Scorpion (#18002899)
Level 25 Imperial
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Disoriented Spirit
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Imperial
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31.53 m
20.79 m
7075.44 kg


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Oct 28, 2015
(6 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
Max Level


Art by: Notandor
Second In Command
Mate of Derparoo
Suk, no gender.

Protective, Aggressive, Sly, Forward, Blunt, Cold, Calculative, Dangerous...

The world was given the life of an innocent and smiling Imperial hatchling. Bright green eyes were greeting the world hopefully. But that was crushed... Quickly... His attempts to save countless dragons from his father's sadistic ideas of pleasing the Gods, no one listening to his warnings. The constant reminder that he would be next in line for the ruling throne... No more innocence, no more smiles, laughter. Only the cold glare of a murderer. Who could send a dragon to death with the flick of his ear, or his own claws... And as he stepped into the throne room, dragons bowed to his crystal body and outstretched wings... "Let Windsinger approve of our sacrifices! Let. There. Be. Bloodshed!"
Being the new King gave Scorpion many new responsibilities. He would need would need to claim a Queen soon, sadly for those who did line up their daughters for their new ruler only saw heartbreak as one by one he turned them down. Sending them to a cold and lonely fate in the sacrificial chambers of the clan. Day by day less and less dragoness were brought before him. That was until a different dragon caught his eye... His hunters had just brought in a very proud looking female Pearl Catcher her robotic parts interesting him further as a slow smile made its way onto his face. A large male Guardian stood beside him following his gaze. Before the dragon could even speak a word of sense into his new leader a large and dangerously clawed paw grabbed the dragon's muzzle keeping it shut. "Her, I have found my challenge..." And with that said he released his hold on the dragon's muzzle slipped out of the throne room and made his way to his soon to be Queen...

Months had passed, Scorpion was being to abandon his duties as King to spend time listening to that female dragon, Derparoo, he laid eyes on when she first arrived. While at first his intention was to just demand her and force her to stay, when she stood up to him and scolded him about his attitude... Something was different about her. To his father's great displeasure, he would often find his son half inside the guest den where the outsider was staying listening to her read or tell stories of her adventures. Scorpion could listen for hours, days... forever...

"Why did they hate you..? You sound so... so..." He couldn't find the words... But she just smiled and looked at him a robotic paw folding the book she was reading shut. "So... what? Speak proudly. Just like the dragon in the book don't be afraid to say what you feel is right Scorpion" She spoke so confidently... and it calmed him. That anger built up in his soul melted away in the hours he was with her. What took months of bloodshed to create an evil and crazed leader took her only hours to break away. So he was careful. Reaching a paw over to her and laying one larger careful pad over the book and her hand as he struggled to find the words. His eyes narrowed, and his tail swept across the ground outside..."Beautiful. Amazing. Gentle. Kind. You are everything I once believed in but gave up in... You are that light I need back in my life." He didn't look at her. His eyes fixed on the paw he had so carefully placed under his own. He was afraid, and when he watched the hand slip out from under his own, he froze now regretting his words. He was going to laugh it off and say he was just joking but before he could fake a joking grin he felt something pull his whiskers causing his head to lean down now eye level with the dragon he loved so much. He waited for her laughter, held back the childish tears in his eyes. But instead of heartbreak, he felt a warm embrace on his muzzle... A slow smile worked its way onto his face as he leaned his head into her body his eyes slipping closed as he enjoyed her embrace. "I am here now..."

But soon Scorpions dreams all came crashing down around him...

His father, angry had fought with his son. Scorpion was chained to a large stone table fighting off what he could only to have his magic storages drained at an alarming rate. He was helpless... He was about to give up when he heard a familiar sounding voice, and after hearing her let out a painful gasp he snapped. Destroying the chains, killing dragons but in the end, he wasn't enough. Him, Derparoo, and his mother who had tried to stop this all were thrown into the sacrificial chambers. Derparoo was trying so hard to stop Scorpion from slipping away... But she failed.

Everything was so dark and cold. voices screaming and demanding revenge, blood, demanding that Scorpion kill and destroy his home. So he gave into those voices...

When his eyes finally reopened. His home was gone. He was covered in blood and the voices were roaring and screeching even louder but they began to fade away. All he saw before him and his crazed eyes was Derparoo hugging his muzzle like she had done before. Pain filled his chest, he felt guilty... He felt like he hurt her. And he let a single tear roll down cheek as they both worked together to keep those memories far from his mind, and to help him be the dragon Derparoo always knew he could be.

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"The Hidden Emperor"
Drawn by: Notandor

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