Mystic (#14071173)
She/Her, Beloved Princess
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Spirit of Plague
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Fae
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1.11 m
1.02 m
1.48 kg


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Jun 14, 2015
(6 years)



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Eye Type
Level 7 Fae
EXP: 9205 / 11881




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Mystic is the youngest adoptive child of Shamira and Charin, in title the princess of the core clan as a fellow Tideseer. While her brother Hirshel seeks to someday take his parents' position, Mystic has never had any interest herself. She is a very gentle soul who takes pleasure in the simplest of things. She enjoys the beauty of all things, including those that are not traditionally beautiful. Due to being born from the Plaguebringer's magic, she often has a tendency to collect bones and especially loves "vermin" animals/beastclans. She also lacks her brother's prowess in combat and leadership, but supports him every step of the way. Despite having a large age gap, the two are like the other's personal cheerleaders. Mystic is also known for her delicateness and beauty, attracting the attention of many suitors. However, Mystic has never had any interest in a relationship physical or romantic. She is perfectly happy with her family and clan, and seeks more so to show the world the beauty she sees.

Due to her gentle nature and position as a princess, she is beloved in the clan as a whole. Her personality and size makes her non-threatening especially around the more apprehensive clanmembers. She sees value in all dragons and species as well, and makes a point to treat all she meets with her best respect. However, she can be quite timid and scares easily in the presence of especially large or dangerous dragons. She doesn't deal well at all with pressure or stress, and can be quite dependent on others when those moments arrive. She often tries to ignore the rumors of a lesser emperor stomping about the territories, due to fearing Hirshel will attempt to combat the beast himself.

After Charin's safe return, he and Shamira made the decision that they would raise their first child together. Since they could not have biological children, they sought adoption. Curiously, it was Angelica who reached out to them. The plague-based leader had encountered and chased back a pair of spiral scavengers that attempted to claim part of her territory. They were no match for Angelica's forces, yet left quite a mess in their wake. When their clan salvaged through the remains, they found a single unhatched egg. Seeing the opportunity for a new clanmember, Angelica decided to spare the egg and adopt them into her clan. When it hatched, it became abundantly clear that it had been influenced by magic or some sort of infection she was unaware of. Rather than carrying a spiral hatchling like her parents, Mystic was born in the form of a fae. A sickly, tiny creature with no form of physical strength to be had. Angelica was immensely disappointed- how could such a fragile creature possibly survive in her harsh way of life, much less function as an asset? While she still made a point to look after the young Mystic, she was rather distant and hoped the fae would pass mercifully.

So when she heard Shamira and Charin were looking for a child, the perfect opportunity was before her. She happily allowed them to adopt Mystic, further strengthening the bonds between the core clan and her sub-clan. Mystic is much too young to remember much of her time under Angelica, though she believes it is where she learned to embrace the traditionally ugly. Charin and Shamira were so excited to have a daughter, that her species and communication barrier was never an issue to them. Shamira's tenderness kept her feeling safe and accepted within her clan, while Charin was both a doting and deeply protective father. As much as she admired her parents for their character, abilities, and leadership, Mystic never believed she could measure up to them. Though they were nothing but supportive to her, Mystic didn't want to let them down if she couldn't live up to their standard.

She confided this to Hirshel, not looking to potentially hurt their parents' feelings. He told her that whatever she chose to do, it was valid and her choice. No matter what, he and the rest of the family would accept her and love her either way. She is her own dragon, and he knew that he and their parents would always respect that. He may have been a prince himself, but he had always had the desire to be like his mother. He was always there to fill the role himself, and would always be ready to protect her and his clan. Therefore, there was no practical need, either. Being a leader was a choice and no more invalid than the art and poetry she loved to practice.

With a vote of confidence from her brother, Mystic informed her parents, who acted just as supportively as he had. Mystic now spends the rest of her days creating poetry and art for patrons throughout the clan network, and has amassed an unexpected following in Angelica's clan. Her more gruesome pieces have become especially popular within the plague clan, though Angelica is too stubborn to admit that she may have misjudged Mystic at first. However, Mystic has since grown past worrying about other see her so long as she is spreading beauty and joy in her work.



Art by Metamorro. Their Art Shop is here if you're interested in any of their work!

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