Dwaler (#14647148)
Level 5 Snapper
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Red-Breasted Hainu
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Snapper
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5.43 m
2.03 m
8928.82 kg


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Jul 03, 2015
(7 years)



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Eye Type
Level 5 Snapper
EXP: 1190 / 5545






Key makes maps, but Dwaler provides her with her information. He is very quiet and an adventurer. His best friend is Ahava, as he is the only clanmember he knows, but he is quickly befriending Key and several others.
Familiar- Raine
Mate- Ahava

Note- this dragon used to be part of the 'Dragons off to see the World' thread. I fell in love with him, and asked his original owner if it was okay if he stayed here as a permanent home, which she was fine with. Dwaler is now a permanent member of my clan, and will stay that way. I decided to keep the bio he collected from his travels, to help remember the journey he went on.
Uh-oh, looks like this Snapper dreamer wandered a little too far from his lair (51306, Trixillia), and now he's off to see the world! If ever you feel the urge to exalt, he'd really appreciate it if you could just return him home instead, or to the 'Dragons Off To See The World' thread, here.

From the moment he first learned of his species, Dwaler's dreamt of the long Path of his ancestors. He'd spend long nights fantasizing about what it would be like to follow such a tradition and longer days learning everything he could from every one who'd speak to him of it, hoarding journals and books away in a secret corner to scour for clues.

His father's clan had been demolished in an incident when he was very young, and though none would speak of this tragedy, his father would humor him, telling tales of what he remembered of the migrations of their travels. The other Snapper's in the his home lair were little help, one would not speak to him of travel at all and rarely left the hallways she'd claimed, while the other spun fanciful tales that were beyond belief - when everyone knew he had never wandered a day in his life.

Dwaler came to a decision one night, that he would leave, to rediscover the ancient winding paths of his father's clan. - And where he could not discover them, he'd make his own way!

Knowing the grief and upset this would likely set off, Dwaler chose to leave late in the night, long before any would stir to discover him missing. To his great surprise, his mother stood waiting for him at the lair's exit. She only nodded and walked with him a way through the secret network of tunnels that guarded their home. Finally she stopped, staring up into the shadows. She handed him a small package and stroked his face before turning back toward home.

He didn't open it until much later, but there beneath the layers of purple silks sat a set of copper rings with a message etched into their surface.

"You will find many things on your way. Do not forget our names."

He wept as he moved onward, repeating their names in his mind.
Destiny awaited.

After many days of travel, Dwaler found himself in the Ashfall Wastes. The bright glare of the lava pools astounded him, and the ground warmed his feet. He stumbled across a small camp of dragons. A blue and yellow tundra invited him to share a meal with them in exchange for a story. Although Dwaler was intimidated by the fierce mirror and imperial dragons who were also present, exhaustion won out and he accepted.

The snapper spoke of his travels and goals, inspiring the clan of warrior dragons. They refused to let him leave without first sharing some survival and fighting skills. Dwaler departed the Ashfall wastes with new friends and knowledge to help him achieve his goals.

He arrived in the abiding boneyards, which are a harsh place to live for many. He thought this would be a good place to start, but got lost as many do. He came across the nightbringer, who let him rest and recover in their clan. Once he recovered, shadowdancer the fae led him safetly out in return for learning of his tale. Once again he is able to continue his pilgrimage.

The Hewn City was not an easy place to live, but the SunDragon clan was a little light in the darkness. Upon his arrival Dwaler was greeted by clan ambassador Violante. Violante did her best to keep him comfortable and entertained during his stay. Overall it was a good pause in his travels and it left him ready to continue on his journey.

Unfortunately, he became turned around in the darkness of the Hewn City and had difficulty finding his way out. He wandered aimlessly until he ran into Clan Abu, who welcomed him into the clan. As the festivities of the Thundercrack Carnivale went into motion, he knew that now would be the time to use the light flashing across the sky to guide him to his next destination.

Along the way, Dwaler happened upon a fellow shadow dragon, Ahava. The two decided to travel together for the time being, though they had no way of knowing how long they could stay together.

Dwaler found his way back to the Tangled Wood, Ahava by his side. They were welcomed by the clan Allixestr, led by the noble fae Fringe at the time. Fringe was ecstatic to have them there, and allowed them to stay in the lair. Both he and his companion felt right at home.

While there, the two began training together, growing stronger and stronger. However, they couldn't stay forever, and had to take their leave. Fringe was disappointed to see them go, and gifted Ahava with some leather to wear around his chest, to remember Allixestr by.

The two set out once again, entirely unsure whether or not they'd be able to continue travelling together. Shortly after they left, they were separated in a terrible storm as they crossed the Windswept Plateau. Dwaler knows not where his companion is, and can only hope the worst didn't occur.

In the Lightning Farm, he had a chance to rest, in a well-defended clan led by two mirrors. He took in a Red-Breasted Hainu that had been caught by the storm winds, and he found some solace nursing the creature back to health. He was content to stay for a while, but soon enough he got word from Ahava!

As Dwaler hurried to where the letter had come from, he hoped against hope it was right. As he arrived at a small shadow clan, in the middle of the Tangled Woods, he realized his hopes were right. Ahava, while searching for him, had stopped by at his old birth clan. One of the dragons- their representative, he decided- thought Dwaler had sounded familiar and had sent word asking for him. As soon as Dwaler laid eyes on Ahava, he realized he never wanted to be separated from him again. They decided- together- to stay with Ahava's clan as permanent members.[/center]
(Feel free to continue his story!)

Items I travel with:
  • Copper Wing Rings
  • Gloomy Highnoon Brimmer

Owners I've Had: (put your lair/username here)
  • Trixillia, 51306, Shadow - Home!
  • Garjansverd, 136382, Fire
  • Nekomancer77, 138783, Plague
  • SunDragon, 11739, Light
  • Abu, 100601, Light
  • Opal99, 158214, Wind
  • Elotil, 78029, Lightning
  • fantasticryan, 114893, Nature
  • multilefaiye, 93505, Shadow
  • Miraear, 49205, Lightning
  • wolfcathybrid, 180358, shadow
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