Lyre (#10089819)
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Earth.
Female Mirror
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7.02 m
6.25 m
383.69 kg


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Jan 26, 2015
(7 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 5 Mirror
EXP: 1484 / 5545


Scavenger/watchful eye
(Keeps an eye on Jace while he scavenges, and occasionally finds interesting things herself)

"In my crown, I am king
I love their endless worshiping
I am raw, a dinosaur
But I will never be extinct!"
-"Don't Mess With Me", by Temposhark

Filled with a ferocity akin to that of catastrophic tornado, Lyre is a force to be
reckoned with. From hatchlinghood, she'd been picked up by and raised with a roving plague mirror pack, engaging in ritualistic hunts, and brawling for scraps with her fellows for several years; i was a harsh life, and chaotic - the pack had no leader, only an ever-shifting hierarchy and a justice system made from the general consensus (though it only harbored two options: maiming or nothing at all). The pack was strongly devoted to the Plaguebringer, attacking non-plague aligned dragons at any chance they got (luckily for many dragons, Lyre included, their definition of "plague-aligned" includes those born to different flights, so long as they're loyal to their new flight), and thereby often attacked those other flights' dragons on the border of plague territory, bringing with them any other packs that wished to help.
One such attack brought into Lyre's life the dragon who would become the most important
thing to her - more important than the Plaguebringer. Lyre first met Jace in the middle of a battle with a Dragonhome clan; Lyre had noticed a male mirror being overwhelmed by the enemy, and turned from her current opponent to assist him, hoping to prolong the battle by avoiding casualties on their side. She pulled off the attackers, snarling, snapping, and clawing at them beside the other mirror, until the dragons decided to find an easier opponent (or opponents). Before Jace could thank his savior, Lyre dove back into the fray, intent on causing more damage.
With the battle ended, the Dragonhome clan having retreated further into their territory, the
temporarily allied mirror packs settled in to rest and recover before beginning a celebratory hunt. Lyre, content, for now, with the carnage she'd caused, was lying down, chewing an old bone she'd found. Sensing someone's approach, and assuming they wanted to fight her for possession of the aforementioned bone, Lyre whipped around snarling in the face of an ivory-colored mirror dragon, who immediately stumbled over himself in a frantic attempt to not be bitten. Stuttering out an apology and assuring Lyre he didn't want to steal her bone, Jace introduced himself, expressing, too, his gratitude toward her for saving him during the battle. Lyre, still wary, but feeling unthreatened by the other, allowed him to stay, enjoying his grateful babbling.
The next day, Jace was practically glued to Lyre during the hunt, assisting her in cornering
whatever animal she was after. Lyre, though initially irritated, slowly began to appreciate his help, seeing his obvious skill at hunting; once the hunt was over, Lyre asked Jace if, perhaps, he'd like to stay with her? Thus, over the span of about a year, the two became closer and closer, hunting together and fighting together, protecting each other with their lives in the chaos of battle; soon enough, they were officially mates. Some time after that, the pack launched an attack on another earth-aligned clan, but were woefully under-prepared for the backlash they'ed received; the pack lost horrifically, fleeing desperately back to their own territory. Lyre and Jace, however, having been confident of themselves, had been led further and further into Dragonhome territory, making them unable to escape back to their home, instead forcing them to run further into the unfamiliar land. They ran and kept running until they entered The Viridian Labyrinth, where the pursuing clan wouldn't follow. However, being plague-loyal, both dragons were very nervous - frightened to be heavily injured in the depths of "enemy territory".
As days went by, Lyre and Jace becoming increasingly fatigued, neither knowing more than
extremely basic healing. Eventually, they came to be deep within the labyrinth, exhausted, still bleeding from their wounds - many now infected; realizing that they were close to death, the two made the decision to rest and wait for the end. Luck shined down upon them in the form of a little red and white fae, seeking herbs - the fae stumbled upon them, leaping back in fright when Lyre, to the best of her ability, surged forward, blocking the new dragon from reaching Jace, who was, at this point, not capable of much movement. Lyre was pleased, inwardly, at what she perceived to be an opportunity to die as she'd always hoped - fighting for the glory of the Plaguebringer. The fae, bewildered at the presence of these two dragons, miles past the first guards of the Flickering Shadows Clan, pauses in panic for a few moments before noticing the trembling of Lyre's limbs, and the blood pouring from several newly-reopened wounds, and behind her, too, the prone form of another mirror dragon.
The healer makes a decision, then and there, to help them. Lyre, too delirious to understand,
continues to try her best to protect Jace, barring her teeth and making a few weak swipes at the fae, who recognized she couldn't handle the mirrors on her own, so she ran and flew as fast as she could to the main camp, seeking help from a stronger dragon (or dragons, as the case ended up). Returning to the mirrors with two more dragons, the fae mimes to her fellows what she wants them to do - restrain the mirrors (as necessary, anyway - Jace wasn't doing much) and bring them back to the camp, where she had the supplies to help them. The first dragon, an orange and cream imperial, manages to pick up Lyre with minimal injury, taking flight and carrying her back to the camp while the other, a beige guardian, does the same with Jace.
Over the span of a week, the fae, now introduced as Serania, mended the two mirrors'
wounds, also slowly gaining their trust; Lyre had been hostile from the start, but seeing Serania working to heal Jace made Lyre trust her, and Jace, seeing the same in Lyre's case, decided they wouldn't be harmed here. That isn't to say, however, it was an easy transition - the plague propaganda the mirrors had been fed all their lives, grooming them to hate every nature-aligned dragon, made them act aggressively, believing their hosts to be malicious, to be giving the two false hope, only to crush it once they feel safe. But that attack never came, and Lyre and Jace began to truly relax into the environment - however, both of them felt homesick for their pack, and decided to travel back to Plague territory. Wishing them well, Obsidian (the Flickering Shadows Clan's primary leader) sent the two dragons who'd brought them to camp (now known to them as Shuriken and Tornado) to escort them out, protecting them from any threat within the bounds of nature territory, though the mirrors would be on their own once they'd set foot outside it.
Lyre and Jace made their way back through Dragonhome, moving quickly, hoping to avoid their
previous attackers. They managed to reach The Scarred Wasteland without interruption, beginning the search for their pack with the familiar feeling of the scar under their feet, the two were confident. After a few days' search, they managed to locate their pack. Elated, they ran toward them, trying to engage in the pack's normal greeting - a (relatively) gentle body check, to with the nearest mirrors responded happily. However, after a moment of reunion, one of the others stiffened and snarled at Jace and Lyre, lowering its head in hostility, the nearby mirrors catching the change in mood and following suit. Confused, Jace backs up, and Lyre moves to step in front of him, lowering her head in turn, teeth barred. Suddenly, the aggressive mirror leapt forward with a snarl of "Traitor!", the rest of the pack following with their own teeth, claws and insults - "Nature scum! Pathetic seedlings!"
Alarmed, now, and understanding the situation, Jace reached out and pulled Lyre after him as
he turned to flee the horde of furious dragons; Lyre begrudgingly followed him, but they were overtaken far sooner than they'd hoped - they were, once more, fighting for their lives at the edge of Dragonhome. Lyre fought in a tornado of claws and teeth, ripping off scales, slashing deep wounds, and breaking crests as she went; vicious as a cornered animal could ever be. Jace fought, too, but had always lacked that ferocity which made Lyre so efficient; it was a losing battle, and they both knew it - there was no doubt the pack had settled on "mutilate", or perhaps even a step further. Recognizing this, Jace decided to make a last ditch effort - playing dead, and hoping Lyre understood his intent - they would stop attacking him so heavily, buying them some time.
Thankfully, she did, seeing him fall, but also seeing his eyes meet hers, fragile hope within
them. Lyre fled, as fast as her legs could carry her, lashing out as she went, drawing after her as many of their attackers as she could - she ran to Dragonhome, the others still after her, directly through the territory she knew to hold those dragons they'd fought previously, bringing them into the fray, and allowing herself the chance to disappear, once more, into The Viridian Labyrinth. Lyre didn't stop running until she burst into the Flickering Shadows camp, shouting at the top of her lungs for help. Immediately, two of the guards (Tornado, who she'd already met, and another dragon named Dusk) ran to Lyre's calls, bewildered by her sudden appearance, and concerned for everyone's safety. Lyre explained in a rushed yell that they were attacked and Jace needed help. Tornado, already being on a friendly basis with Lyre, agreed to help and, already moving, with Dusk following, explained that they could collect a few of the Flickering Shadows' best warriors on their way to the battle, seeing as they'd be at their guard posts.
Having pulled Coal, Crusade, Copper, and Hyacintho (who had been returning from a trip)
along with them, they ran into Dragonhome once more, rushing past the first skirmish at Lyre's insistence that Jace was further away. When they came upon the mirrors who were still attacking Jace, who had now gotten back up, but was bleeding so heavily, his pale coloration was turned solidly red and his eyes unseeing; he was shaking, barely blindly managing to keep the surrounding mob from his throat, the rest of his body suffering the consequences. Lyre became, once more, a feral beast of destruction, heralding the subsequent arrival of the Flickering Shadows' warriors. Frightened by the arrival of these reinforcements, and believing that there were more coming (though that wasn't true), the pack retreated. Lyre chased them for a moment before returning to herself, whipping around to find Jace, speeding toward him and apologizing for having to leave him, even if the plan worked. The Flickering Shadows members, nervous of staying in earth territory, quitely urge them to head back to the clan's camp, where Jace could have his wounds healed (Lyre, too, though they knew she didn't care at this point).
Years pass, Lyre and Jace both settling in with the clan in a permanent fashion, turning their
back on the plague flight, feeling betrayed by those who had been their family; Jace lost his sight and much of his hunting and fighting ability to his wounds, thus forcing him to find another occupation - namely, scavenging. Lyre, though she remains an incredible fighter - an asset in any battles the clan fights - Lyre decided to follow Jace into his career, scavenging herself, but mostly watching over him, still devoted to Jace, as he was to her.

Credits & Whatnot
Layout by Straif
Displayed art by IceFang100 (#32413)
Updated 3/16/2022
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