Level 1 Skydancer
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Longneck Vigilante
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Male Skydancer
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Personal Style


Classy Monocle
Illuminated Runescroll
Ethereal Flame Tail Jewel
Teardrop Pearl Ring
Luminous Sundrapes
Ethereal Flame Tail Ribbon
Simple Gold Bracelets
Simple Gold Necklace
Simple Gold Wing Cuffs
Teardrop Pearl Belt
Luminous Halo
Golden Silk Sash


Accent: Dainty Decor



5.23 m
6.45 m
479.99 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Oct 28, 2015
(8 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Skydancer
EXP: 0 / 245


Logical | Methodical | Doting
Royal Advisor


Level headed, serious and dedicated to his trade, Gild is the treasurer and royal advisor for the clan. Along with his mate, they are responsible for keeping the clan’s coin, and making sure that it is well spent to make their small fortune grow.

At ease with diplomatic matters, the golden skydancer is also sometimes sent in the queen’s instead for meetings with other clans, easily maneuvering negotiations as he does numbers.

Extremely dedicated to his job, the initially focused façade hides a serene male that enjoys spending time with his daughter as she goes about her own duties as a vault guardian. Since their duties often overlap, Gild often enjoys engaging in animated discussions with his more spirited daughter.

As part of his role as treasurer, Gild is in charge of seeing to the safekeeping - and, whenever possible, to the completion - of a list. Said list contains very specific items, all of great value to the clan, all needed by the queen in one way or another.



The Royal List of Wishes

Scrolls of Divine Power
Primary Gene: Cherub Primary Gene: Piebald Primary Gene: Iridescent Primary Gene: Petals Primary Gene: Skink Primary Gene: Falcon
Secondary Gene: Shimmer Secondary Gene: Paint Secondary Gene: Toxin Secondary Gene: Butterfly Secondary Gene: Facet Secondary Gene: Spinner
Tertiary Gene: Glimmer Tertiary Gene: Gembond Tertiary Gene: Stained Tertiary Gene: Runes Tertiary Gene: Lace Tertiary Gene: Opal Tertiary Gene: Filigree
Breed Change: Coatl Breed Change: Skydancer Breed Change: Nocturne

Adornments of Skins
Those for:
  • Skydancers
  • Nocturnes
  • Imperials
  • Coatls

Appearance Enhancers
River Royalist Tail Rings Desert Dynasty Tail Rings River Royalist Cuffs Desert Dynasty Cuffs

Wooden Pipeflute Finely Crafted Lute Goldslab Wingspan

Filigree Rapier Ancient Broadsword Valkyrie Blade Katana White Katana

Swashbuckler's Cutlass Privateer's Cutlass Buccaneer's Cutlass Corsair's Rusty Cutlass
Swashbuckler's Seaspray Kerchief Privateer's Seaspray Kerchief Buccaneer's Seaspray Kerchief Corsair's Seaspray Kerchief

Citrine Talonclasp Pendant Tanzanite Talonclasp Pendant Sapphire Talonclasp Pendant Emerald Talonclasp Pendant Onyx Talonclasp Pendant Cursed Talonclasp Pendant Diamond Talonclasp Pendant

Yelling Wyrmpeck Screaming Tickbird Paunchy Red Percher Paunchy Green Percher Talkative Hookbeak Chattering Parrot

Simple Darksteel Necklace Simple Pearly Necklace Simple Copper Necklace Simple Iron Necklace Simple Gold Necklace
Simple Darksteel Bracelets Simple Pearly Bracelets Simple Copper Bracelets Simple Iron Bracelets Simple Gold Bracelets
Summer Swelter Spring's Breath Winter Wind Autumn Breeze

Journeyman Satchels Tan Bandana Tawny Antlers Ebony Antlers Bone Antlers Autumnal Wreath Winter Wolf Cape

Soft Pink Silk Veil Prismatic Silk Veil Crimson Silk Veil Night Sky Silk Veil
Gossamer Fillet Gossamer Silk Scarf Gossamer Wing Silks Gossamer Silk Sash Gossamer Leg Silks Gossamer Arm Silks Gossamer Tail Bangle
Celadon Fillet Celadon Silk Scarf Celadon Wing Silks Celadon Silk Sash Celadon Leg Silks Celadon Arm Silks Celadon Tail Bangle
Sky Blue Fillet Sky Blue Silk Scarf Sky Blue Wing Silks Sky Blue Silk Sash Sky Blue Leg Silks Sky Blue Arm Silks Sky Blue Tail Bangle
Golden Fillet Golden Silk Scarf Golden Wing Silks Golden Silk Sash Golden Leg Silks Golden Arm Silks Golden Tail Bangle
Crimson Fillet Crimson Silk Scarf Crimson Wing Silks Crimson Silk Sash Crimson Leg Silks Crimson Arm Silks Crimson Tail Bangle
Soft Pink Silk Scarf Soft Pink Wing Silks Soft Pink Silk Sash Soft Pink Leg Silks Soft Pink Arm Silks Soft Pink Tail Bangle
Prismatic Silk Scarf Prismatic Wing Silks Prismatic Silk Sash Prismatic Leg Silks Prismatic Arm Silks Prismatic Tail Bangle
Night Sky Fillet Night Sky Silk Scarf Night Sky Wing Silks Night Sky Silk Sash Night Sky Leg Silks Night Sky Arm Silks Night Sky Tail Bangle

Copper Filigree Boots Copper Filigree Wing Guard Copper Filigree Breastplate Copper Filigree Tail Guard Copper Filigree Gauntlets Copper Filigree Banner

Raven Sylvan Lattice Grove Sylvan Lattice Siren Sylvan Lattice Twilight Sylvan Lattice Scarlet Sylvan Lattice Ember Sylvan Lattice Diaphanous Sylvan Lattice
Raven Sylvan Twist Grove Sylvan Twist Siren Sylvan Twist Twilight Sylvan Twist Scarlet Sylvan Twist Ember Sylvan Twist Diaphanous Sylvan Twist
Raven Sylvan Filigree Grove Sylvan Filigree Siren Sylvan Filigree Twilight Sylvan Filigree Scarlet Sylvan Filigree Ember Sylvan Filigree Diaphanous Sylvan Filigree
Raven Sylvan Headpiece Grove Sylvan Headpiece Siren Sylvan Headpiece Twilight Sylvan Headpiece Scarlet Sylvan Headpiece Ember Sylvan Headpiece Diaphanous Sylvan Headpiece
Raven Sylvan Bracelets Grove Sylvan Bracelets Siren Sylvan Bracelets Twilight Sylvan Bracelets Scarlet Sylvan Bracelets Ember Sylvan Bracelets Diaphanous Sylvan Bracelets
Raven Sylvan Anklets Grove Sylvan Anklets Siren Sylvan Anklets Twilight Sylvan Anklets Scarlet Sylvan Anklets Ember Sylvan Anklets Diaphanous Sylvan Anklets
Silver Sylvan Lattice Silver Sylvan Twist Silver Sylvan Filigree Silver Sylvan Headpiece Silver Sylvan Bracelets Silver Sylvan Anklets

Ferocious Leather Arm Guards Brutal Leather Arm Guards Furious Leather Arm Guards Primal Leather Arm Guards Ruthless Leather Arm Guards Untamed Leather Arm Guards
Ferocious Banner Brutal Banner Furious Banner Primal Banner Ruthless Banner Untamed Banner Wild Banner
Ferocious Leather Boots Brutal Leather Boots Furious Leather Boots Primal Leather Boots Ruthless Leather Boots Untamed Leather Boots
Ferocious Claws Brutal Claws Furious Claws Primal Claws Ruthless Claws Untamed Claws
Ferocious Shoulder Guard Brutal Shoulder Guard Furious Shoulder Guard Primal Shoulder Guard Ruthless Shoulder Guard Untamed Shoulder Guard

Pearl Flourish Anklets Citrine Flourish Anklets Amber Flourish Anklets Sapphire Flourish Anklets Garnet Flourish Anklets Aquamarine Flourish Anklets Morganite Flourish Anklets
Pearl Flourish Bracelet Citrine Flourish Bracelet Amber Flourish Bracelet Sapphire Flourish Bracelet Garnet Flourish Bracelet Aquamarine Flourish Bracelet Morganite Flourish Bracelet
Pearl Flourish Necklace Citrine Flourish Necklace Amber Flourish Necklace Sapphire Flourish Necklace Garnet Flourish Necklace Aquamarine Flourish Necklace Morganite Flourish Necklace
Pearl Flourish Belt Citrine Flourish Belt Amber Flourish Belt Sapphire Flourish Belt Garnet Flourish Belt Aquamarine Flourish Belt Morganite Flourish Belt
Pearl Flourish Tail Clasp Citrine Flourish Tail Clasp Amber Flourish Tail Clasp Sapphire Flourish Tail Clasp Garnet Flourish Tail Clasp Aquamarine Flourish Tail Clasp Morganite Flourish Tail Clasp
Pearl Flourish Tail Drape Citrine Flourish Tail Drape Amber Flourish Tail Drape Sapphire Flourish Tail Drape Garnet Flourish Tail Drape Aquamarine Flourish Tail Drape Morganite Flourish Tail Drape

Teardrop Citrine Earrings Teardrop Lapis Lazuli Earrings Teardrop Pastel Spinel Earrings Teardrop Chroma Earrings Teardrop Jade Earrings Teardrop Ruby Earrings Teardrop Pearl Earrings
Teardrop Citrine Belt Teardrop Lapis Lazuli Belt Teardrop Pastel Spinel Belt Teardrop Chroma Belt Teardrop Jade Belt Teardrop Ruby Belt Teardrop Pearl Belt
Teardrop Citrine Wing Loop Teardrop Lapis Lazuli Wing Loop Teardrop Pastel Spinel Wing Loop Teardrop Chroma Wing Loop Teardrop Jade Wing Loop Teardrop Ruby Wing Loop Teardrop Pearl Wing Loop

Tropical Birdskull Necklace Purple Birdskull Necklace Golden Birdskull Necklace Bleak Birdskull Necklace Aqua Birdskull Necklace White Birdskull Necklace Red Birdskull Necklace Green Birdskull Necklace Blue Birdskull Necklace Brown Birdskull Necklace

Tanned Rogue Cape Forest Rogue Cape Dusk Rogue Cape
Tanned Rogue Footpads Tanned Rogue Bracers Forest Rogue Footpads Forest Rogue Bracers Dusk Rogue Footpads Dusk Rogue Bracers

Dustrunner's Arctic Bags Chasmcrawler's Arctic Bags Frostfinder's Arctic Bags Nightglider's Arctic Bags Winterwatcher's Arctic Bags Windwalker's Arctic Bags Sunsetspeaker's Arctic Bags

Scout's Quiver Scout's Cape Scout's Gloves Scout's Treads Scout's Leggings Scout's Tail Twist
Deadeye's Quiver Deadeye's Cape Deadeye's Gloves Deadeye's Treads Deadeye's Leggings Deadeye's Tail Twist
Ranger's Quiver Ranger's Cape Ranger's Gloves Ranger's Treads Ranger's Leggings Ranger's Tail Twist
Hunter's Quiver Hunter's Cape Hunter's Gloves Hunter's Treads Hunter's Leggings Hunter's Tail Twist
Archer's Quiver Archer's Cape Archer's Gloves Archer's Treads Archer's Leggings Archer's Tail Twist
Bowman's Quiver Marksman's Quiver Pathfinder's Quiver
Bowman's Tail Twist Marksman's Tail Twist Pathfinder's Tail Twist

Viper's Shoulder Pads Koi's Shoulder Pads Frog's Shoulder Pads Cat's Shoulder Pads Lion's Shoulder Pads Butterfly's Shoulder Pads Crane's Shoulder Pads
Viper's Tail Guard Koi's Tail Guard Frog's Tail Guard Cat's Tail Guard Lion's Tail Guard Butterfly's Tail Guard Crane's Tail Guard
Viper's Leg Armor Koi's Leg Armor Frog's Leg Armor Cat's Leg Armor Lion's Leg Armor Butterfly's Leg Armor Crane's Leg Armor Viper's Arm Guards Koi's Arm Guards Frog's Arm Guards Cat's Arm Guards Lion's Arm Guards Butterfly's Arm Guards Crane's Arm Guards

Sorcerer's Cobwebs Witch's Cobwebs Magician's Cobwebs Enchanter's Cobwebs Conjurer's Cobwebs
Sorcerer's Herb Pouch Witch's Herb Pouch Magician's Herb Pouch Enchanter's Herb Pouch Conjurer's Herb Pouch

Gossamer Flame Wing Ribbon Gossamer Flame Tail Ribbon Gossamer Flame Tail Jewel Gossamer Flame Headpiece Gossamer Flame Collar Gossamer Flame Cloak Gossamer Flame Candles
Solar Flame Wing Ribbon Solar Flame Tail Ribbon Solar Flame Tail Jewel Solar Flame Headpiece Solar Flame Collar Solar Flame Cloak Solar Flame Candles
Ethereal Flame Wing Ribbon Ethereal Flame Tail Ribbon Ethereal Flame Tail Jewel Ethereal Flame Headpiece Ethereal Flame Collar Ethereal Flame Cloak Ethereal Flame Candles
Haunted Flame Wing Ribbon Haunted Flame Tail Ribbon Haunted Flame Tail Jewel Haunted Flame Headpiece Haunted Flame Collar Haunted Flame Cloak Haunted Flame Candles
Ghost Flame Wing Ribbon Ghost Flame Tail Ribbon Ghost Flame Tail Jewel Ghost Flame Headpiece Ghost Flame Collar Ghost Flame Cloak Ghost Flame Candles

Electricians Power Pack Boneyard Tatters Eroded Crystalhide Frigid Fugitive Shackles Tricktrouper Crown Windbound Plumage Thresher Flatfins Naturalist Adornments Golem Gauntlet Magmatic Pauldrons Companion Comet Runaway Rotclaw Crystalhide Treads Chillspike Collar Moonglow Thorns Seashell Mantle Leafy Gladeboughs Solar Blades Will o' the Ember Skeletal Chimes Bluffclamber Belongings

Darkened Eye Scar Veteran's Eye Scar Darkened Leg Scar Veteran's Leg Scars Darkened Arm Scar Veteran's Shoulder Scars

Alchemical Components
Infused Fragment Sizzling Phosphorus Imbued Sulfur Irradiated Alchemical Reduction Coarse Alchemical Reduction Fine Alchemical Reduction
Glass Beaker Reinforced Glass Beaker
Gold Muck Silver Muck Copper Muck
Black Slime White Slime Grey Slime
Blue Sludge Purple Sludge Red Sludge Orange Sludge Yellow Sludge Green Sludge
Blue Ooze Purple Ooze Red Ooze Orange Ooze Yellow Ooze Green Ooze
Blue Goo Purple Goo Red Goo Orange Goo Yellow Goo Green Goo

Fabulous Beasts
Arcane Sprite Fire Sprite Lightning Sprite Light Sprite
Hati Rivermouth Flatbill Roundhorn Melprin
Any creatures unknown to the mighty Book of Beasts

Coins of Trade
  • Treasure
  • Gems
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Exalting Gild to the service of the Icewarden will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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