Gatekeeper (#10839373)
Strong and eternal.
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Light.
Male Guardian
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15.21 m
14.84 m
9036.39 kg


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Feb 19, 2015
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 22 Guardian
EXP: 41514 / 136210


mwGpcwY.png HMb5tTF.png
Ellyth Honorblood

The Gatekeeper
"Give a dragon a weapon, it will break. Give a dragon a companion, and they'll fix each other."
ENF4NJH.pngT H E C O D EHcLmuty.png
The Code of the Mind:
Kindness is the basis on any great unity. Fear is the bringer of entropy.
Humility is the basis of any stable companionship. Put others before yourself and do not let pride overtake you.
Courage is the basis of any strong defense. Be strong enough to face fear.
Knowledge is the basis of any powerful community. Know your world and the people within, and inspire them to know as well.
Patience is the basis of any concrete reformation. Be willing to assist those around you, no matter how long it takes.
Honor is the basis of any enduring trust. Do not betray those you serve.
Any life is as valuable as your own. Be it insect or dragon, they all matter. Treat each life with respect.
The mind is as fragile as the body. Protect it, be it yours or one elses'.

The Code of the Body:
Strength. A great warrior is always ready to fight.
Defense. A great warrior is always ready to defend their companions.
Agility. A great warrior is always ready to come to a call for aid.
Endurance. A great warrior is always ready to fight for as long as they need to.
The body is as fragile as the mind. Protect it, be it yours or one elses'.

ciBavhM.png XEM5qlc.png
ENF4NJH.pngB I O G R A P H YHcLmuty.png
He was hatched into a line of honor-bound dragons, ones that lived by the Code and thought of the dragons around them first.
Each of them were born by the Code.
Each of them grew up by the Code.
Each of them lived by the Code.
Each of them died by the Code.
The Code was what they breathed, what they were taught, and what they expected.
The Code taught them the values of life, the values of companionship, and the values of honor.
It taught them how to be grand, how to be more than just a knight.
When Gatekeeper was born, he wasn't what his clan had expected. His skin was dark, but it shined like a thousand crystals. His wings stayed plain. But the most striking feature was yet to be known.

His eyes, golden orbs of purity and honesty which resonated with the very meaning of the Code. They shone from their sockets, set deep within his head, and gave light to whatever darkness arose.

His voice, deep thunder which resonated through the air. This thunder could be controlled, from the tiniest of winds, to the loudest of storms. His voice rose for those who dared not speak.

His will, as hard as steel. Through each test the Eleven put him through, he came through without a scratch. He walks with enough willpower to carry the weight of others with him.

His strength, as powerful as the mightly Eleven themselves. A flick of the tail could easily smash through a skull, and a swipe of the paw could fend off aggressors. His strength fought to protect those who couldn't.

ZLUa3uc.png ZtQWExj.png
ENF4NJH.pngB I O G R A P H YHcLmuty.png
Though his power reigned greatly, he was still young. And so, at the date of the festival, as by the Code, Gatekeeper left his clan, head held high in honor, to mark the beginning of The Search.
He had wandered far and wide, though he never seemed to find the greatest thing to protect. He had met many dragons, and many of them gave their respects to his power, or laughed at his Chargeless state.
They always stuck with him for a day or two, and then left.
Except one.

A small Skydancer, who had been roaming the Windswept Plateau, had stuck to the Guardian's side.
He had been alone, eyes filled with tears.
His body was marred with gashes and his stomach held no sustenance.
Gatekeeper wanted to protect him from the world.
At first, he thought that this dragon was his Charge. And so he gently nursed the dragon to dragon back to health, to restore his once-shimmering pelt back they way it was supposed to be. He couldn't let any scars cover this child's body.
Though as the days passed, Gatekeeper could feel an urge in his chest. He realized that, no, this dragon wasn't to be his Charge. He was saddened by this revelation, but he wouldn't give up.
So he asked if the Skydancer would come along on his journey.
They both traveled to the Starfall Isles in search of something.
The Guardian, a charge.
The Skydancer, a home.
Along the journey, many words from the Skydancer were passed to Gatekeeper, though he rarely spoke back. Neither of them minded.

ciBavhM.png XEM5qlc.png
ENF4NJH.pngB I O G R A P H YHcLmuty.png
As they made their way through the Starwood Strand, they came across a sight, one that could only mean one thing; Gatekeeper's Search was at an end.
Dragons, of all colors, breeds, and sizes.
They sat together, not in groups, but with each other.
They each shared smiles and tales.
They each were broken in their own ways.
The unity of these dragons sparked his Charge within him; it wasn't a physical thing, but it was more of an idea. One he knew he could keep until the end of days.
He knew at last, that he had found what he had searched for.
His Charge would be the last thought on his mind when he fell asleep, and the first when he woke up.
He was to protect the dragons who lived together and breathed the same air. He was to protect the idea that nobody had any prejudice. He was to protect the land of where beauty met reality, wrapped in a dream come true.
He was to protect everything this clan stands for.
A haven for anyone, of any shape or size, to come and rest their limbs from the hatred of the world.

So now he stands guard in front of the entrance, guarding his friends and family.
To others, the job is a chore.
To him, the job is his duty.

ZLUa3uc.png ZtQWExj.png
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