Shatter (#17347479)
Level 25 Imperial
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Flamescale Venomcaster
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Male Imperial
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20.07 m
16.29 m
6856.47 kg


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Oct 03, 2015
(5 years)



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Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
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|| Blunt || Arrogant || Caring ||

Place holder.
Art needed.

Shatter was not born to (Clan name), though he takes great pleasure in being allowed to stay. It is a warm and sheltered bed he can rely on, an inviting hearth to eat by whenever he chooses. It is stability in his otherwise ever changing life style.

Notorious for his short temper, Shatter can often be found picking fights with traveling merchants, dignitaries, gangs, and clan leaders who come seeking his skills in freelance security. When he isn't arguing over contract terms, to which he almost always wins, Shatter often disappears for weeks at a time after he takes on a new client, with nary a word or goodbye to anyone upon his departure – except to one.

Because of his temper and rigid client requirements, however, it's a rare occurrence whenever Shatter comes home without some sort of injury or bruise. The number of times he has cut ties and left a client up **** creek because the parameters of a job changed suddenly is staggering (Although to be fair, the changes are almost always in the client's favor, usually at the cost of Shatter's wage. i.e: working more hours/in unsafe conditions without being compensated). But the way Shatter sees it, that's really their own fault for not ironing out all the details before hand. Shatter may be demanding and egotistical, but he isn't a fool. The only time he has run into serious trouble, in the case of the shadier side of his client list, is when they try to have him killed so there will be no witnesses. Try being the operative word. But hey, no hard feelings. Business is business. Plus if anyone manages to survive having their guts ripped out through their mouths he'll just gouge them on the price next time. Because despite how difficult Shatter is to contract with, his dedication and thoroughness in his work – his strict policy of client confidentiality and his keen eye for risk assessment being the most sought after – is what brings his clients crawling back. Sometimes literally. So he can afford to be picky.

Not only that, but after Shatter lost both of his back legs, from the hip down, to a nasty bout of gangrene it has become harder for him to get around like he used to. So a proper working environment, namely, one with minimal foot travel, is key. Even flying gets exhausting after a while because of the weight of his prosthetics, but he'd rather fly than walk.

Before Shatter came to live with his new clan mates, his only connection to the little band of merchants was through Pleo, the clan's jeweler and biggest source of income. Shatter had worked with the jeweler several times over the last few years – mostly with product transportation – and had grown to know him quite well, to the point of exchanging letters almost weekly. Shatter liked him.

Not many dragons had earned his respect and care, but those who did would find that they now had a fiercely loyal companion and asset. And as a partner? Well, that really depended on who he was with. Shatter can be not only accommodating and tender, but also firm and aggressive – within reason, of course. Although he prefers open, casual relationships, Shatter isn't completely closed off to forming a deeper connection. It may take him time to open up and allow himself to consider finding a mate, but once he does there is little that he wouldn't do for them. Wing broken? Get on his damn back, he'll fly to the end of the world to get it mended. Can't sleep? He'll either cuddle with them until they fall asleep, or ask him to get up, or he'll cook whatever food or remedy they need in order to feel better.

So when Shatter learned that Pleo had suffered a stroke, which left the jeweler with a severe speech impediment known as Broca's Aphasia, he wasted no time in returning to the mountaintop lair to stay by Pleo's bedside and help him cope. Though there was nothing Shatter could have done to prevent it, he still felt a pain well upside him that he had never felt before. It clenched his heart in its iron fist; he couldn't think, couldn't breathe. There was no lasting damaging outside of the Aphasia. Thank the gods. But still Shatter couldn't shake the pain he felt for Pleo. The helplessness. Even now he sometimes caught himself thinking back on it and had to quickly remind himself that there was nothing he could have done... Yet he should have seen some sign, some warning. That was Shatter's job, wasn't it? To see five, six, seven steps ahead and plan accordingly? So why didn't he see it?

Why didn't he see it...

Mate: N/A
Relatives: An adoptive “clan”. Biological parents, siblings, etc. are unknown. He considers himself a father of sorts to Hermes.
Likes: Spicy food, music, calm winter nights, Pleo, Hermes.
Dislikes: His constant plague of night terrors, swindlers, clutter, not being paid, having to constantly replace parts on his prosthetics, being taken advantage of.
Interests/Hobbies: Collecting rare teas to share with Pleo.
Secret pleasures: Singing along to his favorite songs (sometimes, though it's rare, he'll sing a partner to sleep as they lay together, but he prefers to do it in private).

“You can either live like a dog and get kicked around your entire life, fighting for scraps and false approval, or you can stand up and make something of yourself. For yourself. And if you can't convince them of your importance, than you must prove to them that you are. Step on their toes, claw your way into a better life if you have to. But you must make yourself important. No one is going to hold your hand and do it for you.”

"Kill me or don't. But don't stand around acting like you care when you clearly don't."
Art by me.
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