Modremoth (#13974326)
Head of the Tribe
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Energy: 44/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Skydancer
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3.91 m
4.1 m
589.63 kg


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Jun 11, 2015
(6 years)



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Eye Type
Level 10 Skydancer
EXP: 278 / 27676



The Quiet Leader
Head of the Tribe

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯ ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯ ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

Placid | Quiet | Driven
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━━━━━ n o t e s ━━━━━━

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Welcome. The Tribe is open to all. Spend a little coin, stay the night, but be gone before the morn.

━━━━━━━━━━━━ b i o ━━━━━━━━━━━━

Modremoth, named after a particular elder dragon, is the rightful leader of the clan. Taking over from Voltair the Fae, who accompanies Modremoth as he makes his travels around the grounds, Modremoth bears the yoke of responsibility well. Voltair acts as translator for the dragon, though lately Modremoth has been managing well with the coatls.

Modremoth is a quiet leader, preferring to pass action over to others who excel at their jobs. For example, the decision to converge the clans of Modremoth and Pyre, as well as the new clan in the swamp, into the Tribe, was offered by one of the hunters. The idea to move into one of the Glademother's own saplings, and thus, expand, was made by Wieska. Diplomacy is a key part of his reign, and is one he holds true. As such, Modremoth is often seen hanging around another dragon for the day, observing their work and offering ways they can use their skill to help the Tribe.
A clan head oversees many parts of a clan, including births, deaths, food preparation and general cleanliness. Hatchlings can be very messy. But Modremoth has fallen into this role very easily.

Modremoth was given his antlers from a kind friend, and as a juvenile, strove to wear his antlers with pride. He decorates himself with birdskulls and thorns to imitate the elder dragon and his minions.
Modremoth once followed another god called Mordremoth, but has fully assimilated himself with Sornieth.

After the mess that resulted in involving his love life with politics, Modremoth strove to make his personal life private. It surprised no one, however, when he took Wieska, the serious spiral, as a mate. The pair are often found with Wieska sleeping around his shoulders, as Modremoth gently converses with his fellow dragons. When awake, Wieska manages the clan better than even Modremoth, allowing him to share leadership with her. Their children are even proving promising, with a daughter training to be a scribe. Even Berry, his son, has proved to carry on his line, with Modremoth's own great-granddaughter operating as a scout among the Tribe. Rae, a beautiful little fae, has shown her elders her strength and ability to pursue her dreams. And for that he is proud.


━━━━━━━━━━━━ l o r e ━━━━━━━━━━━

Thoughts plague Modremoth late at night. Currently there is some trouble in the clan. According to the previous heads, the clan leader must have a pair bond. Glint is making it obvious that she wants to be Modremoth's pair bond, but Modremoth is not a fan of her attentions anymore. Before, when they were silly hatchlings, maybe. Now however, her pettiness and jealousy make it hard for him to think. The fact she has borne a good, strong son to him makes it worse.

Lira is too motherly, even though she's a good leader. Jewel is good with money, but not with other dragons. But Glademother, what Glint lacks in ugliness she makes up for bitterness.

Three new skydancers have currently entered the clan, along with Pyre, a fierce amazonian Wildclaw, and Modremoth is more then casually interested. Maybe she has what it takes to lead the clan and birth him fine, strong children.

Life as a clan leader is hard. The dragons pressure even harder on him to choose a mate. Pyre, the wildclaw, chose a good mate, who has worked hard on developing a sturdy foundation under him. The coatl, Endo, follows him around, and has a keen interest in all aspects of the clan. The coatl doesn't wish to lead, however, and is keen on following the leader, like a true mate. Which recently has given Modremoth an idea. Glint, whilst a good bearer of children, is a selfish and cruel dragon. She would make a terrible leader. Pyre, on the other hand, has a true standing amongst her clan. And despite Modremoth's best attempts, the clans are still separated. Maybe, in order to join the clans, the leaders must be joined as well. Modremoth smiled at the idea of Glint bearing his children and Pyre leading beside him. Yes. This plan is good.

How would Morrow react to this, as well as the feisty tiger coatl Chimalmat? Both butt heads every day about the leaders. Morrow wants Modremoth to rule, and Chimalmat wants Pyre. Both, while infuriating, have equal opinions. And not only them, but the others who have chosen to follow him.
And how would Glint react to this? She had borne him a son who would lead well, but Glint herself would not stop at anything to be the Queen. Poor Pyre. Although she could handle herself well in a fight, he could not wish that upon anyone. Glint was a powerful enemy, one that cheated to get her way. The next few weeks will be difficult.

Modremoth massaged his head with his talons, bird bones clinking around him. The headache throbbed. He stopped massaging and observed. Up in his perch in the treetops, he could see all the nests of the dragons and hatchlings in his den, as well as Pyre's den.

He looked to the sister nest. The three imperial girls all lay, tails intertwined. Celeste sat, gazing at the stars. She saw him and beckoned him over. When he arrived she pointed at a speck in the sky. When Modremoth squinted, he saw the slightly darker spot of shadow among the stars. He was concerned, but slightly. He had heard of something similar to this shadowy essence in old notes and parchment, and believed truly that the answers lay with the scholars. He comforted Celeste and told her to rest. He'll bring it up with them later.

Glint's child has been causing some disturbance lately. His son had hit breeding age, but like him, had shown no interest in females. Modremoth pushed him to choose a female mate, as the clan's needs overshadowed his own. And if the child was to take over as leader someday, he would need to choose a female mate.
Unfortunately he didn't. He chose the flighty blue skydancer that had been annoying him lately. Modremoth was.... disappointed, but at the same time he was glad. Unlike Modremoth, who had chosen his duties to his clan, Berry had chosen his heart. If Modremoth could have chosen his heart, then the dashing pink and red skydancer he grew up with would be his, instead of the irritating Glint. But the clan needed a leader, and he was the best for the job, even if it was hard. At least Pyre had been pulling her weight lately. She was a strong, if a bit harsh, leader, and commanded her clan easily.

He loved his job. But sometimes a dragon's eye wanders. And sometimes a dragon dreams of past regrets.

Lira's meddling has resulted in a bit of strife between clans. The dancer managed to lose a hatchling, and thus Modremoth needed to get involved and control the parties needed to find the hatchling. Lira gathered quite a few clans in the search, and now he has to host all of them in his tiny gathering area. They are going to judge, they of the venerable lairs, at his tiny little patch of flowers. Modremoth sighed. At least the preparations would involve the lair. Lately everyone had become lax.

So he started preparations. In a month's time the child would be of breeding age, and already he had dragons coming up to him presenting their sons for breeding. Soon one ideal partner was found and now it was up to Modremoth and Voltair to organise the bonding ceremony.

Modremoth quickly set to work. Soon he had everyone doing their jobs, with Maple, the child, pacing around restlessly. Soon it required a quiet word to his son and his mate, the dancer, to quiet her down. Now was not the time for excitable coatls to ruin his careful plans.

Finally the place looked stunning and ready to receive his visitors. Vines sparkled and glistened with intricate knots and fae-droplets, chimes hung and sang in the breeze, soft silks graced the large table at the center of the gathering area, and dragons looked impeccable. The new skydancer, silent as she was, had done an amazing job with her plants. The grounds looked cultivated and rich, and amazing displays of flowers and tropical plants hung from the trees. Little lights fashioned from metal and fire twinkled among the displays. Delicious smells gently flowed around the area. He was immensely proud of his and Pyre's clans. They had managed to join together and work without fuss.
Now the ceremony was going to be fun.

She's gone. His mate, Glint. The clan had gotten too big, and she was one of the dragons to go. He was glad the evil skydancer had left, traded like fodder by Lira for extra land from one of the neighbouring clans, but a part deep inside misses the cow. It is one thing to banish a dragon, but another to banish a mate, even if he never loved her. Berry showed no remorse for her departure, as did the rest of the clan. Instead, a weight was visibly lifted from the leaders' shoulders. She had caused too much damage to the clan, and needed to go.

But Glint wasn't the only dragon leaving. Lira, the clan mother, had expressed wishes to leave, as well as two of his best fighters, Gleam and Tritea. Others were leaving as well. Spearmint, Valentina. The creepy nocturne and his mate Shatter and Senwith. Galena, the shy blacksmith, was tempted to leave, but unsure. Farema, the rare but spoilt fae was keen to go however. Sinbad, even, was keen to go pirating around the Sea of a Thousand Currents.

Soon he would lose these dragons, which was good for his supplies but not for his clan. Breeding pairs were leaving. Mates were being separated. And Lira, his good friend and ally Lira. He knew her job was becoming tougher than ever, but to leave? He hung his head in sorrow for his dragons, and wished them a fruitful journey, wherever they may end up.

Now his life has changed. He was managing quite fine, until she came. She picked apart his leadership, tore holes in the integrity of his clan, and burrowed her way down quite firmly in his heart. Every firm word she spoke filled his soul. He was enamoured. She made herself quite comfortable in the clan, coleading beside him, much to everyone's surprise. A few dragons were unhappy with the change, but most were so involved in their own stories they barely noticed the new blood.

He was growing more obsessed with her every day, to the point where he caught himself staring off into the distance when someone was talking to him. He needed to do something about it.

Which led him to tonight. He paced outside her lair, practicing what to say. whilst her lair was off near the artisan's area, it was still open to the public, where anybody could see him. That was only proven further when Sovari, his son's mate, passed by him and winked, fading into the night. Suspecting the gossipy dancer knew something he didn't, he knocked and entered. She lay there, draped in her silks and looking as gorgeous as ever. Wieska. She stood up and walked up to him, as he opened his mouth to spea-

she kissed him.

He lay with her that night. He had never felt that way before. Not whilst he was with Glint. Not even whilst he was with Lepi. No. He truly felt dominant. He felt like a male. When he asked her to be his mate, her only response was to snuggle closer to him. Chills ran down his body. He had found his mate.

Sovari met him at the entrance. Modremoth had been getting closer to the dancer recently, starting truly when he came to Sovari about Lepi. Sovari had a way of accepting that made Modremoth comfortable, especially when the relationship between Modremoth and Lepi fell apart. Modremoth knew that Sovari was just there for information this time however. Secret's were his passion, and with Sovari, Modremoth didn't need to announce his new mate. Sovari would do it for him. For now though, he was going back to bed with his new mate. Leadership could wait a day.

The clan had grown.
The last few years had seen the clan grow to nearly 90 members, with more and more coming and going. The little marketplace Sovari had dreamt up one council meeting was now a fully established trading center, and dragons from all over Sornieth met with his artisans. Factions had developed, with every resident of his clan and Pyre's choosing a faction to dedicate their lives to. Security had increased, and guards patrolled the areas the Tribe controlled, with Frisk at its head. Even the impenetrable jungle belonged to them, with the beastclans as their allies. They even traded with a few beastclans.

He didn't know how he felt about the Swamp. Billy had been returning lately with more information about a massive bog near their lands, that held ancient remnants of an old shipping port. Ships and temples littered the massive swamp, and most of them were occupied by another clan. These dragons were the type to hide from the world. Their activities and hobbies were not legal. When Pyre found out, she wanted to burn the swamp to the ground. Of course, Billy, Wieska, Kafani, Vortex and Frisk, surprisingly, argued that. Billy lamented the loss of the temples, Wieska the loss of builders, Kafani the loss of dragons, Vortex the loss of jobs. Frisk, however, was thinking ahead. She had been tossing up the brilliant idea of constructing a jail to keep the thieves of her marketplace and trespassers in. However, there was nowhere in the ground private or far enough from prying eyes to conduct it. The swamp would be a lovely place, and she was sure a jailer could be found.
Thinking back on it now, Modremoth was glad they all accepted pretty freely. They weren't too happy about Frisk's brilliant idea of Taxes, but the council all promised secrecy and cooperation in return, just as long as they weren't directly involved.
Every now and then one of the swamp members would come out for communal dinner, marketplace bantering or any other form of help, but the size of the Tribe meant the other dragons barely paid them attention. Of course, Sovari very quickly learnt about every single one of the dragons, but there was no way of keeping the heartless gossip quiet.

He needed to move the Tribe. Separate the two clans.
And he knew of a place to do so.

Berry had told him of a sapling, taller than any other tree in its vicinity. The trunk was so wide, several imperials could stretch out and rest. The roots held caverns and natural dungeons large enough to house several years worth of food and money, while the trunk offered the perfect place for the library. The marketplace would surround the base of the tree, Wieska had surmised, and the plentiful boughs on the tree meant there was all types of opportunities to build sleeping dens. From elaborate treehouses, to hammocks, Modremoth saw a chance.
And with his new great-granddaughter nestled in his shoulderblades, he called the meeting.


ETYMOLOGY - Modremoth: An alteration of the name of an Elder Dragon found in Guild Wars Two. A Fandragon with a life of his own.

━━━━━━━ X ━━━━━━━━
His lovely wife, when he sees her. Wieska's new task of designing the living rooms for the Great Tree have resulted in the spiral spending nights awake, poring over parchments and scribbling down ideas for architectural structure. Modremoth admires his wife's tenacity but wishes she'd return to bed with him.

━━━━━━━ X ━━━━━━━━
His son, Modremoth was initially worried for him but has only become prouder of his son's accomplishments. Berry has taken his granddaughter under his wing, and welcomed her into the clan, and Modremoth just appreciates the larger family.

━━━━━━━ X ━━━━━━━━
Modremoth has a soft spot for his little great-granddaughter. While his currently youngest daughter has been contorted into a bog, and his grandson has slithered his way into the Tribe, Rae has taken up most of the attention, and often gets showered in the gifts and treats a grand-daughter should get.
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