Viriya (#15045940)
The subtle powers of the world yield to me
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Obscuring Goblin
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Energy: 44/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Female Fae
This dragon is hibernating.
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1.37 m
1.59 m
1.73 kg


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Jul 17, 2015
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 2 Fae
EXP: 129 / 641


Urbane || Cabalistic || Calculating

Viriya is the Shadow representative in the Refuge, but she is more a part of the Refuge than a member of shadow. Her secondary role is almost exactly what you would expect from a shadow dragon, the local mystic. She dabbles in magic most mages would not dare go near. It's not dark, persay, but old, and sometimes it plays tricks on your mind.


Not much can be confirmed about Viriya's past, most stories that come from her mouth change each time she is asked about it. There were some members of the Refuge who were hesitant to allow her to stay in the Refuge permanently. Though Aryse insisted that she could be trusted, and she has yet to betray their trust. Viriya was born and raised in the Wispwillow Grove, but she left her family as a young adult. Even among other shadow dragons, the magic and interests she pursued would frowned upon and as a hatchling, Viriya had few friends. It is believed Viriya left and traveled Sornieth to learn and gain power until she came to rest in the Kairos Refuge. Despite her eyes that held deceit and knowledge that she would not share, she has become a trusted friend and ally to Altair.

Viriya has the personality of a shadow dragon. Most dragons don't trust her, and most dragons would do most anything to stay on her good side. They've never seen the results of someone who has crossed her, but nobody really wants to be the first dragon to find out. Dragons of the Refuge also acknowledge that she knows more than most people, and that the knowledge she holds probably could do more bad than good.

However Viriya truly does have the Refuge's best interests at heart, she trusts them far more than they trust her (mostly because she can figure them out at a glance). Though she keeps it to herself, she uses her power and knowledge to protect and guide the clan and Aryse.

darkness, fog, gloom;
(figuratively) the inability to see


Forest of Forgetfulness

I watched in amusement with my eyes half open as a dragon pushed into the tent. He was unfamiliar and clearly uneasy. I move slowly towards him, I scare others enough already, I figure moving quickly would scare away any business I might receive.

"What can I do for you?" I ask, smoothly.

The dragons startles at my voice despite my slow, obvious approach.

"I only came to give you this," he said, scrambling at his satchel to provide a scroll. Its seal was stamped with a crest of a familiar clan in the Driftwood Drag. Not business then. He doesn't wait for my reply and flees. My lips twitch, nothing I could do about that reputation, I suppose. I set down the scroll without opening it. It could wait.

Instead I move over to my cards, focusing my magic on shuffling them slowly and reading the top one. Nothing important then, I set them down and move to rest on the rug in the center of the room. I summoned my tea to me and took a long sip, then letting the cup rest on the ground as well. I closed my eyes and retreated into myself.

A swirl of dark colours and sparks of light. I move through Sorneith's spirit realm carefully, its shadows cast the place in darkness. Blurry shapes moved throughout their business unaware of their own presence here. Every being existed in the spirit realm in some way. Few dragons entered the spirit realm consciously. Fewer still, knew how to navigate it, how to use it. It was a dangerous place.

The shadows bent to my will as I commanded them and pulled apart their secrets. I finished my inspection and nodded, satisfied. I pulled myself back into the physical realm and took another sip of tea. All was well.
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