Dad to do.” He started striding down the hall.

Dewlap went to follow him and almost bumped into April. He stopped and dipped his hat lower and said, “Ma'am,” before moving on, bonking his head on something large and solid. And red. He tilted his head up slightly. “You've grown,” he said to Redtide. The Guardian just looked down at Dewlap, not saying anything, and the Nocturne hurried to catch up with Rocky, leaving Red and April behind.

April couldn't take it any longer. “Did you hear that Red the wizard spoke to me I have to—” she tried going after them when a giant red paw stood in her way. “Hey!”

“You leave 'em be,” said Red, his voice booming. “Seems they've got some things t' sort out without us in'erferin'.”

April fumed, but stayed silent and reluctantly stood next to her big brother. She looked up at him and back to where Rocky and Dewlap had gone, sighing.


“I take it back, your sister's pretty scary.”

Rocky maintained his smile. “Better get used to it, that's normal for her. I'm surprised she didn't decide to tackle you.” The Mirror and Nocturne halted in front of one room. Rocky reached for the door handle but then he turned back to Dewlap. “Do you really think my dad would know about dragons with your ability?” he asked.

Dewlap's heart hammered. “Very likely, though he'd know a slightly different term.”

“And what would that be?” Rocky cocked his head.

“I'd rather not be present when you ask him.”

Rocky looked at him for a moment longer before shrugging, and opened the door.

“I don't care, search every clan in Sornieth if you have to!” thundered a grey and green Guardian. A blue-striped Spiral cowered before him. Noticing the opened door, the Guardian turned his attention to the two dragons walking in.

“So I heard you're looking for me?” Rocky asked.

The Spiral pointed a skinny white claw right at him, red eyes wide. “Found him, sire! He's—”

“I can see that, Aerico,” Kelpbeard interrupted him, and rubbed his grey temple. “Guess what your next job is?”

Aerico had to think. “ off...the search parties?” he asked hopefully.

“That's right,” Kelpbeard said with as much patience as he could muster. When he saw Aerico still standing in the same spot, he boomed, “That also means now!” and the Spiral hightailed it out of the room as fast as all six of his wings could carry him.

Rocky's toothy smile never faltered. He was about to speak but his father cut him off.

“I don't know what you're smiling about, son. This is serious. We were worried about you.”

“I know, but I'm back, safe and sound. And...” Rocky gestured to Dewlap before continuing, “meet the very drake who kept it that way.”

Dewlap gulped but managed to stay as calm as he could and stepped forward. “Dewlap, sir," he introduced himself. "I don't know if you'd remember me, but it's a pleasure to meet you once more. Since finding your son again, he's told me all about you,” his voice shook slightly and he hoped Kelpbeard didn't notice. He held out one pale three-clawed paw.

The giant grey Guardian barked out a laugh. “There's no need for that, Mister Dewlap. You've saved my son, and I'm very grateful. And I wouldn't want to risk crushing your paw.”

When Dewlap lowered his arm, Rocky took over. “Dewlap here was wanting to stay with us for a while.”

“But of course!” Kelpbeard roared jovially. “In fact, we'll all have a great feast tonight, the whole clan!”

Dewlap didn't think he could get any paler.

Rocky returned his father's smile. “Oh my, that sure sounds great. I'm sure Dewlap would love to meet everydrake all at the same time.” He felt the Nocturne stiffen beside him. “But I think he'd like to get settled in, first.”

Kelpbeard nodded his massive head. “You're right, son. Perhaps you both need some rest. I bet you two must've flown quite a ways to get back here. And I think I may have an unoccupied room for you, Dewlap.”

The Nocturne tried not to faint with relief. “That's very generous of you, thank you.”


Lord Kelpbeard had led Dewlap and Rocky to the other end of the hall, where the three drakes stopped in front of another room. Pushing the door open, Kelpbeard gestured with one paw, and Dewlap slowly stalked in, afraid that if he rushed, the sight before him might disappear.

The walls were painted dark blue, and his claws ticked as he walked across the dark blue stained wooden floor, but what held is attention was the opposite side of the room. Silver posts surrounded a dark blue bed, and Dewlap stopped where he stood.

Kelpbeard noticed the Nocturne hesitate. “Something wrong?”

Dewlap barely managed a whisper. “No, it's just...I haven't seen an actual bed in...” He decided to move forward again, and blinked to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Placing a paw on the cover, he was surprised to see it move at his touch.

“It's a water bed,” Rocky sounded amused.

Dewlap rolled his eyes and allowed a small smile. Hoisting himself up, he landed on the bed as it sloshed under his weight, and let out a deep sigh when he sank his body down. Despite the water beneath him, he felt as though he were riding air as it rocked.

Rocky looked at his father. “I think he likes it,” he said.

“I think I do,” Dewlap replied dreamily.

Kelpbeard cleared his throat. “Well, I'm glad you think so. And I'd love to hear all about how you saved Rocky, but I should make sure that Spiral hasn't passed out.” He left his son and the wizard without another word.

Rocky watched his father leave before walking towards Dewlap. “Kinda makes you wish that nothing could ruin this moment, eh?”

Dewlap sighed again. “I don't think anything could ruin this moment.” His smile then slowly disappeared. “Wait a second...”

A single knock sounded at the door. “Lord Kelpbeard says he's changed his mind. The feast is tonight,” stated Vixen.


Dragons seated themselves at a long oaken table in the great dining room as they began passing platters around and dug greedily into their food. Somedrake asked if their claws counted as a fork and knife, and another commented on surviving without such fancy plates. Stories were also shared about how some came into the clan, and laughs erupted and some tears were shed. The sound of a clawtip tapping on glass rang out, and silence flooded the room as a large grey Guardian stood.

Clanmates! We gather here tonight, not only to welcome my son back, but to also thank those who've spent tireless hours trying to bring him home.” Kelpbeard paused as dragons all around him clapped. “I also want us to welcome a new face among us. The wizard Dewlap, who's now saved Rocky twice! My wife and I cannot thank him enough.”

Dewlap felt hot as everydrake turned their eyes to him as they thanked and welcomed him. He recognized the loudest belonging to April, with Red trying to hush her in vain.

“Now don't just sit there,” Kelpbeard addressed everydrake, “dig in!”

Dragons started shovelling in food when Dewlap faintly heard somedrake whisper, “Where's...” and another replied, “...says she's not feeling well.” He dismissed it immediately. He certainly didn't mind one less drake stopping to stare at him.


“You're really a wizard?”

Dewlap lifted his head slightly but didn't meet the gazes of the two black Spirals sitting directly across from him. “Yes—”

Of course he is!”

Thank you, April. I think I can take it from here.” Dewlap waited a moment longer to make sure the gold Mirror stayed quiet. “I guess there aren't too many wizards around if you're asking, then?”


“It fascinates us.”

“Could you...”

“Show us yours?”

Dewlap remained still for several moments, and wondered just how many strange dragons he could possibly meet in one day. “Sorry, but I didn't learn the magic I have now just to show off some tricks.”

“Then why...”

“Did you?”

The Nocturne knew he'd regret saying those words. Out of the corner of one eye, he saw Rocky look over at him. Guess he'd have more to explain later. “Well, I suppose one or two won't hurt, if it's all right with the Lord and Lady?” He saw Kelpbeard and Saline nod their approval, and turned back to the Spirals. “Now, what are your names?”

“Phorcys,” grinned the male.

“Calypso,” smiled the female.

Dewlap removed his hat. “And I'm assuming you're expecting more than just the old jackalope-out-of-the-hat, right?” Everydrake was now looking at him as he held a flailing pink-eyed jackalope by its horns. Phorcys and Calypso glanced at each other before turning back to him.

The Nocturne smiled. “Too simple?” He snapped his claws and sent the kicking animal back where it came from, and placed the hat back over his horns. Lifting both arms, Dewlap splayed his paws and the flames of the candles hanging on the walls blew out, making the room dark. And then, one by one, the smoke started to glow as thirteen drake-like shapes drifted down to the table, and each changed to a different colour and illuminated the faces of each dragon they passed. Calypso giggled as her brother stared cross-eyed at a glowing green smoke-Spiral directly in front of his nose. Dragons all around oohed and aahed, some laughed and others were left speechless as each smoke-dragon danced and glided across the table. Dewlap chuckled along with them and he lazily waved away a glowing purple smoke-Nocturne. Something red glowed out of the corner of his eye, and he saw Rocky staring wide-eyed at a red smoke-Mirror. Dewlap hastily snapped his claws and all thirteen smoke dragons flew back up, lighting the candles on the wall.

“Okay, I think that's enough for tonight,” Dewlap said as dragons groaned around the table. He apologized as everydrake went back to picking at their food.

“Well now, that was just grand, Dewlap!” Kelpbeard clapped his massive paws together. “Quite the display, wasn't it, dear?” he asked Saline.

“Very beautiful,” she agreed.

But Dewlap wasn't listening, his attention was focused on the grey Mirror beside him. “You okay?” he whispered.

“Fine,” Rocky managed.

“It's just a stupid trick, don't worry about it.”

A small smile escaped Rocky. “That one you made, or me being controlled?”


“And we're going to have to have a talk after dinner.”

Dewlap lost his appetite.


“So why did you want to learn wizard's magic?”

They'd managed to slip past and dodge other dragons after the feast and lock the door in Dewlap's new room. The old Nocturne was leaning his back against the bed's wooden head post, and Rocky had pulled up a chair next to the bed and sat.

Dewlap slowly inhaled before responding. “I'll give you one guess.”

Rocky thought for a couple of moments. “Does it have to do with the soul searching?”

“I'd been hoping to learn magic that was powerful enough to rid myself of it. Over the years, I've tried, and failed, at casting and creating spells that would do so, but of course, nothing worked. Eventually...I gave up.”

“Who taught you? Did they also know about your ability?”

The expression on Dewlap's face darkened and he didn't reply.

“Sorry,” Rocky apologized.

“Were you still wanting ask your father what older drakes call others with my ability?”

“Well if you're not going to tell me...”

“Then maybe you should hear what another dragon thinks and then decide for yourself. Just ask him what a soul searcher is. He'll tell you the rest.”

Rocky sat still for a few moments longer before getting up to leave. When he reached the door, he stopped and looked back to Dewlap. "What about ghosts? Can you see ghosts?"

"Anydrake can see ghosts."


Continued in Kelpbeard Part 1

Dewlap, Part 2, Volume I
After a long day.


Lord Kelpbeard had been kind enough to give Dewlap his own private study, where the old Nocturne could finally have some peace whenever Rocky or somedrake else didn't need him. Seated at an ornate wooden desk, Dewlap hunched over his writing, the quill in his claws scratching the parchment laid before him.

Although I have sworn to never again invade another
dragon's memories – to Windsinger or to myself, I'm
not sure – the young drake Rockpools had insisted I
help him this way. He thought himself to be cursed,
but after giving in, I've discovered somedrake to be
controlling his actions, forcing him to attack an innocent
life, perhaps mere moments before our encounter.
Unfortunately, since I could only see what he saw,
whoever it was made sure to keep out of sight should
Rockpools meet a soul searcher.

Five raps at his door interrupted Dewlap's thoughts. Before inviting his visitor in, he snapped his claws and the words on the scroll changed.

“Come iiin,” he singsonged, but didn't look up.

The knob turned and the door clicked open.

“Mister Dewlap, I was wondering if I may have a word with you?”

Dewlap recognized her voice and sighed. “Why do I get the feeling it'll be more like several words, April?” He continued with his writing.

Aprilfish took notice of his work. “Are you writing spells?” she tried asking casually.

“If that's what you came to ask me about, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you. The king wants me to document any interruptions I've encountered since my arrival.”

“He didn't really—” April paused for a moment. “Wait, my dad wants a powerful wizard to write for him? Why not just use your magic?”

“That doesn't mean I should start being lazy. Writing helps exercise my claws.”

His hat was suddenly snatched from his head, and Dewlap silently cursed to himself. He hadn't noticed April advancing on him quietly. He went to launch over the top of the desk but stopped and averted his gaze.

For a few moments, nothing was said from April. To Dewlap's disappointment, the golden Mirror found her voice.

“Your eyes are green.”

“How observant of you.” Dewlap held out a paw in her direction. “Gimme.”

“They're Wind green.”

“Please? That's the magic word, isn't it?”

“Were you avoiding everydrake's gaze because you're a Wind dragon? No, that can't be it. I know the jokes are pretty rude, but you can have your hat back if you tell me the real reason.”

“I have a better idea.”

Dewlap flicked his wrist and a gust knocked April back a couple feet and yanked the hat out of her grasp. He grinned as his hat glided across the room and settled back where it belonged. “Here's something we should talk about: never get between a wizard and his hat. Very important life lesson to keep in mind.” He resumed his writing.

April frowned. “I thought that was pirates.”

“Wizards, pirates, parda-juggling centaurs...does it matter? Don't mess with anydrake's hat.”

“I see. Does Rocky know why you don't look anydrake in the eye?”

“Yes. Go ask him.”

“You're saying that to get rid of me.”

Dewlap laughed. “You, missy, are clearly too smart for me. I'm sure your brother would love to know that.”

April started to protest. “But—”

Look—” Dewlap began a bit too harshly, then softened his voice a tad. “I've had a rather unexpected and eventful day. Would you like to know why Lord Kelpbeard lets me use this private study? To work. In private. So that I could have at least a bit of time to myself. Oh, and guess what? He never asked me about why I avoid meeting everydrake's gaze, so it must not be that important.” He allowed a grim smile to creep across his face as he went on. “And if I were you, I wouldn't give it another thought. Good night, Miss April,” he dismissed her.

April narrowed her eyes and said, “You may have won this round, but I'll be back.” She backed out of the room and closed the door on her way.

When the door clicked shut, Dewlap let out a sigh. “I don't doubt that for one second.” He rearranged his notes with a snap of his claws and continued writing.

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